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  • Mistakes That Land MBA Applications In The Reject Pile

    • April 12, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    The Master of Business Administration, or MBA for short, is still considered a valuable entry ticket for administration and this title is still very popular worldwide. No wonder, because the business schools that lend it promise a lot: pass on compact, practice-oriented management skills, promote personal development, and establish professional networks.

    Those who wish to acquire and maintain an MBA degree generally have to invest thousands of dollars, because continuing education master’s programs at state and private universities are associated with high costs.

    It is true for each field that an application is a mere reflection of its personality. Therefore, as an applicant, it becomes crucial to avoid these obstacles that limit your limit.

    Once you follow this blog from top to bottom, point out the things you should avoid when completing your MBA application. Trust me, I’ve been in that position and I didn’t want you to make the same mistakes as me.

    To learn more about the best MBA exams, schools (India and abroad) and how to decipher your interview, read the next blog.

    Avoid these mistakes before applying!
    For your convenience, the blog has been divided into 5 types of MBA application mistakes candidates make:

    1. Mistakes made during the investigation and preparation
    We always look for the right moment before starting something good, but here, you don’t need it. Time is always right when it comes to your career.
    Take the time and search for courses, colleges, locations, exhibitors, college settings, etc., don’t rush and dig deeper. Make an effort to understand the school and how it fits with your plans.

    Your plans should be systematic so that you can work on both aspects, that is, preparing the application and the entrance exam independently, and doing them to the best of your ability. Make charts/trackers/reminders from Google calendar / etc. to manage the timeline of your application.

    Don’t leave everything to the last-minute search, as it ruins things right there. Your golden opportunity to study in a B school can be ruled out for that.

    You can approach MBA students or graduates through LinkedIn. It is a great platform to communicate with those people and make inquiries about the university, the courses, the locations and also about the application processes.

    2. Application material errors
    Errors in essays, resume, recommendations and application form can exclude you from the race in a second. These are the essential components for an MBA application form. Some of the things not mentioned below:

    Write the wrong school name on your application materials
    Copying your friend’s application or essay from one school to another.
    Failing to write an appropriate response to essays.
    Leaving the reader to connect the dots.
    Do not focus on the key results in the curriculum
    Inaccurate contact details
    Failure to prepare recommenders adequately
    Ignore the instructions (eg format, word limits)
    Drawing up of drawings.

    3. WHY factors
    Most MBA universities ask the factors of why MBA, why this university; And if you don’t answer these WHY, you’re in trouble. Don’t overdo it, be consistent with what you are going to write. Before that ask yourself:

    What are the key messages that I want to convey and appear in each element of my application? Are there areas where I can eliminate unnecessary duplication? Is any information unnecessary?

    Also, each element of the application must be unified to create an image of the true self: its achievements and ambitions, its potential and its individuality. Don’t wait to retell the same story, but write relevant information related to WHY.

    To avoid chaos and if you have answered them, ask a neutral person to read it. They can help you better and what and where to improve.

    4. Typo errors and factual errors
    This is the dumbest mistake you will ever make. So please double check before submitting your content. This error could lead to your request being rejected only by this supervision. Once the reader becomes aware of these inevitable mistakes, he creates a preimage of you explaining your lack of self-reflection, attention to detail, and the right strategy.

    Therefore, be sure to avoid the errors mentioned above.