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  • What Should You Prefer To Do Business: PGDM or MBA?

    • January 22, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
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    Many students have confusion in their minds about the PGDM course and it’s a comparison with the MBA. PGDM means Post Graduate Diploma in Management and the main confusion starts when you see the term Diploma.

    Many students have a common perception that it is a diploma course and not a degree, and to an extent, they are right that it is a Diploma. The main reason behind why postgraduate courses are named as PGDM is that when there’s an autonomous institute (meaning it is not affiliated to any University) which conducts management courses, it cannot offer an MBA degree. Even institutes like S.P. J.A.I.N., I.I.M., X.L.R.I., don’t offer MBA degrees, they only give PGDM since they are autonomous and independent bodies.

    PGDM was declared equivalent to MBA by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) on 3rd April 2008. This MBA equivalence has been renewed by the AIU from time to time continuously since 2008.

    This postgraduate program consists of four semesters. The first two terms focus on the foundation and application aspects of management and the last two terms focus on specialization and integration with global developments in different areas of management.

    Advantages of the PGDM program

    There are a few reasons why you need to consider a PGDM program:

    • A PGDM Course gives you entrepreneurial and business skills:

    The growing entrepreneurship trend helps students and make them eager to develop their career in entrepreneurship. These personal development skillsets encourage students to open their firms after completion of the PGDM course.

    • Specialization:

    The best part of the PGDM course is that it offers several specialized courses and electives. Some PGDM programs include project management, logistics and supply chain management, media management and extends the range of MBA programs.

    • Interaction and training sessions with industries

    During PGDM courses various opportunities will be given to students to start their internships with industries and help in filling the gap between industry and academics. This program helps in giving exposure to students.

    • Career options after PGDM

    One can have an exciting career opportunity after PGDM in big multinational companies. Students can expect decent starting pay packages, an average being 6-8 LPA.

    By earning a PGDM degree from a reputed PGDM institution like the School of Management Science (SMS), Varanasi, individuals can broaden their educational horizons and also hope to get leadership positions.

    PGDM not only helps prepare professionals in areas with a large requirement at the national level but also at the international level.

    PGDM has various subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, operations management, marketing, organizational behavior and project management, and many more.

    About S.M.S.

    The best B-school in Varanasi, the School of Management Science (SMS), brings you the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). It is a 2-years full-time program, AICTE approved and is comparable to those offered by some of the best business schools in the country.

    From the day of its foundation in 1995, it has achieved the coveted ‘A’ grade in NAAC accreditation. School of Management Sciences, Varanasi has been relentlessly pursuing the ruthless path of growth and excellence which resulted in the growing recognition and respect for this institution in the realms of industry and academics alike.

    School of Management Sciences, Varanasi emphasizes ensuring a holistic personality development of its students. Our preference for the growth in all aspects is evident in our approach which led to the development and establishment of various centers of excellence aimed at nourishing spirituality, entrepreneurship, innovation, and research as well as various clubs dedicated to providing a sound platform for sports, arts, and culture.

    S.M.S. has been quite frequent in receiving appreciation and recognition from various institutions and professional bodies of significance for the substantial difference it has brought to various academic dimensions of management education. Being declared the best B-School in India (North) for its “outstanding contribution in the field of education, training, and development” by ASSOCHAM India at the onset of March 2018, establishes the integrity of our efforts. Moreover, the prestigious Business India group has rated the School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, amongst the Top-50 B-Schools in India repeatedly with recently placing it at the 31st position in the latest B-School survey (‘Business India’ 2017 issue). It is our privilege to have become the first B-School in this part of the country to have such an honor.

    School of Management Sciences, Varanasi realizes and recognizes the responsibility that comes in with such corporeal accolades. We reiterate and rejuvenate our commitment to excellence at every opportunity, whether huge or dwarf, of making a sustainable difference in the ecosystem of management education.

    Moreover, SMS has opened its admissions for its PGDM COURSES with a vision of a global learning hub. SMS’s PGDM is also known for its ‘Case-Based Learning’ and ‘Skill Based Curriculum’.