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  • Will Artificial Intelligence Snatch Our Jobs Away?

    • February 5, 2019
    • Posted By : admin
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    This has become the question of the 21st century whether artificial intelligence will snatch our jobs away or not? People are apprehensive about the increasing use of artificial intelligence.

    Though research on artificial intelligence has been started since 1930 recently it has gained momentum. More and more companies are adopting artificial intelligence to boost their business profits and efficiency.

    Every new invention brings anxiety in common people. When computers were introduced, there was a hype that computers would snatch jobs from human but it did not happen rather computers have created more and more jobs.

    Let’s analyze the impact of artificial intelligence in the life of common people.


    Jobs that will be impacted by artificial intelligence:

    Future always remains uncertain, you cannot predict what resides in the pit of the future. There are some jobs that will certainly require less human power and resources. Mostly blue collar jobs that require less skilled worker will be reduced.

    Let’s take a look at what type of jobs will get a jolt by the storm of artificial intelligence.


    1-Works that are repetitive:

    Every work that is repetitive in nature is eventually going to be automated. Let’s take an example of customer care services. Many companies have started to use chatbots for their customers care support. Most of the time, customers have a similar type of issues. Chatbots gives you options to choose your problem and based on that you’ll get a reply.

    Below image is an example of chatbot where artificial intelligence has been used.

    Will artificial intelligence snatch our jobs away?

    2-Routine jobs:

    There are some routine jobs that will be surely automated with the help of AI in the near future. Scheduling appointments, virtual office assistance, filling out online forms, replying to the email, posting on social media are few of the tasks that are already automated or are going to be automated in no time.


    3-Manual jobs:

    Manual jobs such as household chores and construction-related work, courier delivery will be done by machines in the coming years. Machines can do the same work more accurately and efficiently than a human. Manual jobs are at high risk of getting lost.


    4-White color jobs:

    Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence has imposed a serious threat to white collar jobs(jobs that require more skills and education) as well. Software testing jobs, sales, and marketing jobs, SEO jobs can also get impacted by artificial intelligence.


    Late scientist Stephen Hawking told in an interview that AI can end the human race in the near future. According to him “development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Some researchers are very optimistic about the use of artificial intelligence whereas some are portraying a very negative picture.


    Let’s not make it machine vs. human:

    So far, we have seen the problems caused by artificial intelligence in the life of human but this is just a half-truth. We should not make it machine vs human race as shown by various popular movies. It’s real life, let’s make it the human race supported by machines. According to CNBC reports the world will lose around 7 million jobs to artificial intelligence in the coming year but 7.2 million jobs will be created by the same technology. Artificial intelligence could be proved a boon to the human kind just we need to be very careful while using artificial intelligence.



    Advantages of AI:

    There are several advantages of artificial intelligence that can change the way we work, here are some examples of it.


    In the field of pharmacy:

    It is a well-known truth that the invention of a drug needs research work for many years and lots of funds. Many research could not be completed in the past because it was taking too long and research did not get enough funding. With the help of artificial intelligence, that time period can be reduced drastically thus making a way for inventions of more and more drugs.


    In the field of medical science:

    Now, the medical fraternity has started to use artificial intelligence. Sometime before, there was news that a robot performed successfully a heart surgery in very less time. Artificial intelligence can change the way, a doctor treats his patients.

    Artificial intelligence can be very helpful in detecting and curing cancer in the near future. Medical research is going on where AI can smartly detect the defected cells and once diagnosed a surgeon can remove them. At present, doctors can not detect all defected cells and in the process, they can hurt good cell as well.


    In other fields:

    There are several inventions are going on in the field of artificial intelligence. Self -driving cars are one of them. Though researchers have got success to make driverless cars still there is a lot of improvement needed. Self-driving cars will prevent accidents related to drunk driving, rash driving, and accidents caused by other human mistakes.

    Drones and robots are already helping mankind. Drones were deployed for monitoring the security in the grand and giant event of Kumbh Mela. There is a robot created by moley who can cook delicious food. You can visit moley for more information about the robot.


    Job opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence:

    Artificial intelligence is artificial after all, humans have real intelligence. However much technology can progress, nothing can beat a human touch to anything.

    There are some jobs, that will be created especially with the evolving artificial intelligence. Some of them are as follows:



    As artificial intelligence takes over the task, the demand for artificial intelligence related courses will also increase in the market. People who have a good knowledge of artificial intelligence can take advantages of the opportunities. A good educator will always be in demand no matter what time and era it will be.


    Cyber laws experts:

    Now, artificial intelligence is in incubation state, research and analysis are going on in the field of AI. There are very few laws to curtail menace caused by artificial intelligence but as the technology evolves, there will be more conflicts. Lawyers who have expertise in cyber laws are the one who will get benefited most by the situations.


    How to stay relevant in every scenario:

    Whether you like it or not, this is the truth, artificial intelligence is here to stay for a longer time and if you want to stay relevant in the era of AI, there is only one way to service, upskill yourself. Instead of fearing for your job, be future ready. Acquire skills that are necessary to work with artificial intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence can work with people instead of replacing them. Both blue collared and white collared employees must start upskilling themselves. There are various resources available online to start with artificial intelligence.


    You can visit coursera.org, Udacity, edx for more information related to artificial intelligence. The sooner you start to learn new skills and technology the better for your career growth.

    Lets hope, artificial intelligence will improve the life of the human.