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  • Some of the best reasons to study MCA degree program

    • May 2, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Some of the best reasons to study MCA degree program

    Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three-year post-graduate degree program designed for students who are interested in computer application development with the help of the latest technologies and programming skills relatively.

    Opting MCA degree program is the best option for those who want to learn some advanced skills to improve their technical base, able to work with the latest technologies. In today’s era, many colleges and universities offer MCA programs to students after completing the BCA program. Because everything is digital in today’s world so,  demand for professionals in the field of Information Technology increasing day by day.

    While pursuing MCA degree program, you will get an advance knowledge about some subjects such as Software Development, Computer Networks, Application Systems Designing, System Administration, Web Designing and Development, Data Mining Database Administration, and Warehousing, etc.

    MCA Course Duration

    The MCA is a professional degree program and the knowledge of this degree is not less than that of a computer engineer. The course is a combination of theoretical knowledge as well as practical application. MCA is 2 years duration master degree program. which is divided into 4 semesters. After opting for this course students can develop computer applications using the latest technologies, and even managing and overseeing projects accordingly in the IT sector.

    MCA Course Eligibility Criteria

    Before opting MCA degree program, it is necessary to check if you meet with the specific eligibility criteria to do the course or not.  Here, we will discuss the MCA criteria which are the following.

    First, You need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer application(BCA) before opting for MCA.

    Most of the MCA institutes will also accept graduates from other branches like commerce, science, arts,  and computer science. For that, You have more than 50% of your bachelor’s degree. and for the 12th you have to pass with 55% or more than 55% relatively.

    Some of the Best reasons to do MCA degree program

    There are many reasons to do MCA(Master of Computer Application) from which some of the best are the following:

    1. Gain some Skills To Become An IT Expert
    2. you can work as an entrepreneur
    3. Get Placed in reputed companies
    4. MCA  is On-Trend among students in the IT sector
    5. Scope outside India:
    6. Value in the It industry:
    7. It is Affordable engineering degree for students
    8. Offer Technical Education to students
    9. you have to Pursue Industry-Oriented Specializations
    10. Able to work on different Job Profiles according to specialization
    11. MCA  is a Versatile Degree Program
    12. It is Never Go Out Of Demand
    13. Provides Better Networking Opportunities
    14. Able to Earn high compensation as compared to others
    15. Better decision For Future Prospects
    16. Gain a variety of Knowledge

    • Gain some Skills To Become An IT Expert

    In today’s competitive environment, a bachelor’s degree is not enough to grab the opportunities with the most-desired job and work with dream companies. The corporate world always hires some trained employees who can think practically and provides advanced IT solutions in minimum time. Due to that, universities offer the MCA program to the student to fulfill all needs of personal as well as organization growth accordingly.

    While pursuing an MCA program in a specific field, you will get trained by experienced professors and industry practitioners to gain expert knowledge in the relevant field that the particular organization is looking for. In the MCA program, a curriculum designed in such a way to ensure s about varied domains in the IT sector and enhance your technical skills to master in it with proper coding skills.

    • you can work as an entrepreneur

    Many students want to pursue a B.com program to become entrepreneurs and try to learn about how to start and grow a particular business in the market. They have a dream to start it and want to know how to turn it into reality by achieving a specific goal. For that, you can also take some real-life experience from some B.com professors in starting a business. You can also find some B.com colleagues who have similar interests in this field relatively. Share your business ideas with them and see if they help you. Because to start any startup, its success chances are increases if you have a reliable partner who always is with you. After becoming an entrepreneur You will learn how to communicate effectively in the business world relatively.

    • Get Placed in reputed companies

    After completing a Master of Computer Applications program from the topmost universities, you can easily get a chance to work with some multinational companies which are the following:

    • Accenture
    • SAP
    • Cybage
    • Amazon
    • KPIT
    • Capgemini
    • Oracle
    • IBM
    • HCL
    • Extentia
    • Harbinger Systems
    • MCA  is On-Trend among students in the IT sector

    Updated knowledge in recent times is one of the best advantages to make the best future, and you get this with the help of a MCA degree program easily. The MCA  degree program is a well-designed course that main goal is to teach students by thinking about as much as possible in the IT world. The course program is also updated from time to time according to the latest trends and developments in the industry as well as technology accordingly, giving students a lot of benefits which makes all things possible for them. After gaining the best industry practices by using the latest technology techniques in the IT world, MCA students are better equipped with the knowledge and try to give their all possible for the organization’s growth specifically.

    • Scope outside India

    After, Completing MCA from a well-reputed university, it opens various career opportunities for you not only in your country but also outside the country. Innovation is a never-ending process when we talk about the It field and this would be possible only with the help of IT professionals all the time, which is one of the biggest reasons for pursuing an MCA course from all.

    • Value in the It industry:

    Generally, many companies will always give more priority to those students who earn a master’s degree in the computer field relatively. A person who completed MCA degree can be able to execute various tasks related to IT field such as database management, software development, designing application on both web and mobile, etc. So, their value in the IT field is more as compared to other branch students.

    • It is Affordable engineering degree for students

    A MCA degree is very much affordable as compared to other master degrees and other engineering related graduate degree programs. Despite being 3 years of whole graduation course, this degree’s fees are not much expensive as others. Besides that, you get complete value for the money after opting for this course, you have invested in those programs for a study you gain more. After completing B.com, you get high paying jobs with additional benefits in all over the IT sector.

    • Offer Technical Education to students

    MCA program provides you technical education along with a professional degree with a lot of value. Because nowadays, all work is possible due to technologies. and you are pursuing this degree so, it is very beneficial for you. Therefore, once you earn this engineering degree, you will get a lot of credibility as a professional. You will well known about software, hardware,  networking, cloud computing, etc. making you wealthy an of technical education in your career life.

    • you have to Pursue Industry-Oriented Specializations

    Along with the conventional choice in MCa program, they provide two other professional specializations course which you have a high demand in the specific IT sector such as Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing. Both of these optional specializations along with MCA provides you collaboration with IBM.

    Using these optional subjects, we will able to concentrate on your real-life case studies to make sure about where you are lying?  Also, these are globally accepted by universities and can easily improve your employability quotient specifically.

    • Able to work on different Job Profiles according to specialization

    As we discuss before, there are plenty of job opportunities to make the best future after pursuing an MCA degree program. There are some of the top jobs profile such as  Data Scientist, Troubleshooter, Cloud Architect, Cyber Security Expert, Computer System Specialist, Software Developer, Project Manager, Hardware Engineer, and many more.

    Depending on your area of specialization, you can select these profiles listed above. The specializations provided in an MCA program are such as Systems Engineering, Troubleshooting, Application Software, Hardware Technology, Software Development, etc.

    • MCA  is a Versatile Degree Program

    MCA is not only about getting a degree for the job as you want. It is more than your dreams. Many master level degrees, when focuses on theory, MCA degrees also give practical knowledge with the theory part which is very beneficial for application and personality development. You are also able to learn various skills through this program that will feel like a professional and set you up your path for success in the right direction relatively.

    • It is Never Go Out Of Demand

    In the first pointer, In recent times, we saw how technologies are rising day by day. These not only giving you plenty of new jobs in India but also abroad. after Opting for this course, don’t worry about your decision, try to work hard in this field you got success. Your technical competency according to your skills at high demand all over the world.

    • Provides Better Networking Opportunities

    Since MCA is a professional degree program, and many students who graduate start working in the professional world to build their network, you will able to build a great network of people who are working in different big companies at expertize level which trains you very easily. These people can open many doors for you to got better opportunities regarding jobs, and more networking areas one by one specifically. And you can do the same for them after gaining some amount of knowledge. Networking always leads to better opportunities to make a better world.

    • Able to Earn high compensation as compared to others

    After pursuing the MCA degree program, you will generate more income as compared to your study in this field. MCA is one such degree that not depressed you when we talk about its salary packages you receive. According to recent data, the minimum average salary of a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree program is ₹725k. Apart from that, it will vary from company to company where you are working, and your job profile also accordingly. As you gain more experience in this field, you will generate more income.

    • Better decision For Future Prospects

    After completing MCA graduation, you can secure your job future, Because you have to work on different types of technologies according to market demand.you can easily adapt to any new technologies like a fish to water. This way, your job will always be secure for the future with enhancement.

    • Gain a variety of Knowledge

    In today’s world, it is very essential to gain knowledge about recent and upcoming technologies because it will help in understanding the changes in modern innovation accordingly. MCA course not only provides subjects education to students but also able to work on strong analytical and logical knowledge among students which helps students to become skillful and confident individuals of the next generation.


    After analyzing all about, the best reason for the study MCA degree program we reach on the conclusion that there are many reasons listed above with the description in this article. Generally, A MCA degree will open a wide range of opportunities for students regarding education as well as technology enhancement. So, if you are still in the interest of pursuing the degree to make the best future career then go for it. So, first read all the information carefully and decide according to it. MCA is one of the best master’s degrees to do after completing graduation. Before opting for it, All you need to do is have a passion for computer application and put in the required hard work and effort in this field to make the best future.