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  • Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?

    • April 15, 2019
    • Posted By : Nandini Singh
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    Digital Marketing, as the name suggests, is the form of marketing which uses a technological medium to engage customers through market research and advertising. It involves the use of digital means, such as the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, etc. to reach the target audience.

    It is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. In a country with a rapidly growing economy, the Digital Marketing industry is said to be a substantial career option. It has secured a prominent place in the field of advertising and marketing by constituting in the economy positively.

    The ever-growing popularity of the internet has produced great opportunities for firms to expand their business influence into the world of digitalization, thus creating numerous job fields for marketing enthusiasts. You could be a marketing enthusiast if you have the following skills or interests –

    • Good interpersonal communication skills
    • Possessing relationship management abilities
    • Knowing the target audience
    • Familiar with content management techniques
    • Ability to promote a product or a service
    • Creative thinking and imagination
    • Good influencing and negotiation skills

    The industry of digital marketing is mostly constituted by and looks forward to techs, creative, and business people. This is a dynamic field which can offer you various things to learn. There are so many avenues that can be followed but it is ideal to stick to one or two which are suitable for you and learn for the same. If you possess most of the above-mentioned qualities, digital marketing can offer you a variety of career titles. Some of the positions are –

    The options are not limited to the above titles only. There are several other positions as well. Choosing a career can be tricky and confusing, however, if you are able to recognize your passion then it oils up the process.

    “Content is fire and social media is gasoline”

    -Jay Baer

    With that quote let’s bring social media into the talk. Countless firms are using social media as their main marketing platform. Social media has become a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether it is traveling in a metro or having a half an hour lunch break we never miss a chance of glancing on our social media page. The popularity and consumption of social media have made it a vital medium for marketing. Social media is targeted and personal allowing marketers to share and create tailored brand content with individual consumers and customer communities. Social media is interactive, immediate, efficient and cost-effective, thus making it an important aspect of digital marketing.

    Let’s look into some statistics now.

    The digital marketing in India report by the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation revealed that India got to see the golden period of the Internet sector between 2013 to 2018 with incredible growth opportunities and secular growth adoption for E-Commerce, Internet Advertising, Social Media, Search, Online Content, and Services relating digital marketing.

    Total Media, Digital and Mobile Internet Ad Spending in India (2013-2019)

    The following survey indicates the size of the Digital Marketing industry in India:

    • 34% of the companies already had an integrated digital marketing strategy in 2016
    • 72% of the marketers believe that traditional model of marketing is no longer sufficient and this was to make the company revenue increase by 30% by the end of 2017

    As you can take up from the graph, the preferred form of global advertising is digital. In the Digital Marketing industry, 92% of the marketers said that their organization views content as a business asset. The Content Marketing field is getting the recognition it deserves and B2B marketers also plan to increase the Content Marketing spending in 2019.

    In the end, we can say that Digital Marketing is an enormously growing industry which offers a promising career. It has a variety of opportunities to learn and grow in the field.

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