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  • Meeting A Random Stranger And Striking A Conversation

    • March 18, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Sometimes starting a conversation can be awkward or uncomfortable, especially for introverts. But stop suffering! Today we will give you some tips to start the conversation and make new friends or conquer the girl you like.

    All they need to do is put a little on their side, act with confidence, and the rest will flow little by little.

    1. Ask for help or offer help

    Asking for help is always a natural way to start a conversation with someone without looking desperate because helping creates natural ties.

    From asking for an address, asking for support in the store to choose avocados, or helping someone carry the bags, all these things will be points in your favor when starting a conversation.

    2. Compliment the stranger for something other than appearance

    Do not focus on physical appearance; instead, talk about the personality, their clothes, or what they are reading.

    3. Mention something they have in common

    It is simpler than you think. If you know someone in a restaurant or a bar, even a store, the chances that they both like the place are very high; ask him about his interests, the food he likes, the music he listens to, etc.

    4. Be straightforward and be sure of yourself

    Don’t be afraid of rejection, always put on a smile and say hi. Almost no one says good morning in a friendly way, do not be ashamed of being the one who brings the right vibe to a place.

    If you like someone, don’t beat around the bush; Many men believe that when you are sure you want to invite someone out, the other person notices it and this becomes attractive. Do not fear rejection because otherwise, you will not achieve anything.

    5. Ask for an honest opinion

    Ask him what he thinks or if he could give you feedback on something specific, as this arouses interest in the other person, and we all like to be heard.

    6. Make a joke

    Jokes always work because they show that you have a good mood, and it is better if it is about something about the present moment. Try not to be offensive or out of tune so as not to hurt susceptibilities.

    7. Make compliments out of nowhere

    According to dating experts (because they exist), paying a compliment that is sweet and kind can help you start conversations on the street, such as pointing out that someone’s hair is cute.

    8. Ask for a favor, even if you don’t need it

    It is rare for someone to refuse to help someone else, so if you want to start a conversation, ask for a favor.

    9. Make the person your accomplice

    For example, if you are lining up and you like the girl in front of you, make a joke about starting a new line or about going to sit for a while; make that person your ally to kill time while you wait, and you will make it less annoying for both of you.

    10. Give a little pity

    Let this be a light strategy, do not get too low, observe yourself so that the person can express a favorable opinion. This type of tactic works, especially in a gym.

    11. Share data that makes your head explode

    Fun facts that are weird or fun puzzles. You can start a conversation, say a riddle, and come back later to see if the stranger managed to figure it out. That will keep the conversation going throughout the day.

    12. Don’t be afraid of deep conversations

    Philosophical and life observations are positive. They make people feel confident and open up without feeling like you’re trying too hard.

    13. Basic questions that do not have an incorrect answer

    The classics, “where are you from?” “What do you do?”. Those questions never fail.

    14. Take advantage of the situation

    For example, if you are at a conference or concert, ask the person if they already knew the speaker or the band; He also asks what he likes most about them and what other personalities he would like to meet.

    15. Use phrases from movies

    It may sound silly, but there are plenty of dating movies that can start a conversation, and this seems to work.

    16. Start a debate

    A real or invented one does not matter; Ask a question using your friends as an excuse to say something different, and you need a neutral point of view.

    17. Shows vulnerability

    The best way to meet someone on a plane is to admit that you are afraid to fly. That also works at parties, tell the person that you do not know anyone and that it is difficult for you to talk to strangers; they will surely connect and follow the conversation.

    18. Repeat what the other person says

    Once the conversation flows, and you still don’t know what to say, repeat what the other person is saying. That shows empathy with what they are sharing and generates compassion. The other person will feel heard and valued.