Guest Lecture Of Prof.G.S Pathak from ISM-Dhanbad

As a part of Guest Lecture Series Prof G.S Pathak from Indian School Of Mines-Dhanbad, visited SMS, Varanasi on his 3 day lecture series on Human Resource Development.

Day 1 was attended by PGDM 4th and MBA 4th Semester students. On the Day Prof.Pathak discussed the various aspects of Organizational Development, OD Interventions, and Organizational culture. He also focused on emerging trends in HR in order to enhance the understanding of the students and to provide a glimpse of corporate culture.

Day 2 was attended by PGDM 2nd Semester students. On day 2 Prof.Pathak discussed the function of HRM and concept of HRM in India. He further advocated the nature of 21st Century HR challenges along with strategic perspective of Human Resource Management.

Day 3 was attended by MBA 2nd Semester Students. On the final day of lecture series Prof.Pathak focused on Modern HR acquisition, Maintenance and Retention strategies along with Disciplinary and Grievance handling procedures. He also discussed one Case Study pertaining to Corporate HR culture in order to relate the discussed topic with real corporate world.

At the end of the session, Dr.Alok Kumar,(Dean Research and Development, SMS-Varanasi) felicitated Prof.G.S Pathak with memento as part of our love and affection.



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