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  • MBA in Marketing: Course, Syllabus, Scope, Jobs and Salary.

    • March 16, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    Today, we have plenty of courses and it has become really difficult to choose one out of many. A new course is getting added to every new session. The world is evolving very fast and so is the education system.

    When it comes to pursuing an MBA degree course, there are lots of streams available such as Marketing, HRM, Finance, Logistics, etc. and the list is so huge that one may lose in the sea of options but there are few things that remain in trend in every scenario and MBA in Marketing is one of them.

    So, if you are also among those students who are confused about the MBA course then you’ve come to the right place to find the answer to all your questions. MBA is a highly valued degree that prepares a student for taking up management roles in various private and government organizations.

    Let’s take a look at the course.

    Topics covered in MBA in Marketing

    Courses vary from one institute to another institute but some general courses will be taught in a typical MBA class. They are:

    • Strategy management

    If a company wants to be successful, it should sell its products effectively and for that, a good strategy will be needed. The course strategy management teaches the basics of strategy formation. A good MBA course consists of lots of case studies through which students can learn from the experience of others. Strategy management is the core of the marketing team.

    • Human resource management

    Though there is a separate branch for the whole human resource management process, a marketing manager deals with various people throughout his career and so little HR management skills can be a lifesaver for him/her. A marketing manager usually leads a team and how you treat your subordinate becomes a very important aspect.

    • Economics

    In an MBA in marketing, students get knowledge of economics. If you don’t know the economics then how can you climb up the ladder of success in marketing. You don’t need to be a pro in economics but a little knowledge will certainly help you throughout your stint as a marketing manager.

    • Operations management

    How does a product get delivered by building it from its raw form? The process through which a product life cycle will be decided on operations management. In the software industry, it will be how an application will be launched and what steps would be followed from day one to delivery of products, comes under operations management. The same follows with other industries be it hardware or any kind of product. A good operations team is compulsory for the success of the product.

    • Accounting

    A little bit of knowledge of accounting is necessary for students regardless of their courses. During the whole duration of the Marketing MBA, accounting is taught. As an MBA is all about business administration, then accounting is one of the most important subjects in an MBA.

    Job opportunities after MBA in Marketing:

    If you are wondering about what could be the job opportunities after completing MBA in Marketing then let me tell you, you have a lot of them. As long as there is a finance department, sales department, there will be a marketing team.

    If a company wants to increase the sales of its product, it needs a well-established marketing team and without a manager, there is no use of any team.

    Industries such as retails, hospitality, Information Technology, banking, FMCG, always need an MBA- Marketing graduate to handle all the work professionally. Apart from becoming marketing managers, MBA-Marketing graduates can become brand managers, sales managers, and market research analysts.

    Several companies prefer MBA Marketing students over others, like HDFC Bank, TCS, Vodafone, etc.

    Average salary package :

    Salary packages may vary from one college to another. Marketing students from the Top-B colleges get 10-40 lakh per annum packages.

    If you could not get admissions into IIMs, there is no need to lose your hope as still there are various other colleges that offer quality education and good placements.

    The average package varies from 3 lakh to 15 lakh in these colleges. SMS Varanasi is among those colleges which not only offers a very good education but also takes placements of its students very seriously and they have a proven record of almost 100 percent placements.

    Salary is never a bar for the right candidates, so study hard and get a job and in no time you’ll get your desired package.

    Being one of the oldest branches of the MBA, marketing never ceases to attract a young pool of talent. It is still relevant and will be in demand forever. Though digital marketing is replacing the old way of working because more and more businesses are coming online but still, nothing can replace traditional courses of marketing.

    So, if you have decided to take Marketing as a branch for your MBA, without giving a second thought, march ahead towards your goals.

    Good luck.