Panorama Photography Club

Panorama Photography Club


Photography is an excellent hobby, great time-pass and a beautiful profession; it is a great stress buster. Man has controlled everything but time is something, which is beyond his control. Every moment is a history and since time immemorial, man has tried to record history; be it recording on papyrus or on a CD or inscribing on the walls, what we now call as cave art. With this, marvelous invention called photography, man has found a beautiful tool to record moments of history, beautiful to inspire and ugly to learn.

Panorama provides an avenue to all enthusiasts and passionate of photography to polish their craft, and to initiate, interested uninitiated into the realm of images. Photography is both art and science. With modern equipment, technology, and software; photography provides unlimited potential to expression. Panorama at School of Management Sciences, shall be giving an insight into the art and science of photography to all enthusiasts. There shall be a batch of only 30 students, selected through a process of interview assessing their interest in the craft.

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