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  • Update About the MBA Degree Program

    • September 5, 2020
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    • MBA Degree Program


    The MBA was once known as a “one size fits all” graduate degree for mid-career professionals with dreams of the corner office. As the demography skewed younger — thanks to a tight job market — some are passing on the MBA for more tailored options: MS degrees in specialized concentrations. But is one better than the other?

    MBA Degree Program

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) is generally a two-year degree program divided into four semesters. The MBA program is designed in such a way that it assists graduates to handle a wide range of responsibilities and situations related to the business. Most of the engineering students after completing graduation want to pursue an MBA program from a prestigious college in India or abroad as it gives more weightage to the resume. 

    MBA provides in-depth knowledge by supplementing one’s management skills. It provides various career options for graduates. They are offered good salary packages and relevant positions. This course teaches all the necessary leadership and management qualities that help the graduates business as well as industrial sectors. Usually, MBA graduates get a better income than other postgraduates. They start from the mid-level jobs which adds an advantage from the beginning.

    MBA eligibility criteria

    • The candidate must have completed graduation from a reputed university or institute.
    • Most of the universities want at least a 50% score in graduation. For the reserved category passing percentage is 45%.
    • Final-year graduation students may also apply for the MBA degree program but they have to provide the present proof of completing their graduation in particular time duration.

    Some critical skills needed to develop by MBA students

    Soft Skills are the personally-developed attributes that are mainly picked up through life, and work experiences and no training is required to build them up, it can come in nature through practice.

    But some skills are not inborn and can be learned in an MBA. These skills are very important to work in the business sector. Let’s see what are those skills that need to be developed by an MBA student:

    • Leadership
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Evaluation Skills
    • Teamwork
    • Analysis
    • Integrity
    • Marketing Skills
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Self-Awareness
    • Resilience
    • Flexibility
    • Positive attitude
    • Cross-Cultural Competency
    • Strong work ethic
    • Negotiation

    Advantages of MBA

    Although, MBA degree program has innumerable advantages but let’s discuss some of them here:

    1. The MBA program offers the highest paying jobs in the market
    2. Able to Access your extensive business network
    3. You can start your own company 
    4. Students can study an MBA program either part-time or online
    5. MBAs are a great option for a career change and thriving business opportunities

     Let’s discuss these advantages in detail:

    1. The MBA program offers the highest paying jobs in the market

    MBA is a professional degree and teaches you all sorts of qualities that are essential to be in a high position in a company. The average income for an MBA graduate is much higher than other master’s degree programs. You can expect to earn twice in your future career as you gain more experience.

    If you want to know about what kind of jobs can provide you a successful career in the business and management field then I can help you with that. You can be a market research analyst, management analyst, business operations manager, top executive, HR manager, etc.

    2. Able to access your extensive business network

    If you are an MBA student, then you can quickly build great networking qualities. You will be able to interact with your fellow students, college professors, and teaching staff in a professional manner. This skill will help to expand your business with management capabilities accordingly.

    Although you can gain access to the extensive alumni network of the MBA program, your connections in the business world will give you an excellent overview of some experience. You will always be ready for the upcoming challenges in the business environment and try to be as productive as possible.

    3. You can start your own company 

    Many students want to pursue an MBA program to become entrepreneurs and try to learn about how to start and grow a business. To pursue these goals you need to know some real-life experiences. You can also ask your professors and your seniors and several people who are in this field after taking an MBA degree.

    You can also find some of your batchmates with the same interests. You can share your ideas because if you’re planning for a start-up business the chances of its success increase when you do it in partnerships as it will have double efforts to make it successful.

    To become an entrepreneur, you need to know how to communicate with people and influence them. If your verses cannot leave an impression on the minds of the listeners and it’s useless. You should build your communication skills effectively if you have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur. 

    4. Students can study an MBA program, either part-time or online.

    It is very convenient to pursue an MBA degree program online. You can do other work while doing an MBA. You can gain experience by working in other companies while doing an MBA. Online MBA programs are very flexible to opt for students. In this, you can study according to your choice and access lectures and course materials from any resources.

    Online MBA courses are also accredited for you because now studying online is similar to campus education due to digital enhancement. Before taking an MBA online course, first, check the accreditation of your MBA degree or university where you are taking admission.

    Online MBA tuition fees are more affordable than the full time in college one. Another advantage of studying online is that you have to pay only for the tuition fee. If you want to do the MBA course from an abroad university then an online MBA can save you from additional expenses like accommodation, transport, and visa.

    5. MBAs are a great option for a career change and thriving business opportunities.

    Many students opt for an MBA program to either work for a bigger industry or advance to a managerial or administrative position in their current firm. You are not able to handle both situations at once. Mainly MBA students use their management skills to pursue opportunities in new organizations where they have not worked yet.

    Generally, it is a good idea to decide the organization and job in which you are interested before applying for the MBA program. However, it will be easier for you if you have decided on the goal for which you are doing this course and plan your specialization accordingly. 

    Top companies to work after MBA

    Here we’ve mentioned some of the top multinational companies in the world that hire MBA graduates:

    • Amazon
    • Consulting Group (BCG)
    • Citigroup
    • Apple
    • Bain & Company
    • The Boston
    • Facebook
    • Microsoft
    • JP Morgan
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Walt Disney


    After analyzing all about the MBA degree program, we’ve concluded that the MBA is an excellent option to sharpen your skills in the management field. As we’ve also talked about several benefits of this course you can decide whether you want to do it or not. It is an excellent degree program that can help you get a promotion in the company in which you’re already working as well as you can get a job in a bigger company as well.