BCA Course Profile

Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA) Course


To create a sound academic and conceptual base in the area of Information Technology from where a progressive career in computer application can be shaped.


BCA Course is affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapith (MGKVP), Varanasi.


Duration of BCA Course is of three years (Six Semesters)


Intermediate or 10+2 in any discipline. Candidates appearing in their final examination of 10+2 can also apply.

Scope of BCA

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of technical education. Students can opt for Masters in the computers field or they can also conquer secure job opportunities in the field of Computer applications.

Basis of Admission

Admission on the basis of the score obtained in Online Test.

Learning outcomes:

The following learning outcomes are generally expected from SMS Varanasi students on completion of their respective courses:

    • Knowledge and curiosity to learn more in their respective academic domains
    • Employability skills
    • Positive attitude
    • Rational thinking and decision making capabilities
    • Skills of team management and leadership
    • Ethical and moral values
    • ICT – skills
    • Sensitivity towards humanity, society, and environment
    • Traits of a responsible citizen of the nation


    BCA-S101T: Computer Fundamental & Office Automation
    BCA-S102T: Programming Principle & Algorithm
    BCA-S103: Principle of Management
    BCA-S104: Business Communication
    BCA-S105: Mathematics –I
    BCA-S101P: Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Office Automation
    BCA-S102P: Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Programming Principle & Algorithm


      BCA-S201T: Object Oriented Programming Using C++
      BCA-S202T: Data Structure Using C & C++
      BCA-S203: Computer Architecture & Assembly Language
      BCA-S205: Elements of Statistics
      BCA-S201P: Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of OOPS
      BCA-S202P: Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of DS


        BCA-S301T: Introduction to DBMS
        BCA-S302T: Java Programming
        and Dynamic Webpage Design
        BCA-S303: Computer Network
        BCA-S304: Numerical Methods
        BCA-S305: Minor Project
        BCA-S306: Viva-Voice on Summer Training
        BCA-S301P: Computer Laboratory
        and Practical Work of DBMS
        BCA-S302P: Computer Laboratory
        and Practical Work of Java Programming
        & Dynamic Webpage Design


          BCA-S106T: C Programming
          BCA-S107: Digital Electronics & Computer Organization
          BCA-S108: Organization Behavior
          BCA-S109: Financial Accounting & Management
          BCA-S110: Mathematics II
          BCA-S106P: Computer Laboratory and
          Practica l Work of C Programming


            BCA-S206T: Computer Graphics &
            Multimedia Application
            BCA-S207: Operating System
            BCA-S208: Software Engineering
            BCA-S209: Optimization Techniques
            BCA-S210: Mathematics-III
            BCA-S206P: Computer Laboratory and Practical
            Work of Computer Graphics & Multimedia

              SIXTH SEMESTER

              BCA-S307: Computer Network Security
              BCA-S308: Information System: Analysis Design &
              BCA-S309: E-Commerce
              BCA-S310: Knowledge Management
              BCA-S311: Major Project
              BCA-S312: Presentation/Seminar based
              on Major Project

              Prioritized Areas of Research & Consultancy

              Besides above mentioned academic curriculum institute also motivates students and faculty members to pursue researches in the below mentioned disciples through conferences, paper presentations and several other activities in the premises:

              • Multi-Agent Systems
              • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
              • Distributed Software
              • Software Engineering

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