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  • The random things that pop into your mind during a lecture

    • January 14, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on The random things that pop into your mind during a lecture

    School or College but you all have noticed some stupid things during your classroom or some imaginary world going on in your mind cause the lecture is boring af.

    In everyone’s life there is that one teacher or that one subject in which you just doze off or enter your own imaginary world. Each and everyone has there one of a kind stories which revolve around there head or pop into there head when they are really bored from a lecture. This is all about the imaginary stories you wonder about when you are in a classroom and getting real bored by the lecture so you start starring at the wall or somewhere else and went to a World of dreams and there you are sitting in the class day dreaming, but the teacher thinks how dedicatedly you are studying.

    So this is what happens:

    Imaginary World 1: When the lecture is so boring and you need to survive it howsoever, so you start staring some things around you, and all of a sudden one of the fan starts making a weird noise and out of nowhere an imagination pops into your mind for what if the fan fall down. Yah it does happens. This is where the story begins, you got a scene now you start making your own film – “ saving the World from the falling fan ”. I know when you read it, it seems funny but it does happens and so damn true.

    Here starts your story-

    I was in the middle of a boring lecture, and was so exhausted and in need of some sleep just like someone is in need of water in the desert. I was struggling to survive in that lecture when out of nowhere comes up another obstacle. The fan started making weird noises, my brain has around thousands of questions, like – will it fall? Why does it makes that sound? What if the teacher comes under it and we get freedom from this boring exhausted lecture? What if my best friend gets hurt? Its time, I should do something about it! But What? I am helpless! Should I warn everyone to get out of the room? Or let it happen?

    When out of nowhere a voice comes out from ahead saying, “Miss, the sound of the fan is kinda annoying, can we turn it off?” And that kid became the hero and you be like “noooooooooo! I couldn’t save the World”

    But this also happens:

    As the fan starts making weird noises, each and every kid stares at it and starts hooting, and starts speaking it loud, “hey XYZ (name) Good luck as you are under it. What if it falls?

    So here was the story of the falling fan.

    Imaginary World 2: When you are so damn bored in your lectures that you start imagining that fire exhauster that is attached on the wall of every corridor and staircase. And then begins the story of “ Fire Escape “.

    Fire Escape, Take 1 and Action:

    You are in the middle of the lecture when all of a sudden a fire alarm rings and everyone instead of following rules that we were taught running for their lives. After few minutes the whole school is out in the playground and the building has caught fire badly, every kid’s parents have come to pick their child and take them home safe, when all of a sudden a mother starts crying out loud and screams that her daughter hasn’t come outside the building and is in danger so just like a hero you run in slow motion and get into that building, for a moment everyone has stopped and glancing at the building, and on the other side you an idiot jumped into fire, you hear a little girl crying out so loud with her noisy coming out, her tears rolling down.

    Then you go running to her, grab her and pick her up in your arms or on your back but now the fire has gone wilder, you have no option but to run as fast as you can from the middle of the fire ( you don’t use the fire extinguisher, cause first: its your story, you want to be the hero, and second: you are dumb af). Everybody are so shocked, they see something coming, there you are, coughing and carrying the baby girl, when all of a sudden your mother hits you and you be like whaaatttt I just saved a life, and your parents be like yah only you were there, right? (Ok, fine I added up the last part, instead what happens is that the teacher in the room observes that you are not paying attention so she throws a chalk on you and you be like whaaatttt? That teacher will never understand that you saved a life).

    Imaginary World 3: Everyone has a small crush on someone in their class room and for those who are in girls school or boys school – they have a small crush on someone in their life. So when you  ar exhausted from the boring lecture you start imagining the beautiful romantic love story with you and your crush, example you were kidnapped and your crush came all over through all the difficulties to save your butt. Or that how magically your crush will propose to you.

    Imaginary World 4: Teachers, when you are bored in the lecture you start categorizing the teachers into different things, like who is the most annoying one? Who is the hottest? Who is the cutest? Who is the kindest of all? Who is an amazing motivational speaker? Who is funnier out of all? And so on…

    After which you start making a list of the annoying voices or dialogues that every teacher says,

    For example, In my school life, my science teacher used to say a lot, “ Is this a classroom or a fish market? “

    One of my teacher used to say studaaants instead of students.

    I know making fun of them is not fair but everybody does that. A time also comes when you are so bored that you start starring at your teacher and like her dress but then some funny incident happens, i.e. as the fan is on, the suit of the teacher flies up a little and everyone starts laughing though she is wearing a salwar under it, still, and the teacher is tired of pulling it downwards and at the end everyone understands and shut the crap out of it.

    Imagination World 5: During a lecture when you see a teacher appreciating a student’s marks and gesture so you start dreaming of yourself instead of that kid, and that instead of the teacher, the principal is appreciating you in front of the whole school in the assembly, wow that did be amazing. Or when your friend is studying and listening to the teacher so carefully and you be like, “ do you even understand a single word, or is it some sort of deadly acting you are doing in here?”

    So there are many imaginary stories or things that pop into your mind when you are sitting in a boring lecture, its good too be creative but dude don’t burn your own school, LOL!

    At my school time, when I was usually busy in my Imaginary World story, a time came when I finally realized that instead of