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    • May 2, 2018
    • Posted By : admin


    Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree program in computer application specialization. With the growth of the IT industry worldwide, the demand for computer professionals is increasing accordingly. This increase in IT industry growth day opens doors to a lot of opportunities for the graduates.

    Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the well-known degree programs among the students interested in making their career in Information Technology. The total duration of the degree program is three years, and it is divided into six semesters. It provides the knowledge of subjects like data structure, networking, database, core programming languages like ‘C’, ‘C++’, and ‘java’. This course offers a wide range of career opportunities for students who want to make careers in the IT field and work as programmers or software developers.

    BCA is also an undergraduate degree course that is comprised of a study of different computer languages. This degree is considered to be similar to a B. Tech program in Computer Science or Information Technology. The candidates who want to opt this program are specialized in the fields related to computer applications which are the following:



    The student must have passed class 12th or senior secondary examination with at least 50% marks, including English. The student must pass class 12thwith mathematics as a compulsory subject. The minimum age limit is 17 years, and the maximum age varies between 22-25 years. Students must give an entrance exam to get the right college, whereas; some institutes/universities admit students on a merit basis.

    Entrance Exam require: AIMA UGAT 2018


    Admission to the BCA course is mostly made through an entrance test. Various Universities/Institutions conduct their entrance exam for granting access to their colleges. Some colleges provide access based on merit obtained by the student in class 12th examinations.



    The Master of Computer Application (MCA) course will now be a two-year degree program. It was decided by the University Grant Commission (UGC) to reduce the course duration by one year in the 545th Meeting, which was held in December 2019. From the upcoming session, the MCA degree program will be taught according to the new course duration. It is designed for students interested in computer application development with the help of the latest technologies and programming skills.

    MCA Eligibility Criteria

    • Before opting for the MCA degree program, it is necessary to check if you meet the specific eligibility criteria to do the course. Here, we will discuss the MCA criteria, which are the following.
    • Most MCA institutes will also accept graduates from other branches like commerce, science, arts, and computer science.
    • Candidates who have passed Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering/BCA or equivalent degree or passed B.Sc./ B.Com./ With mathematics at 10+2 level at least 55% marks (45% marks in case of candidates who belong to the reserved category), B.A. is eligible to enroll in the MCA program.
    • Opting MCA degree program is the best option for those who want to learn some advanced skills to improve their technical base and work with the latest technologies. Many colleges and universities offer MCA programs to students after completing the BCA program in today’s era. Because everything is digital in today’s world, the demand for professionals in Information Technology increases day by day.
    • While pursuing the MCA degree program, you will advance knowledge about some subjects such as Software Development, Computer Networks, Application Systems Designing, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Data Mining Database Administration, and Warehousing, etc.


    There are 3 stages to a campus placement; campus placements are an essential part of students’ lives as they get directly picked by some renowned companies based on their overall college achievements and merit. Companies look for focused and skilled candidates who have relevant interests in their company. This may be a good opportunity for students who want to experience and make a future in the IT field.



    As MCA and BCA are courses related to IT and computers, you must have a strong base in problem-solving, puzzles, mathematics, general knowledge in computers, logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, or a software company requiring a good experience OOPs, especially Java. Candidates should be proficient in at least one programming language. They can choose the language of their choice and learn to code all sorts of programs using it.

    It would help if you always did a thorough research about the companies coming for campus placement and choose the suitable one for yourself. You should also read about their written exams and get a glimpse of the type of questions they ask during an interview.

    Students must take out time to focus on their subjects. Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems are some of the issues that interviewers focus on. It is essential to read the definitive reference book on Structures and Algorithms.



    Group discussion as around may vary from company to company; some companies might keep this as everywhere to evaluate candidates while others may not. Group discussions can be crucial as you have to make a good impression while keeping it low and not showing aggression. An excellent way to enter the group discussion is by offering support to someone else’s point. In this way, you will be easily recognized by the committee and will also be able to prove your point.

    Always use facts and illustrations to add more value to your discussion; you can also add quotes of famous people and talk about their approach. Try to be polite while answering a question asked by the committee, stay calm, and focused try not to get tensed while making an entry in the argument.

    It is essential to be an excellent listener to give answers and not repeat what someone just said. It will help you to take the discussion forward by adding more input to it. Last but not least, be yourself while answering, give simple answers, don’t try to twist things as it will not be suitable for you.



    Single most opportunity to make a one on one impression on the company is doing well in an interview. It would help if you always were on time for an interview as it shows that you are punctual and severe towards your work. It would be best if you still were confident while answering the question, don’t overthink. Take it as a one to one conversation you are having with a colleague. You should always be honest while answering, and even if you don’t know an answer, just politely reply that you are aware of it, it’s still better, to be honest than to lie. You can also compliment them on their company and how you are inspired by their company and are looking forward to being a part of this family.

    You should get at least two copies of your resume as there might be more than one person evaluating your interview. “the first impression is the last impression” swear by this phrase as it is imperative to be dressed well while going for an interview, always wear formals, hair tidy, shoes polished. Have a pleasant smile on your face while answering a question; be confident in whatever you say.

    If you want to give a good impression, ask some basic questions about the company like about the job profile they are offering you or ask them about their companies’ progress.

    You can also talk to seniors for advice; whether you should start working after completing BCA or take up a job after completing masters (MCA), it is always good to talk to someone who is experienced and can lead you on the right path by giving you sound advice and some tips and tricks to get a good job.


    1.  What were the differences you noticed between your school and college life?
    2. What is success for you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    3. What is the difference between honesty and integrity?
    4. What are your hobbies?
    5. Tell us something about yourself? 
    6. What are your likes and dislikes?
    7. What is your ambition or goal?
    8. Do you have a role model?
    9. Can you work comfortably in a team?
    10. Why should we hire you?