Ferris State University (USA) gets ‘spiritual’, landsat SMS Varanasi

A Group of sixteen professors and scholars of the Ferris State University, Michigan (USA) landed at the Varanasi Campus ofSchool of Management Sciences (SMS) for a couple of days to know and understand the Indian view-point of ‘spirituality’ and how it adds to the ethical dimension in understanding management practices in the contemporary world.Prof. (Mrs.) Krishnakali Mazumdar and Prof. Tracy Bush along with their students selected Varanasi and SMS for such a noble cause. The delegates are on an educational trip to India for about a month.

The delegates earlier on reaching the SMS Campus at Khushipur were welcomed by the Director Prof. P. N. Jha, the Executive Secretary of SMS Society, Dr. M. P. Singh, the Registrar, Mr. Sanjay Gupta; senior faculty members Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Mr. Alok Kumar, Dr. Meenakshi Singh and Mr. Amitabh Pandey. After having a campus tour for an hour, the Visiting dignitaries assembled in the Conference Hall for a guest lecture by renowned academia on ‘spirituality and human values’, Prof. A. N. Tripathi (Former Head, Malviya Centre for Human Values, BHU and Prof of Electrical Engineering, IT-BHU) who apprised them of the meaning and values associated to human life through the Indian route.

Prof. Tripathi delivered his thought on the ‘Purusharth’, meaning values of Life. He interpreted the meaning of Arth, Dharm, Kaam and Moksh with focus on Dharm which encapsulates the ethical and moral values and governs every aspect of life.

He said ‘non-violence’ is a truth of highest order. Business is a way to contribute to human civilization and we all must educate business managers on spiritual values, he added. Later, a ‘Yoga’ camp was also organized for the SMS students and the visiting delegation from USA under the aegis of the Centre for Spirituality and Human Enrichment (C-SHE) of SMS coordinated by Dr. Ravikant and faculty member of SMS, Mr. Sandeep Singh.

According to the Director, Prof. P. N. Jha, such visits from all global corners of importance to our country enhance the overall understanding of the global management culture for the future managers and it is always a pleasure to see such delegations getting attracted by the excellent work done by SMS Varanasi on this platform which enhances our speed on way to achieve our well guided mission. Needless to mention that SMS Varanasi already has academic tie-up with top-notch Universities of USA, Brazil and Hungary in terms of academic exchange programmes, rare in this part of the country, he said feeling elated by this visit.

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