Placement Track Record – SMS-Varanasi Among Top-50 B-Schools in INDIA

The Placement record at School of Management Sciences over the past few years has been exemplary as acknowledged by the top grade corporate houses of the country, especially in PGDM Courses. SMS, Varanasi has been facilitator in inviting frontline corporate houses to its campus, for student-industry interaction and final placement of students in various corporate houses. Our students have proved their metal, as per corporate expectations..

This can be understood as per following Pay Package Table of last few years.


Year Average Salary Package    Highest Salary Package  
2011 3.25 lakhs 6.40 lakhs
2012 3.25 lakhs 6.40 lakhs
2013 3.25 lakhs 5.50 lakhs
2014 3.25 lakhs 5.75 lakhs
2015 3.50 lakhs 6.00 lakhs
2016 3.75 lakhs 6.00 lakhs
2017 3.50 lakhs 6.00 lakhs
2018 3.25 lakhs 6.00 lakhs
2019 3.80 lakhs 6.25 lakhs