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  • Top 10 Apps to learn new skills

    • May 8, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Top 10 Apps to learn new skills

    Learning apps are very useful for students as well as entrepreneurs in enhancing and accruing their skills. With the stay-at-home order issued recently due to the situation across the world in the COVID-19 pandemic, many peoples are focusing on learning new skills more and more to developing their interests and make their future best. Earning college degrees are not enough to gain high-priority accomplishments in the workplace now a day, people are becoming increasingly by the idea of establishing their skills on the side as an acceptable replacement for a diploma relatively.

    Education has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Institutional based education is still present nowadays but all things are digital now. However, there is more focus on learning by people to achieve success in life starting either they are kids or elders all need to make their future secure. The Internet is the best source of learning at home. Whenever we talking about best learning apps for kids which are of different categories and skills. We know that all kids have different minds and learning ability they take things according to their choice.

    Nowadays, The Internet has made all things easy and convenient for students across the globe. As resources rising day by day, Students have become alert more and more diverse in their learning activities.  The Internet has become a space for both the young and the old generation for learning new things.  It provided a platform to them where they can able to create their doubts. Due to that, here we take some best education apps they not only have made learning easy for students but also reduced the stress for the parents.

    Here we discuss the top 10 apps to learn new skills among students which are the following:

    1. GoodReads
    2. Khan Academy
    3. Linkedin Learning
    4. Udemy
    5. Lynda
    6. edX
    7. Solo Learn
    8. Duolingo
    9. Coursera
    10. Skillshare


    GoodReads is the best app to develop new skills among students with different variety of topics. Even living in today’s digital world, books are still one of the best sources to learn about anything which we want and find a solution to it easily. There are many types of different books on different subjects that are available in the market from which some of them easily fulfil our requirements. Besides that, books should you want to read to gain skills in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and many more. With more than 40 million members, Goodreads is created their content on Facebook. Their main aim is to get the right book in the right hands at the right time on the right place, It doesn’t matter what your interests, the free Goodreads app can probably allow you to point the perfect book which helps you to learn whatever it is student want to learn. You can also read its reviews before starting from other readers, and share good reads of your own thereafter accordingly.

    another good app where you can read books is Audible, Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform owned by Amazon.com Inc. The service allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content. On Audible, you can listen to works of fiction, non-fiction and other genres like a podcast; you get to enjoy all the content of the book in a new innovative format.

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is the second-best to develop new skills in students to achieve their goals. This app is mainly founded by an American Educator Salman Khan. It is a completely non-profit app and its main purpose is to provide better learning tools to students as they want. The main aim of this app is to provide free and world-class education for all students across the world. Khan Academy has provides a unique way to drive knowledge into students’ brains to learn fast. All lessons using it are in forms of video tutorials. Videos also display a recording of drawings on a virtual blackboard that attracts students’ minds.  It also provides online courses for entrance exams like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and so on. khan academy contains more than 10,000 video lectures on different academic subjects mainly focused on special subjects like Mathematics and science. This app has partnered with some top institutions and universities like NASA, MIT, the modern museum of art for delivering specialized content to empower the students to enhance their learning outside the classrooms as well.

    Linkedin Learning

    Linkedin Learning is the third-best app to develop new skills among students. The professional network LinkedIn has got so much popularity among students and entrepreneurs nowadays toward educating its dedicated users. LinkedIn Learning is the best platform to promote our positive growth towards your best career. Generally, LinkedIn is also owned by Microsoft, but there are many key differences between Lynda and LinkedIn Learning. The main differentiator between these two platforms is that LinkedIn Learning comes with a package deal with a specific LinkedIn Premium subscription. This is very beneficial for those who are serious about their online career development that they hold a monthly or yearly membership to Premium according to users’ choice. The library of the LinkedIn learning platform is incredibly vast as compared to others which spanning from Business to Creative and Technology skills relatively.


    Udemy is the fourth-best learning app for students to try something new. Generally, Udemy app founder was born in a Turkish village had this thought that what’s possible when learning is within reach. He alone found so many opportunities to grew up online and this inspired him to help the others as well by making personal apps. As a result, Currently, Udemy has more than 50M students and 150K courses with 57K instructors throughout the world.  It consists of more than 130,000 video tutorials of different types of courses ranging from technology and business accordingly to personal development lessons like writing, drawing, yoga, etc. The main advantage of this app is that we also get to learn these topics according to our time. If you have some queries or doubts then you can ask questions and clear it with students and instructors. It is one of the global brands for learning and one of the best educational apps in India.


    Lynda is the fifth-best app for students to learn new skills. Similar to Udemy, Lynda.com contains a large of courses in different subject related areas, such as video production or software development. The Lynda mobile app provides you the freedom to learn according to your way, which is convenient for every student nowadays.

    Apart from that, just like my Lynda’s also contains a huge library of different courses according to a monthly subscription basis. You can also take Lynda for a no-risk, ten-day test drive for free specifically.

    The top skills you can begin on the Lynda site are as shown below:

    • Software development
    • Web development
    • Photography
    • Business
    • Design


    edX is the sixth-best app for students to learn new skills. It’s a common dream of every student to study the courses of top universities like MIT, Harvard,  Columbia, etc. But, it is a big challenge for them. That’s why edX comes with some unique features to overcome all these problems. Using it, You can learn everything under the sun and above from edX. It provides more than 2000 courses of top universities in edX such as computer science, engineering, linguistics, business studies,   and many more. edX app is all about delivering different types of courses and certificate programs according to leading universities.  This app allows users to get course content by reviewing assignments and taking quizzes accordingly. Many of the courses are free in this app, but for programs and certificates, we have to pay.

    Solo Learn

    Solo Learn is the seventh-best app for students to learn new skills that improve your programming knowledge specifically. It supports various languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, C++, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Swift, Algorithms & Data Structures, etc.  with different types of apps to give the students great exposure to all advance and upcoming programming languages from basic. The main advantage of this app is that you can also Practice Online with free exercises and improve your skills and knowledge accordingly. At last, Sololearn provides a free code editor to users which they use any time. Sololearn community app keeps posting fresh content daily and updated it from time to time. Sololearn is a complete solution for those students who love to do programming. This app contains the largest collection as compare to all of code learning content from beginner to advanced level and the content is completely free to download and use.


    Duolingo is the eighth-best learning apps for students to learn new skills from all which is one of the most popular educational apps nowadays. It allows students to learn new languages at any time and anywhere as they want with some unique features. The app provides personalized education to students with private tutoring by using different types of techniques and technologies. Duolingo is a platform where everyone can have access to learn free language education according to theirs. Besides that,  it also offers a premium product, the Duolingo Plus, which is used to learn free languages. The main difference is that it is an ad-free experience and provides the ability to download all types of lessons according to the students’ choices so they can read them while offline. Using it you can easily learn different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Irish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Swahili, Romanian and English. You can also improve your writing and communication soft skills by using this app by playing learning games which makes learning fun. It’s very effective, simple, and easy to use app which is free to download. You can just download it from the play store and start learning.


    Coursera is the ninth-best learning app for students in lockdown that mainly helps students in imparting negotiation skills. We know that Negotiation is an important skill to be mastered for a job because it quoting the salary of employees or demanding the hike according to performance at work in an organization relatively.

    The Coursera app provides programming, art and design, sciences and business, and some other subjects across 3,500 online-learning courses,  with completed video lectures and instructors with chatting options. Some courses including it are free, and for some, you have to pay and they will award you certificates.

    This app offers courses and certifications to increase the knowledge and skills to make your career best. Besides that, The app also provides you the chance to earn a degree online through some prestigious institutions such as Yale,  Stanford, Michigan, and even with leading companies like Google and IBM respectively.


    Skillshare is the tenth-best learning app for students in lockdown. It is an innovative and unique platform to learn and upgrade individuals’ business and technical skills. Skillshare specifically works on a subscription method that offers to pay at once for the preferred courses only. After the payment process, you will get access to the learning portal for months or years based on your specific plan and helps in enhancing a variety of skills and knowledge. Skillshare has a library of over 22,000 free and premium online courses. Every class is held online on this platform and its main aims at making learners from no craft to a trustworthy expert accordingly. It has topics starting from creativity to business, lifestyle, and technology. The Skillshare app has classes on different topics like watercolour, drawing, calligraphy, graphic design, photography, illustration, pattern design, hand lettering, icon design,  and many more. Users can also learn about some popular creative tools such as Illustrator, Procreate, Fresco, and Photoshop. Besides that, they also learn about business growth in entrepreneurship,  productivity, social media marketing, among others.


    After analyzing all about the Top 10 app to learn new skills, We reach on the conclusion that With so many learning apps are available for students with different features and services. Try to use this app at once to know about their interface and features. All students have different minds and learning ability they take things according to their choice. So, choose the best app among all according to your course and area of interest relatively.