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  • Do You Want to Know How I Enhance My Memory and Mental Ability? | Ronita Singh

    • February 16, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    Hello, Its Good to see that you want to improve your brain, in this article you will get to know: how to increase memory power or how to increase concentration power and also learn about some good foods for brain.

    Our brain is a wonderful organ, gifted by God, It has immense power. We can train our brain and do things in our favor. Like other body muscles, brain too is a muscle and most of the things that are true for other muscles are true for the brain too. For example, you can tone your muscles by doing physical exercises, same is true for the brain too, if you keep doing exercises related to your brain, you can train it and tone it according to your will. Brain power can be increased by following some practices and in that way, you can reap the wonderful results. Let’s take a look, what practices can boost your memory and brain’s ability:

    Watch out your food:

    As I have already mentioned in the starting of this post that the brain is a muscle. This is clear that your food intake can impact your brain. If you want a healthy and efficient brain, avoid food items that are very oily and have a high intake of sugar or salt. High intake of sugar and salt definitely reduce your brain power, so try to reduce spicy and very sweet items from your menu.

    Vitamins and mineral that can boost your mental ability:

    Yes, you heard it right. There are some vitamins and minerals that can certainly boost your mental ability by nourishing your brain. Vitamin B-12 and omega-3 are among the vitamins that are rich enough to help your brain. If you are a vegetarian then you can consume walnuts, almonds daily to boost your mental stamina, apart from that sprouts, dairy products are also a great source of vitamin B-12. If you are a non-vegetarian then you have plenty of options egg, some fishes such as salmon, tuna are the great source of B-12. Eat these foods moderately that are enriched with vitamin B-12 and other memory boosting minerals and nourish your brain.

    Yoga and meditation:

    Stress can harm your brain and thus reduce your mental ability. There is nothing more powerful than mediation and yoga that can calm you. Hormones that are good for your overall health are increased during meditation and harmful one gets reduced. In that way, our overall health gets a boost. If your body is healthy then your brain will also flourish.

    Tweak and tease your brain:

    If you want to have a sharp memory then you need to do exercises that can stimulate your brain. There are various ways to stimulate your brain. You must solve some brain teaser at least twice in a week to sharpen your brain. The more you use your brain, the more it activates. If we do not use any muscles of our body for a long time, it starts decaying and the same is true for your brain too. Keep doing mental exercises, there is plenty of resources freely available on the internet to tweak and tease your brain.

    How to listen to a lecture or any audio?:

    There are a few techniques that can certainly enhance your mental ability. If you listening to any audio, try to increase the speed of the audio. First, try 1.25x speed and once you get used to of it, increase it at a further level. You will be amazed that after little practice, you have started to understand every single word of audio that is way too speedy than your normal speed. It’s a tried and tested approach to enhance the power of your brain.

    How to read efficiently?:

    As a student, you have to read plenty of stuff every day, you can read efficiently by just tweaking your brain a little bit. So, the technique is read in chunks. If you are reading a page, try to cover more and more lines in one glance that means read in chunks not line by line. It seems difficult initially, but trust me, your brain is very powerful and after practicing it much time, you’ll find it very easy.

    The second thing is, try to read loudly your text. In that way, your brain catches words easily. These were a few techniques that can increase your reading efficiency multifold.

    Make writing your habit:

    This is a proven fact, that writing needs more focus and brain power. So, whatever you are learning, if want to make it permanent start writing. If you write your chapter, your brain will longer retain it. If you feel that you forget something after writing then keep writing until you grasp every bit of the written text. If you are studying a very difficult subject then start writing and in that way, your brain will catch concepts easily.

    Imagine the concepts:

    The human brain can retain images longer than texts, it’s a proven fact. So, whenever you are studying some concepts, try to visualize your concepts in your mind. It will make sure that your concepts remain longer in your mind.

    These are certain ways of boosting your mental power and ability, and all of the concepts are tried and tested. So, use these techniques in your daily life and strengthen your brain.