Entrepreneurial Development Mission June 2014

As a part of corporate social responsibility an Entrepreneurial Development programme was being inaugurated by the esteemed director of the Institute Dr.(Prof.) P.N. Jha. He emphasized on the importance of the Entrepreneurial Venture in current Economic Scenario. Further continuing with Lecture Prof. Ashish Tiwari briefed about the session. Later in the session 50 new business model were discussed by Prof.Kartikeya Singh. While discussing about the business model he gave idea about different nitty-gritty involved in establishing a new businesses. The audience was also enlightened about the funding issues and how they can come out of it. Different funding agencies and their significance were also been discussed in detail. Finally a brief about the cell was discussed by the Coordinator of CEISD Prof.Raj Kumar Singh. He gave idea about the different services being provided by the Cell and concluded the Session.

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