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The following purchase procedure in the institute has been recommended as detailed below:

Definition of Goods

(a)The definition ‘goods’ includes all articles, material, commodities, livestock, furniture, fixtures, raw material, spares, instruments, machinery, equipment, industrial plant etc., purchased of otherwise acquired for the use of Institute but excludes books, publications, periodicals, etc. for a library.

(b)Every purchase case should be initiated on receipt of a written requirement/ requisition, with detailed specification.

Purchase procedure

(A) Procedure of Requisition

Any Requisition of goods should be initiated by departmental in-charge in printed requisition format with detailed specification. Given below the list of department wise in charge of requisition. The concerned in charge should forward the same to administrative officer foe needful approval.

Maintenance Project Engineer
Electrical Electrical Engineer
Stationary and Miscellaneous Administrative Officer


(B) Process of Purchase


The Institute may follow either of the two procedures given in this chapter (Excluding Books & IT Hardwires/Software)


1. Centralized purchase through Administrative officer.


2.Centralized purchase through Purchase Committee.


Purchase of Books / Journals / Newspapers / Magazines& IT Hardware/Software may be channelized through Library Coordination Committee (LCC) & Computer centre Coordination Committee (CCC) respectively with approval from Executive Secretary through Director of the institution.


1. Centralized purchase through Administrative officer:-

On receipt of a written requirement/ requisitionwithdetailed specification, from concerned departmental head, Administrative officer be competent to incur expenditure within the provision any individual bill up to Rs.50000/-.All the purchase of material and services will be made through the Administrative officer.

Centralized purchase through Purchase Committee.

2.1. Purchase Committee (PC):-

2.1.1. Structure:

The Committee shall have a Chairman, Five members including a technical member and a member Secretary, as per the following details:-

I. Director – Chairman
II. Registrar – Member
III. Accounts Officer – Member
IV. Project Manager – Technical Member.
V. Administrative Officer – Member Secretary.

Electrical Engineer and Manager – IT may be included in the said committee as a Technical Member (Electrical) and Technical Member (IT) respectively.

2.1.2. Functions:

(a) This Committee shall act for purchase of articles/Services in bulk i.e. valuing Rs.50001/- and above.

(b)The requirements from various departmental heads received by Administrative Officer shall be consolidated and placed before the Committee for scrutiny. The Committee will then recommend for calling of quotations or for negotiations as it may deem fit.

(c)In order to expedite supplies or to ensure the quality and standard of goods, the Committee
Shall have the power to allot the supply of articles to any agency by negotiations, i.e. calling tenders or without it, if the circumstances so require, even at higher than the lowest tendered rates.

(d)The Committee or any member or members authorized by it shall inspect the articles supplied and would approve the same.

2.1.3. Quorum for the Meeting

Presence of at least 50%members other than the Chairman will form the quorum for holding the PC meetings.

2.1.4. Frequency of Meetings

The PC shall meet as per need; there will be no monthly meeting and if required the committee may meet frequently.

2.1.5. Tenure of the Purchase Committee

Tenure of the Purchase Committee shall normally be one year. The Governing Council if not satisfied with the performance of the existing Committee, may reduce its tenure, and if satisfied, may extend the tenure year by year.

2.1.6. Purchase from Manufacturers/Sole Distributors/Authorized Dealers/Stockiest

The purchase, as far as possible, shall be made from the manufacturers/sole (exclusive) distributors/authorized dealers/stockiest. The exclusive/authorized distributorship/dealership certificate, wherever required, shall be issued by the manufacturer and not by the sole distributors /authorized dealers/stockiest.

2.1.7. Payments

As far as possible, all purchases shall be made on credit/ bill basis. However, payments may be made against delivery after satisfactory installation and inspection report where the suppliers do not agree to make supply on credit. To ensure that the firms do not hesitate from supplying the material on bill basis, and to enlist their full cooperation and earn good will, the payment of all bills shall be made within the stipulated period.

3. Maintenance of the Equipment

It is desirable to cover the costly equipment under service contracts. Ordinarily, the service contract shall be for a period of one year. If longer period, subject to a maximum of five year, brings substantial monetary benefits, then Administrative Officer shall be competent to enter into AMC for longer period. The AMC charges shall be paid on six monthly basis either as advance or post-service payment shall be made.

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