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  • What Difficulties Does a Science Student Faces When he or she Opts for BBA?

    • January 11, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
    • Comments Off on What Difficulties Does a Science Student Faces When he or she Opts for BBA?

    Now, many of you would be questioning that why would a science student pursue a commerce stream? The answer to your question is simple, matey!

    You can’t pursue engineering if you took commerce in your 10+2, but you can seek transactions if you took science in your 10+2.

    So What difficulties does a science student faces when he or she opts for BBA?

    A science student is usually a ketabbi keeda as compare to the commerce and art student. They are in the habit of studying for hours and hours, And thick books. But that’s not all to crack BBA. The concepts should be clear. But what kind of ideas would be a science student knowing in BBA? All he or she knows is about theorems practicals, chemicals, physics, biology, etc. They are new to the World of Business. Every subject is new for them, plus has a different objective, As till now, they were only studying about maths, physics, chemistry, or biology, but currently, they would be studying subjects like Accounts, Management, Statistics, Economics, etc. So there would be massive pressure on them. Like, let’s take an example with the first semester subjects.

    1. Accounts: Account is a subject for which you would require tutions if you are new to this subject. Accounts are a subject in which you could crack it quickly if you understood the basics, but if you are not clear with the concepts, you are going down, matey!
    2. Statistics: I guess this subject would be more comfortable for science students as they have faced more difficult mathematics questions than the items in statistics. Plus, there is a basic totka in stats. If you know the exact formula, then matey, you will score, as the real answer is based on procedure, and being a science student and having maths already, I hope you won’t make silly mistakes. But if you were a medical student and didn’t have maths, then boy! You will face some real problems; just go with the formula, and you can crack that baby out.
    3. Economics: Another subject you are new to is Economics. You are studying GDP, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, welfare society, government, etc. which is different for those looking at all the science subjects from the last two years.
    4. Management: As the science students have gone through the thick books, they can easily understand this so-called lengthy subject known as Management. In this subject, the main thing, i.e., is the best thing you can do, is remember all the points under each topic, cause points would be like organizing, staffing, etc. in which you can fill in your content with plenty of examples that come in your creativity.

    But lets not just see the negative side; they will be relieved by those tons of pressure, now they don’t have to run for there tutions, etc.

    BBA is not that problematic stream if you are clear with the concepts.