C-SHE organised training program on “COURSE IN MINDFULNESS (CIM)”

School of Management Sciences (SMS) has organized a ‘Course in Mindfulness’ in collaboration with Stress Management Academy (SMA) under flagship of Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment (C-SHE) on 20th April, 2013. Details of the program are:

Title: Course in Mindfulness

Date: 20th April 2013

Venue: Orchid Hall, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Participants: Participants were from top corporates like IDBI Bank, BASF, TCS, Videocon, PepsiCo, ICMS, LC Media House and reputed bodies such as Lions Club, Bombay Management Association.

Organizers: School of Management Sciences (SMS Varanasi) and Stress Management Academy (SMA) – powered by Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment (C-SHE)

Program Proceedings and Details:
SMS Varanasi and Stress Management Academy – powered by C-SHE organized a one day unique corporate training program titled ‘Course in Mindfulness’ – resurgence for corporate excellence and wise leadership. The program was conducted by Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, lovingly called as Baba.

Inaugural Session
The program began on a spiritual note by chanting of the Ganesh Vandana by one of the participants, Shri. Kirti Anurag Shrivastav- a renowned musician who sings bhajans for Aastha and Satsang channels and has directed stalwarts of the music industry like Jagjit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Kavitha Krishnamurthy etc.

The inaugural session was chaired by Babaji and three eminent personalities Shri. V.P. Singh – Former Chairman IFCI, Shri. B.P. Singh former Dy. Managing Director IDBI Bank and Shri. Pramod Shah a leading practicing Company Secretary as well as Chairman/ member of number of professional bodies.

All the speakers stressed upon the need for popularizing such programs in the corporate sector which will pave the way for the new generation enlightened and authentic leaders. They spoke on how such programs will help to create an appropriate environment in striking a smooth and well balanced chord between spiritualism and materialism

Training Session
•Babaji , began the program by invocation of the presence through collective meditation. He stressed on the concept of BEING rather than DOING. He stressed on the concept of creating a holistic balance between the left and the right brain. Babaji used specific examples of how top corporates like Google, General Motors, Apple, Intel, Twitter, Facebook, Target, Aetna, Nexterra, and many others have already incorporated Meditation and Mindfulness into mainstream human resource development. He touched upon the fruits of MINDFULNESS practice and the art to do so. Babaji demonstrated and made participants practice many techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. This was followed by explaining the 5 steps of Mindfulness


• Yoga , Stretches, Chi Practices and Healings
• Stretching, Yoga postures, torso twisting, stretch ups , shoulder rotations ,pranic healings and cleansing
• Kapalbharti, brahamari, Bee breathing and eye exercise


• ABC of mindfulness
• Daily Mindfulness Techniques

• Live Life Inside Out
• Oneness and Harmony for global peace

• Isha Vashyam
• Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
• Art of Giving
• Service as Compassion in Action

• Chanakya’s model for economic ethics

In addition, Babaji very meticulously explained through case studies how Giant corporates like Apple and Google benefited from practices of Mindfulness

Lastly Babaji stressed on the TRAITS of a wise leader

All the above mentioned techniques were demonstrated by Babaji and practiced by all participants.

Feedback Session:
Written and Verbal feedback was taken few of which are mentioned below:

Shri. V.P. Singh, ex-Chairman IFCI, said that he had attended many spiritual based training programs earlier but was never convinced on the benefits that meditation can provide to complex corporate life. After attending this program he has changed his mind and is convinced that Mindfulness is a very beneficial program for corporates. He further added that he has no words to express Babaji’s excellence

Shri. B.P. Singh, former Managing Director, IDBI Bank, said that this program should be made mandatory for all corporates especially at recruitment stage

Shri. S. Rao, General Manager, BASF, said that the program was excellent and the message of the program should be propagated to all corporates, societies and other institutions

Mr. Subrat Udgata, General Manager, ICMS, said that Baba is superb in explaining complex philosophical concepts in relation to day to day activities

Mr. Pramod Shah, reputed Co. Sc, Practioner and senior member of a large number of prominent organizations, said that the program was very focused and excellently delivered in a very composed manner

Mr. Upendra Seth, President, Lions Club, said that the program was very precise, very clear and effective

Mr. Sreekant Krishnamurthy, Manager, Learning and Development, TCS, said that it was an unimaginable journey of the mind that he underwent in this program

Mr. Arvind Shetty, Marketing Manager, PepsiCo, said that he was enlightened to be part of the program and he got a lot of clarity on how to approach daily business and personal challenges

Mr. A Deshpande, Territory Trainer, PepsiCo, said the program was an excellent stress management program and rolled out very effectively

Ms. Saraswati, HRD Manager, IDBI Bank said Babaji was simple, loving, kind and compassionate

Ms. Sangeeta Nakhawa, Manager, IDBI Bank, said the program was very good, encouraging as well as thoughtful. Babaji was very knowledgeable and simple

Mr. Chetan. L. Patil, Manager, IDBI Bank, said that Babaji fulfilled his mind with positive attitude and gratitude

Mr. Kirti Anurag, senior Music Director and singer said that the program is a must for all individuals and corporates

Concluding Session :

Participants were overwhelmed by Babaji’s discourse in Mindfulness and gave a standing ovation to Babaji. Participants thanked SMS Varanasi and C-SHE for providing a platform and forum for such programs to be conducted The program concluded with vote of thanks to all the chief guests and participants. All the participants were given a conference kit by School of Management Sciences & Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment. Babaji also gifted participants with his books (‘Making your Mind your best friend ‘) and the ‘Little book of Meditation ‘and CDs.



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