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  • Which specialization is better in PGDM?

    • January 19, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    To answer this question, lets discuss the various common specializations out there which almost every college or institute is serving.

    Here’s a list of the following disciplines in which specialization is easily available while applying for PGDM:

    • Marketing
    • HR
    • Finance
    • IT
    • Research & Development
    • Business Analysis


    Marketing is the most common specialization opted by students in their post-graduation.

    Marketing includes both marketing as well as sales, so do not question like why isn’t there a separate specialization on sales. Even in job perspective, if someone says that there is an opening or some marketing opportunity, then that means that the following opportunity is of sales and not marketing.

    PGDM in Marketing covers all aspects like Sales, Advertisement, Promotion, Marketing itself, and Research.


    HR i.e. Human Resources is the second most common option chosen by students. At times, HR beats Marketing.

    But the question is why is HR practices so important?

    You see, human resource is a very vital resource for an organization. Without the same, things are nearly impossible to do.

    For example, let’s say that a company is machine-oriented or tech-oriented but no matter what at some level those machines will also be operated by the humans only. This is the reason why human resources are considered as the most vital resource of an organization.

    Coming back to the point of HR practices, an HR has to take care of recruiting, firing as well as employee work system and satisfaction. An HR also has to eliminate or use the carrot and stick rule to motivate the employees to work at a great pace.

    For those who are thinking for what is carrot and stick rule, carrot stands for incentives or rewards which becomes a positive motivation for many employees, and stick becomes the fear of getting fired which comes under the negative motivation.


    Finance is basically accounting. All those students who have keen interest in accounting or finance indulge themselves under this specialization.

    The following are the jobs that can be found after PGDM in Finance:

    • Accounting manager
    • Financial manager
    • Chartered Accountant
    • Cash managers
    • Financial Analysts, etc.

    Marketing, HR and Finance are the 3 most common specializations which are chosen under major.


    PGDM in IT, from IT you can pretty much tell that this specialization is totally and truly based on information technology i.e. computer science.

    All those students who have come from either BCA or B. Tech pursue the same.

    Every organization require a tech. guy or gal who is an expert in his or her work. As we know that the present gen is moving at a fast pace towards technology so positions are always available related to IT Sector.

    Following are the job opportunities that one can grab after doing PGDM in IT:

    • Program developer
    • Software developer
    • Software manager
    • Program manager
    • Project manager
    • Analyst
    • System operator

    Research and Development

    R&D i.e. Research and Development is a major requirement these days. There are tons of vacancies regarding the same.

    But why so?

    The answer is simple. Everything requires a research without a research, no result can be brought. Even experimentation is considered under Research.

    For example, there are many people out there who can tell the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, well Coca-Cola is strong and Pepsi is sweet.

    Its all about research. A person makes an experiment regarding something then he or she makes assumptions, suggestions on the same and in the end a final result comes out.

    Same thing goes with development.

    Every organization need to move according to the fast pace of changing environment. To make a company feasible with:

    • Environment
    • Market
    • Socio-cultural
    • Technology

    A company requires time to time development.

    Business Analyst

    The work of a business analyst is analyzing the whole system for whether the organization is running smoothly or not, to take corrective measures if some threats are about to appear in the near future (and those threats can be looked after through sales and demand forecasting), etc.

    A business analyst job is not that easy, so if you are passionate to do it then only pick this specialization. I know you would say that every specialization requires passion and that’s true but this is the field that you cannot mess with. You need to take care of tones of things, like:

    • Sales forecasting
    • Demand forecasting
    • System mechanism
    • Planning
    • SWOT analysis
    • ETOP analysis
    • Strategies to overcome obstacles
    • Plan for future sales
    • Plan to make the company hit the BOOM
    • Plan to save the company from drowning at the times of economy crisis.

    You see, a business analyst keeps in mind everything. He or she creates plan as per the whole organization and not just for one particular department.

    A business analyst examines each and every sector of the organization including each and every brand, product even employees if important to the subject, because that’s what his or her job is.

    So, if you are thinking of taking specialization in PGDM in Business Analyst then make sure you are ready for all those things that I have mentioned above.

    Only you can tell for which specialization is the best for you, and at times your undergraduate degree as well!

    All I would say is that if you have interest related selling then go for Marketing, if your have interest in customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction go for HR, if you have interest in accounts then pick Finance, if you are a tech guy or gal then pick IT and if you have a keen interest in finding or searching out answers and you are one of those guys or gals who are always curious for how did that happened then go for Research and Development or Business Analyst.

    So, talking about “which specialization is better in PGDM” then the answer is simple, it depends on You.