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  • What are the career suggestions after PGDM?

    • January 10, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    As we all are aware that PGDM i.e. Post-Graduation Diploma in Management is a two-year course that sharpens a student’s skill so that he or she can deal with the real world.

    PGDM offers practical knowledge to students. Gone are those days, when theory was everything. What’s the use of theory if you do not know how to implement the same in the real world?

    Sure, it’s easy to read the good qualities of a manager in a book, but when it comes to real life, those sub-points saying, a good listener, understanding, helping, motivator gets washed away like a wave.

    So, PGDM helps the students grab the practical knowledge instead of letting them be some geeks or back benchers who study one day before the exam and joyfully party after getting pass on point!

    Moving on, lets discuss the career suggestions or career opportunities after PGDM.

    You see this aspect totally depends on the specialization that you have chosen, so let’s talk about each specialization and its career opportunities that one can grab, one by one.

    1. Marketing

    This is the specialization that is mostly chosen. You see in the job-world marketing is also said as sales. So you see, this discipline is a real big deal.

    Marketing is a specialization where one can find career opportunities very easily. We cannot promise the package though, as it varies from company to company, from post to post and student to student.

    But one can find numerous opportunities under the same. Because marketing includes advertisement, at times digital marketing, sales, promotion, etc.

    So the type of career opportunities that one can grab are as follows:

    • Sales person
    • Sales manager
    • Research analyst
    • Brand manager
    • Department Head

    2. HR

    HR, i.e. Human Resources is the second most preferred specialization. At times, people prefer human resources over marketing.

    You see, people generally have the picture of marketing in there head as something to be done in field, but on the other hand human resource is something that lets you sit in your chair, in a cabinet and deal with people, i.e. hire and fire.

    But let me tell you, as easy as it sounds, the reality is exactly opposite. A human resource manager has to take full responsibility if someone he or she hired messes up, they need to answer and constantly update the company about the various new opportunities as well as the threats from the outside world.

    The career options in HR are as follows:

    • Training manager
    • HR manager
    • Staffing Manager
    • Staff Correspondent
    • Compensation Manager
    • Training and development manager

    3. International Business

    Recently this specialization is hitting the boom. You see, import and export has been going on from long-time but nobody ever thought of it as a career opportunity. So, PGDM has opened their gates wide, to introduce this field as a specialization as well.

    All those students who have keen interest in the business of import and export or want to gain knowledge about the same, international business specialization would be perfect for them.

    Here are the career options for those students who are pursuing international business in their specialization:

    • Import manager
    • Export manager
    • Global financial manager
    • Global sales manager
    • Business manager, etc.

    4. Finance

    For those students who are pursuing BBA, they must be well aware of the fact that BBA serves only three main specializations, and that are marketing, finance as well as HR.

    Many students who have keen interest in accounts or insurance prefer finance. There are many institutes out there that have made a separate specialization for insurance as well.

    This is a great option to indulge yourself in, as every organization require an accountant and not every person can carry those critical or confused entries to make a proper financial balanced sheet without any errors.

    So, here are the following career suggestions that one can opt for, if he or she has taken finance as their specialization:

    • Financial planner
    • Financial manager
    • Insurance manager
    • Financial analyst
    • Equity analyst
    • Financial advisor
    • Corporate finance

    5. Operations

    Operations is basically production. As you know every corporation depends on its production, because without any production there is no sales and no sales means neither profit not any sort of a result.

    So only those students should pick this specialization who have interest in the same. The following teaches everything, about the type of machinery, about the type of resource, the value of human resource in a company, the raw materials, requirement, allocation of goods, etc.

    The career opportunities in the same are as follows:

    • Operations manager
    • Strategic planner
    • Materials manager
    • Distributor
    • Wholesaler
    • Supply chain manager
    • Service operation director

    6. Research

    Research is something that is very needful. Be it any industry or corporation, everything needs research.

    Basically, the specialization is not just of research but is of research as well as development. As the technologies are evolving at a great pace, every corporation has to develop accordingly.

    Companies are actually hiring students who have knowledge about the same because research is important, it’s the key behind everything. Research is something that can define a consumer’s behaviour regarding a product, research is something that can define the company’s sales.

    Research is like magic, if rightly used, one can lead to the skies. Research is a very important element in the today’s world. One has to have a knowledge about the same so that findings can be done.

    Following are the career suggestions related to research in PGDM:

    • Research manager
    • Developer manager
    • Research analyst
    • Advisor
    • Researcher

    So overall you can see that there are numerous opportunities after PGDM. Its all about choosing the right specialization that suits you well and even if you messed up, you always get to choose a minor specialization as well so you can do something or grab an opportunity on the basis of the same as well.