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  • School Life VS College Life

    • January 14, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    School and college both have a special place in the heart of people who have experienced them. Both of them give us countless memories and indescribable experiences. The ups and downs in both lives are etched in our hearts forever. Both of them are equally important and essential.

    In this article, we are going to talk about school life and college life, their similarities, and also the differences between the two.

    School life

    School is the beginning of a child’s life to become an honorable individual while growing up. During this period he learns about the basic principles of behavior, speech, and etiquette. Everyone has a different experience in their school life.

    At the beginning of this life, everyone is a small kid. We know how kids are, right? Stubborn and cute. When it’s our first day at school, one thing can probably happen out of two- either the child would love the new environment or weep the life out of himself for going back home. One of these things happens with every child, but with time, they slowly indulge in the new environment and start loving it.

    As we grow older our fondness for school increases. We all may agree on one point though, waking up early for school, especially during winters, right? We make friends that are like a new family and the only reason for enjoyment at school. Then we have some favorite teachers who always support us and are like friends to us. There are some teachers whose periods you never wanted to attend.

    In school, we never had the headache for responsibilities other than securing good marks in the exams and maintaining a good rank in class. Birthdays were extraordinarily exciting as we always got the chance of wearing a new casual dress and distributing sweets among the classmates and also to the teachers of the school.

    Whenever we got promoted to the next class, the excitement for new books was bizarre. Always covering them and pasting exclusive name slips and comparing them with friends, that was amazing.

    School life taught us the quality of being happy in small things. As we came to higher classes, going to school every day became a habit and we never wanted to skip school even for a day. Some of us were favorite of the teachers which gave us a little privilege of course. Along with the enjoyment, now we got a little serious about the board exams and the stream that will make our career. Several counsellings were arranged for the students in higher classes that would motivate them to choose the right path that will lead them to their goal.

    In school, we were only worried about securing good marks in the board exams. There was also a myth that I’m sure you too have believed in, just do hard-work till 12th, then your life will be amazing, but was it true? No, of course, as it was a myth. After the 12th, the real hard work begins. Several responsibilities are put on our shoulder and we have to bear them till we become a successful individual.

    School farewell is the saddest part of school life as it happens at the time when we are so attached to the school that we never want to leave it at any cost.

    Experiencing school life is the most beautiful part of life and school friends are the best human beings we will ever meet. We laugh, we cry, we do every single thing in school that will become a memory and stays forever in our minds and hearts. Reminiscing those memories while growing older makes us emotional as well as ecstatic, so try to be happy and cheerful and live your school life to the fullest as you will never get that chance again.

    College life

    The end of school life gives birth to a new and exciting phase of life, i.e., college. As we hear the word “college” we always have a careless and enjoyable picture of college life in our minds. But, is it correct? Let’s talk about college life and all the things that happen in that part of life.

    When we enter college we still believe in the myth that I told earlier, that after 12th life would be amazing but that’s not the case. After the 12th when we join college, we get freedom yet we need to concentrate on our future. A person who doesn’t concentrate on studies in college regrets in the future,

    There are also some perks of college life like knowing new people from different regions, doing whatever we want but being in the limits, not having the headache of making notebooks and getting them checked by the teachers.

    College is also a beautiful part of life and gives us incredible experiences that guide us life-long. You can enjoy as much as you want in college but never take your studies lightly. Most students become so careless about their studies in college that they get distracted from their goal.

    When you are in college, choose your company carefully as there are people who never want anyone else to succeed and get them involved in bad things. College life is full of ups and downs but you should have the spirit of never giving up.

    The college trips are the most memorable part of college life as we go to distant places and the company of friends makes it more beautiful. The fresher’s party and giving farewell to the seniors were the most exciting part, as we get to dress up nicely and perform different things during the functions.

    Bunking the classes sometimes was exciting as well and spending a couple of hours with friends in the cafeteria or going to watch a movie. College friends becoming a family for the rest of our lives makes us feel overwhelmed. Having a special bond with professors who lead us in the right direction toward our goal is the main thing about college.

    College life gives you freedom but that doesn’t mean that you will become careless. Your priority should be your career. You get to know about your passion and you should work on it too.


    Thus, school and college lives have their own perks and it is very important to experience both. The things that we learn from school and college makes us a good individual and helps us recognize our true selves. When you will grow old and discuss the memories of your school and college with your friends, your children, you would want to relive those moments but as we know “the time that is lost never comes back”.