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  • The Next Step after BBA?

    • January 9, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    When you opt for a career in BBA, your mind revolves around, “what kind of a job will I get?, what would be my salary?, What work would be I doing?, what’s the scope in BBA?, Will I get a job in Delhi?” and many more.

    So let me help you with your queries before your eyes pop out like a cartoon character.

    BBA- Bachelors of Business Administration. hmm..? BBA is basically a commerce stream.

    Scope in BBA:

    There is a wide scope in BBA. After completing your graduation, you can work in any business organisation, banking, sales, retail, etc. BBA is a stream where you can find out loads of career options in the line of business. Plus if you are thinking of studying more, you should go for MBA for to excel your skills and TBH to get highly paid.

    Many people are looking forward to take over there family businesses, for that you should have the  complete knowledge of business education.You can even start your own enterprise or business.

    As you opt for a stream, the first thing that pops into your mind is,”what will I become? and around what, will be my package?”

    As you opt for BBA, the doors to many lines open. BBA, the name itself stands for Bachelors of Business Administration, Business, that means this line is connected to business and organisations. There are numerous fields/ posts like accountant, CA, rsm, asm, chief executive, banking, etc. BBA teaches you, how to work in an enterprise, Organizing, Staffing, Managing, Accounting, Communicating are the main agenda’s of BBA. You learn a lot about working in an organisation. This field is totally worth it, if you are looking forward to built-in a career in BBA.

    After your graduation, you become a fresher in the world of Jobs.

    But don’t you worry, cause every organisation, is looking for fresh minds, the ones who can compete with others and work with the developing strategies, technology, modernization and digitization. You can seek for a job in Delhi or even in your own city.

    If you are an average student your minimum start salary would be around 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum and the maximum can lead to infinite. its all up to you and your skills, plus the way you show up in the interview.

    For a fresher, though the starting package is less but it keeps on increasing with your progress and efficiency in work. Jobs for BBA in India are unlimited, let me give you an example:

    Banks are available in every state, every district, and banking sector is a big opportunity for BBA students. plus In a business organization, there are numerous designations like chief executive, rsm, asm, staff, etc. what do you think ghosts fill into those posts? Duh, BBA students!

    If you are not satisfied with your package, you can always  pursue for higher studies, i.e. MBA ( Master of Business Administrations ). From MBA you can get highly paid, moreover not only MBA but if you are looking forward to crack civil services, CAT, etc. then that too will be an amazing opportunity itself.

    At the end, I would just like to say, that go for BBA only if you want to step into business world or thinking of nailing those competitive exams.