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  • Why Wipro and Other IT Giants Still Prefer BCA Students Over Others?

    • February 7, 2019
    • Posted By : admin
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    Some people are predicting a slowdown in the global market but here in India, companies are observing profits. Infosys saw a major jump in the profit in this fiscal year. This implies that there will be no dearth of jobs for an eligible candidate. IT companies will hire more and more freshers from campuses of different colleges across the India. Let’s take a look at various job opportunities for a BCA graduate.


    Job opportunities:

    There are various job opportunities present in the job market for a BCA student. If you have time and resources then you should go for a Masters degree. If you have a Masters degree or MCA then you’ll get a better salary and job, moreover, there will be more chances of getting a job in big IT companies.

    If due to any reason, you cannot continue your studies, don’t worry, you still have quite decent opportunities in the IT world. There are some companies that hire BCA students and after hiring, provide them world class training so that they can be ready to face the challenges in the coming years of their jobs.

    Let’s discuss jobs and programs offered by IT giants:


    A-Wipro Wase program:

    Wipro Academy of Software Excellence(WASE) is a unique program that was launched by Wipro technologies in 1995. Under this program, Wipro hires BCA and B.Sc. students and they get training in Information Technology and  System Engineering. The training is an essential part of Wipro’s recruitment process. This training gives students practical exposure to the Infrastructure Management Service Industry.

    Wipro hires students as a trainee and gives a 3 months training. After successful completion of the training, Wipro assigns projects to trained students.

    This is a golden oppurtunities for the undergraduate students because apart from getting industry exposure, they get enrolled in a 4 years masters program. Students get a certificate from BIT-Pilani after successfully completing the master’s program.

    On completing the WASE program successfully, a student can get 5 lakh/year to 5.75 lakh/year salary depending on his performance and during training, Wipro offers 2 lakh/ year salary s to its trainees. There are good chances that you can get on-site(abroad) work opportunities, post the training.


    B-Infosys recruits  BCA students as executives :

    Though Infosys does not have extensive programs for BCA students like Wipro, it does offer decent jobs to BCA students. Infosys put students on rigorous training. They provide one of the best training in India. The training part is quite difficult here and during training, you have to work really hard because if you don’t perform well in exams and projects, you might get eliminated.

    Infosys offers decent pay during the training. As a trainee, students get approximately 18000/ month salary and after completing training successfully they will get a salary ranging from 23000 to 27000 /month depending on their grades in training program.

    Post completion of the training you might work as a software testing executive or operation executive.


    Job offers by other companies:

    There are many other big IT companies that too offer jobs to BCA student. If you get hired as a software developer you may get salary up to 18000 per month depending on the company’s status. There are various roles and designation apart from the software developer such as Network administrator, Database administrator, System administrators that suit well to a BCA students and you can decent pay which may vary from 12000 / month to 18000 / month during the training and after successful completion of training, you may get a very good pay raise.

    Why they prefer undergraduate students?

    Though with the expansion of the IT market and digitalization, ample opportunities have been created for the people of all age in the market still there are companies that prefer BCA students over others. There are several reasons to hire young talents, let’s discuss some of them:


    A-Fresh Mind and energy:

    Companies who are hiring young talents believe that young minds have plenty of innovative ideas that can change the face of the IT industry. They are directly coming from the college without much industry experience that’s why they see the world with a different vision.


    They have the hunger to learn new things, to create the network. The young generation is more tech savvy than the older one and they love to explore technologies in various formats.

    Most of the time, young people are more open to taking risk and grow.


    B-Early starting is always good:

    According to some studies, few companies hire young people because they believe that early starting is always good. Young people are easy to train and easily can be mold in any format.

    Students know that it’s very competitive to get a good job so they perform very well to get good exposure and increment.


    Young students are more willing to work extra hours and put in the efforts in their work. They certainly want to prove themselves worthy of the job and they do not afraid to go above and beyond their limits when it comes to delivering things. Those extra mile efforts differentiate a young student from other IT professional.

    Traditional degrees such as BCA are still attracting big IT giants. You just need to put your heart and soul in your work and success will be yours.

    Good luck!!