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    • July 21, 2018
    • Posted By : admin

    We can find many varieties in a classroom, from the class topper to the sloppy kid. But there are many things that we do in a class. Some of them are good, and some of them not so good. Let’s see what those things are



    1. Pay attention: the first benchers are the kids that pay utmost attention to everything that the teacher has to say; they are the favorite teachers type of kids, kids with responsibility, kids who score perfect 10 in every test. Teachers love these kids, and they have an answer to every question. They study before the class starts. In the course and after the level, they doubt they are the most intellectual batch in the class.
    2. Take notes: now, these are the type of students who don’t pay much attention to the class but keep writing or making notes in the class to avoid asking a question.
    3. Takes a nap: we all have nap queens in our class; students who come to class to sleep they sleep through an entire period or lecture without hesitation. They are almost always lost in the course; they have no idea what is happening or what is being taught in the class or even what time. We all get tired sometimes, and often if the room is at a perfect temperature and the lights are off, we all start to feel the effects of being up all night before.
    4. Always late to the class: this is the category of students who can never wake up in the time they still miss their bus, and their alarm is of no use. They stand there in front of the teacher every day with a new excuse for being late, and it can be as lame as my dog ate my homework, so I had to rewrite to.
    5. Daydream: you’d be lying if you say no, you never did this; we all daydream during boring lectures, thinking about what we’ll eat after the class or what we will do this weekend or where to go shopping. All monotonous courses and dealt with thinking of stuff that excites us.
    6. Checking time every 5 min: we all do this when we want the class to be over. The only things that our brain can think in this situation areWhat time are it? How much time is left in class? When will this professor stop talking? We want to get out and final.
    7. Eating: munching during the class is the best thing to trust me, eating all your food during a boring course is the only happiness you can get. You can sneak a snack during class or eat a five-course meal, but the food is necessary no matter the time. And if we get caught, they won’t have top roof cause we ate it all.
    8. Brings a laptop to watch shows: we all have done this at least once in a class; catching up to all the new episodes of our favorite show in a boring class is a must. Netflix is way more interesting than cell division. By the time it’s March, more than half of the laptops have a basketball game on the screen.
    9. Using phone: if you can use the phone in the class and still don’t get caught, then that means you’ve become a pro at it. You have to check that text or respond to that snap, but when the professor eventually catches you, you claim to have been looking up something related to the class.
    10. Students who we never see in class: and then we have people we see once in a year attending a class because they have an exam new day and suddenly doubt. Even the teacher has to look into the records to see if they are from the same level.




    1. Bring loud food: don’t bring food that makes too much noise, and it becomes evident that you’re munching at the last bench while the teacher is solving equations for the rest of the class. Don’t you dare open that bag of Doritos, Or unwrap that Subway sandwich.
    2. Always late: teachers hate students who always come in late and disturb the entire class making noises while going to their seats and then asking others what is going on in the study.
    3. Chitchat non-stop: okay, you get free time to talk during the day but disturbing the entire talk to tell your friend that she should get a new phone is not good. Some people are seriously studying and want to pay attention, but they are unable to do so because of your gossip sessions.
    4. Falling asleep: we all get tired sometimes and doze off during the class but don’t come to the level take a good nap; it motivates other people to do the same. And be genuine when the teacher asks you why you fell asleep during the class.
    5. Commenting on everything that the teacher says is one hell of a frustrating habit that some students have. They can keep quiet; they will either ask too many questions or try to correct everything that the professor says, and trust me, you don’t want to get kicked out of the class.
    6. Getting distracted with phones: its okay to respond to an urgent text, but it’s not fair to be on the phone while the teacher is the teaching; they know you are using the phone, they expect you to shut it yourself, but if you can’t then you will have to bear the anger. The same goes for using laptops to watch shows or movies during the class.
    7. Be a jerk to your classmates: no one likes a mean person to be polite in the end; they will only help you to get notes and homework. High school drama is not necessary. You should be everyone’s friend in the class. You never know when you need help.
    8. Students that don’t participate: teachers hate a dead class; they like students who interact during a debate or ask sensible questions. Imagine a teacher asking a problem in the study, and no one is interested in answering it.
    9. Lose your temper: DON’T ever lose your temper in front of your teacher or be arrogant in any way; it is very disrespecting and will put a wrong impression. It would help if you didn’t get into a fight with your classmates too. Losing your temper in any classroom can be disastrous. If you feel yourself getting angry, it might be a good idea to step out of the room or remove yourself from the situation and count to one thousand.
    10. Lose control: One thing you will never gain back if you lose it is controlled. Don’t let the students in any class walk all over you, take control of your lesson, or get unruly in any way. Sometimes a student might become overly-excited or obnoxiously loud during an activity, and you need to bring them back down. Students need to respect you, and if you are too passive and don’t have boundaries, you are bound to lose control at some point. One great strategy that works with both kids and adults is to create a signal that they know they are expected to do the same thing when they see it and get quiet when they see it. Some popular options are: raising your hand, clapping if it isn’t too noisy already, or waving. It is a domino effect when you reach a few students, the rest will follow, and you will regain control.