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  • How to prepare for Placement during your Final Semester?

    • February 10, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    This article was updated on 20/June/2020

    Once you get admission to your dream college, getting placement in one of the best companies becomes your ultimate goal. Most of the students want on-campus placement because it’s a cakewalk as compared to the off-campus placement. 

    How to prepare yourself for the D-Day, let’s take a look:

    If you want a smooth journey from campus interview to campus selection then follow the below pieces of advice religiously.

    Don’t wait until the last semester:

    Irrespective of your course, there are few qualities that are very essential for students to get placement.

    Many students keep waiting till the last year of their courses for placement preparations which is a wrong approach. It takes time to build yourself. You need to polish every bit of yourself to get a very good job offer.

    Start preparing for your placement from day one of your college. Keep working on your skills every day and make it a ritual. When you will start from the beginning of your course, bit by bit you’ll get better, and will be completely prepared for the end game. There is a famous proverb that recites as, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

    Interpersonal skills:

    Interpersonal skills known as soft skills, are the skills that define the way you are interacting with other people. Your communication skills and sharp personality are the two things that will help you to get your dream job.

    Here are a few tips to improve your interpersonal skills:

    ● Start working on these skills from the beginning.

    ● Form a group of like-minded people and start conversations on various topics, Don’t miss any opportunity of debate, conversations, group discussions, etc.

    ● Try to find out your weak points and work on them. In your last semester, you can join an institute or take help from online sites to judge your progress.

    If you want to speak fluently, then do these things:

    1. Before working on your speaking skills, work on your listening skills. While communicating with others try to listen to them carefully. Try to listen to podcasts of famous people and understand their meaning deeply. 
    2. Reading skills are equally important for your overall development. Start reading newspapers, interesting novels, and books. This is the only way to improve your reading skills.
    3. If you want to speak in a language other than your native one then don’t hesitate. Initially, you’ll make some mistakes but don’t hold yourself back by a few mistakes. It’s just a matter of practice, it’s not rocket science to speak fluently. Confidence is very important while speaking.

    Technical preparations:

    If you are doing a technical course, you must start practicing technical problems very early. First, improve your fundamental knowledge and slowly start working on them. During the last semester of your course, check your progress by solving previous years’ technical questions.

    If you want to get a job in a specific IT company, take a look at the pattern of questions asked by them in the previous few years and start practicing. There are various online coding tournaments where you can check your progress and get help.

    Keep an eye on the latest trends:

    In your last semester, keep an eye on the latest market trends. What is now popular and what will be more popular in the future, schedule your time and energy around that.

    For example, in business administration courses digital marketing is taking over, so it’s very likely if you earn knowledge in digital marketing, you may get a job offer.

    In the case of technical courses, Python is becoming popular with each passing day and some people are even saying that Python is the language of the future. So, if you learn Python your market value will be increased.


    If you have enough time after studying your syllabus, you can start preparing for certifications. Certifications will give you an edge over other candidates.

    In case, you could get an on-campus job, certifications will be of great help during your off-campus interviews. If you get certifications in some advanced level of your courses, you are more likely to get interview calls. 

    Before applying to a certification program, keep three things in your mind:

    1. You should know what is the validity of the certification? Some certifications are valid only for one year and some for the lifetime, so choose carefully.

    2. Cost of the certifications is also an important factor. Some very good certifications might be very cheap or some not so good might be very expensive.

    3. What is the value of certification in the market and what is the position of a company offering certifications?

    Logical reasoning:

    Logical reasoning not only improves your chance of getting on-campus placement but also sharpens your memory too. Good command in logical reasoning would be beneficial for students of any branch and courses.

    Other than practice, there is no other mantra to become an expert in logical reasoning. Many companies take a logical reasoning test in the first round of freshers recruitment. So, logical reasoning will act as a door to your first job. If you want to get in, you must open this door.

    Basic Mathematics:

    Apart from your curriculum, you should be well versed in basic Mathematics. If you are weak in mathematics then start preparing in advance. Keep in mind, it’s just a subject, you are not inventing something. A little practice and proper guidance can strengthen your mathematics skills.

    Start working on simple problems then leap toward difficult ones. Don’t get overwhelmed by the problem, keep calm. If in the first attempt, you could not solve a problem, don’t lose your heart, keep practicing and this is the only way to overcome your mathematics fear.


    Self-confidence is the key to success and your placement is not untouched by this emotion. Have confidence in yourself, work hard, and stay away from negativity. You might hear many horror stories from students about placements, for example, some people say, “this company has never selected a single student from our college” or “technical round of that company is so tough that only a few students could crack it”, don’t give ear to these rumors.

    Every student is different so are their capabilities. Trust your capabilities and preparations, not headless rumors.

    If you follow the above guidelines sincerely, it will become very easy for you to get your first job. So start preparing from today, right now is the perfect time to kick start your preparations.

    Good luck.