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  • What is the Scope of Mass Communication as a Career in India?

    • July 14, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    The scope of mass communication has increased in the present with the advent of technology, opening many options to pursue a good career. As we know India is the largest democracy in the world and the media is the fourth pillar of democracy. So, the role of the media becomes prominent in revealing the unbiased news to the citizens of this country. It also acts as a connector between the government and the people of the country.

    Unlike ancient times when there were no means of communication and media, people had to rely on sources to get the news of their surroundings but today we have every mode of communication to know about all the happenings around the world. Everybody is aware of the importance of the media.

    There are several courses that you can do to build a bright future and mass communication is one of them. The career options in mass communication have increased at a very high pace and students are also taking interest in it.

    If we talk about the scope of mass communication in India, then I must tell you that mass communication has become very popular in India from the last two decades and its popularity is still growing.

    Fields in mass communication

    Just like every other course, mass communication also covers different fields. The candidate pursuing this course gets a chance to get specialized in any of them. Let’s discuss the different fields in mass communication.

    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Journalism
    • Newsreader and reporter
    • Radio jockey

    Let’s discuss all these fields in detail covering career opportunities, scope, courses, etc.

    • Advertising

    Advertising is a field that requires a good understanding of business and consumer needs according to the time. It is the only field where customers are persuaded through oral and dramatic skills, that’s why it requires constant innovation and techniques. Advertising was started through conventional advertising agencies but now it has become common through various means like Radio, TV, online, print, electronic agencies. As the competition is at its peak, every industry relies on advertising to generate its revenues and popularize its brand which enhances the demand for professionals in the field of advertising.

    The various sub-fields in advertising are:

    1. Logo designing
    2. Copywriting
    3. Artwork and designing
    4. Social and online media advertising
    5. Research
    6. Production and printing

    • Public relations

    Public relations is the act of maintaining and promoting the reputation of an organization or company in front of audiences or the public. Public relations play a major role in the media industry which require a vast skill set including:

    1. Program planning: Analyzing problems and opportunities, recommending and planning activities, measuring results.
    2. Writing and editing: Public relation often involves reaching a large number of audiences and persuading them through newspapers, annual reports, speeches, etc.
    3. Media relations: Maintaining good relations with the media.
    4. Speaking: communicating effectively with groups including meetings, presentations.
    5. Social media promotions: Promotion using different social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • Journalism

    It is one of the most preferred choices of today’s youth as it provides an opportunity to know the ground reality and also to interact with the public. With the advent of technology journalism has been further classified into two types:

    1. Print journalism :

    Bringing truth before the public at the right time is very crucial. Newspapers, the oldest means of publication which is delivered in almost every house, educational institutes, offices, etc., in India. To publish a quality newspaper that can influence a large number of audiences a good team is required which includes editor, writer, print journalist, photographer. Putting the unbiased news at the forefront is its main role. It requires highly vibrant employees who are all-time concentrated.

    2. Electronic journalism :

    With the changing times and advancements in technology, our requirements have also changed. Now people like to read or hear news on digital devices and the news is also filtered according to their interests and is also more feasible as newspapers cannot be carried everywhere. It also summarizes the news within a few lines and also attaches several images and videos with it which is not possible in print media. All these changes have raised the opportunities in this field to pursue a career.

    • News readers and reporters

    With time media is diversifying and big expectations are laying with it, newsreaders are confined to news studios and are responsible for appraising the public about all the news coherently brought by the reporters. They are also responsible for conducting interviews with experts or renowned personalities, organizing debates between spokesmen of different political parties, and trying to bring a variety of opinions to the public.

    • Radio jockey

    It is the field where you interact indirectly with the public who is listening to the radio and anchors the music program and news broadcast over the radio. A voice that can attract an audience is the prerequisite for becoming a radio jockey and good communication skills are also required.

    Some of the places who recruit for the post of radio jockey are:

    1. Red FM
    2. Big FM
    3. Radio FM
    4. Radio Mirchi
    5. All India Radio

    Experts state the Indian media is going to witness an enviable growth, making it the best time to opt for a mass communication course in India. Mass communication is one of the leading industries in India coming in with an ample amount of opportunities to pursue a career in it.

    This was all about the career and growth opportunities in the field of mass communication. I hope you will choose the right field for yourself and surely accomplish it.