SMS Varanasi is in practice of inviting eminent speakers from corporate and academic areas. This exercise aims at improving knowledge base of faculty members as well as students of various courses including MBA, MCA, MCOM, BBA, BCA , BCOM, BCOM(H) as well as B.A(H) Mass Comm. Till date we could invite senior most executives, officials, administrators, professionals from Industry along with professor and senior faculty members from renowned universities and institutions. Speakers used to interact with students in relation to variety of area including Marketing, Finance, HR and Computer Technology. A brief list of recently visited speakers is below mentioned.


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Adharshila 2022 (Foundation Day) at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

Foundation Day Adharshila Celebrated At Sms Varanasi

26th Foundation day "Adharshila" celebrated at SMS Varanasi

25th Foundation day “Adharshila” celebrated at SMS Varanasi

SMS celebrates 23rd Foundation day

Adharshila-2016-Foundation Day at SMS

SMS, Varanasi celebrates its 21st Foundation Day ADHARSHILA-2015

20th Foundation Day-ADHARSHILA-2014

Adharshila-2013 at SMS Varanasi

Adharshila- The Foundation Day Event at SMS Varanasi

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