Guest Lecture on Business Ethics by Prof.Pramod Pathak ,ISM Dhanbad

Prof.Pramod Pathak (Head of Department-Management Studies, ISM Dhanbad) visited SMS, Varanasi on 20th January, 2017 for a session on Business Ethics for MBA 2nd Semester Students. During his deliberation he said that ethics may not be taught, it is our family values that are deployed in business. He further exhorted that Ethics is ultimately one’s own feelings, a religious belief, an acceptable behavior and abiding by law. It is a standard of what human beings ought to be and an engine for sustainability and corporate conduct. The conscience to do ethical business is rising in the society due to dramatic changes in young adults, good awareness after formal education and sound reasoning and judgment capability of today’s youth. Macro factors that influence this change are concerns on climate change, globalised workforce, government regulations and fear of exposure. Organizations often face ethical dilemmas while making decisions. These are workplace dilemmas and mostly between two right choices. Suppose a purchase manager has to choose a supplier among two suppliers who are giving identical products, quality, price, service, it would be very difficult for the manager to make the choice. In this situation the manager can include ethical business practice as an additional criterion for the supplier. He also discussed the various dimensions of business ethics related to Human Resource, Finance and Marketing in business.

Earlier in the starting of the session Dr.Raj Kumar Singh, Professor, SMS, Varanasi welcomed Prof.Pathak with floral bouquet. The session was coordinated by Dr.Pallavi Pathak, Assistant Professor, SMS, Varanasi


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