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  • MCA, Now A Two-Year course- Read All About It

    • September 5, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    • mca mca 2 years course
    • SEPTEMBER 5, 2020
    • Posted By: ADMIN

    Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

    The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course, primarily a three-year program will now be a two-year degree program. It was decided by the University Grant Commission (UGC) to reduce the course duration by one year, in the 545th meeting which was held in December 2019. 

    A Master’s in Computer Application is a demanding degree nowadays. Without a computer, any kind of official work is incomplete. Computer application is very important to run an office, business, etc. The demand for new applications which can make our work easier is increasing day by day.

    A proper computer-oriented course always gives an exposure to the students. Above all, a Master’s degree course always helps to acquire more knowledge and skills required to get a decent job and more credibility to your resume.

    Usually BCA, B.tech students are eligible for MCA. The students who study mathematics and computers in their degree course are eligible for MCA. Many industries give preference to MCA degree holders. MCA course always prepares the students as per the advancements in the IT industry. In this course, they learn about the practical knowledge of computer-related issues. So the best college is required for the students to learn the techniques.

    From the upcoming session, the MCA degree program will be taught according to the new course duration. It is designed for those students who are interested in computer applications development with the help of the latest technologies and programming skills relatively.

    From the upcoming academic session of 2020-21, MCA will be taught for two years.

    MCA eligibility criteria

    Before opting for the MCA degree program, it is necessary to check whether you meet its specific eligibility criteria or not. Let’s discuss the MCA eligibility criteria:

    Most of the MCA institutes also accept graduates from other branches like commerce, science, arts, and computer science.

    Candidates who have passed Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering/BCA or equivalent degree or passed B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.A. with Mathematics at 10+2 level at least 55% marks (45% marks in case of candidates who belong to the reserved category) is eligible to enroll in the MCA program.

    Opting for an MCA degree program is the best option for those who want to learn some advanced skills to improve their technical base, able to work with the latest technologies.

    While pursuing the MCA degree program, you will get advanced knowledge about some subjects such as Software Development, Computer Networks, Application Systems Designing, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Data Mining Database Administration, Warehousing, etc.

    MCA course duration

    The MCA is a professional degree program, and the knowledge of this degree is not less than that of a computer engineer. The course is a combination of theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications.

    MCA is a two-year master’s degree program, which is divided into four semesters. After opting for this course, students can develop computer applications using the latest technologies, and even managing and overseeing projects accordingly in the IT sector.

    Advantages of MCA

    There are many advantages of MCA from which some are mentioned below:

    1. Get placed in reputed companies
    2. Able to work on different job profiles according to specialization
    3. Provides better networking opportunities
    4. Scope outside India
    5. Value in the IT industry
    6. MCA is a versatile degree program

    1. Get placed in reputed companies

    After completing a Master of Computer Applications program from a famous university, you can quickly get a chance to work in some of the following multinational companies: 

    • Accenture
    • SAP
    • Cybage
    • Amazon
    • KPIT
    • Capgemini
    • Oracle
    • IBM
    • HCL
    • Extentia
    • Harbinger Systems

    2. Able to use on different job profiles according to specialization 

    As we discuss before, there are plenty of job opportunities to build the best future for yourself after pursuing an MCA degree program. There are some of the top jobs profile, such as

    • Data Scientist
    • Troubleshooter
    • Cloud Architect
    • Cyber Security Expert
    • Computer System Specialist
    • Software Developer
    • Project Manager
    • Hardware Engineer

    Depending on your area of specialization, you can select any of these profiles listed above. The fields provided in an MCA program are Systems Engineering, Troubleshooting, Application Software, Hardware Technology, Software Development, etc.

    3. Provides better networking opportunities

    Since MCA is a professional degree program and many students who graduate start working in the professional world to build their network, you will be able to create a great system of people who are working in different big companies at an expert level which trains you very quickly. These people can open many doors for you to get better opportunities regarding jobs, and more networking areas one by one precisely. And you can do the same for them after gaining some amount of knowledge. Networking always leads to better opportunities to make a better world.

    4. Scope outside India

    After completing MCA from a well-reputed university, it opens various career opportunities for you not only in your country but also abroad. Innovation is a never-ending process when we talk about the IT field, and this would be possible only with the help of IT professionals all the time, which is one of the biggest reasons for pursuing an MCA course from all.

    5. Value in the IT industry

    Most IT companies give priority to candidates who possess a master’s degree in the field of computer applications or computer sciences. A person who completed an MCA degree can be able to execute various tasks related to the IT field such as database management, software development, designing applications on both web and mobile, etc. So, their value in the IT field is more as compared to other branch students.

    6. MCA is a Versatile Degree Program 

    MCA is not only about getting a degree for the job you want. It is more than your dreams. Most of the master’s degrees focus on theory while MCA, along with theory provides practical knowledge too which is very beneficial for application and personality development. You can also learn various skills through this program that will make you feel like a professional and set you up to your path for success in the right direction relatively.

    MCA job profiles

    An MCA course graduate can work in profiles such as:

    1. Software Engineer

    2. Testing Engineer

    3. System Analyst

    4. Technical Support Engineer

    5. Data Analyst

    6. Cyber Security

    7. Software Consultant

    8. Web Development/ Designing

    MCA specializations

    Some specializations in MCA includes:

    1. Systems Management

    2. Systems Development

    3. Systems Engineering

    4. Application Software

    5. Management Information Systems [MIS]

    6. Software Development

    Required skillsets for MCA

    Some Required Skill Set for MCA are the following:

    • Good communication and behavioral skills
    • A positive attitude
    • Confidence
    • Strong technical skills
    • Learned in programming languages like C, C++, Java, .Net, etc.
    • Good programming skills and hands-on experience
    • Knowledge of data structure and database
    • Awareness of the latest technology trends


    So, after reading the details of the MCA degree program, I’m sure it has cleared most of your doubts regarding it. MCA degree gives credibility to your education with a MASTER’S tag. Every company requires a professional or an expert with several skills and knowledge, especially an IT company because it demands different skills in a single person. So, you have a habit of learning a lot and multi-tasking and interest in computer applications then after doing a bachelor’s degree in computer applications or computer sciences field you can opt for an MCA degree which will make you more desirable to different IT companies. You just need to stay focused on your goal and make yourself worthy enough that companies could never say no to you.