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  • Career in Mass Communication

    • August 4, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    When we hear these two words mass communication, we immediately get the meaning of it. “Mass” means “People” and “Communication” means “Interaction”. But when we get to know about the various courses available in it, we jump out of joy, because there is a place where you know you can give your best, and there are many students who are really good in mass communication, now when we begin with this topic, mass communication does not just mean talking, there are various fields and every field has its own terms and conditions. So let’s first understand the meaning of it. Mass Communication is a term used to interact on wide scale with others. Mass Communication ca be anything. For example, an article- it provides the information to a wide population, Television- it gives a wide variety of information in different genres to everyone, World Wide Web, Radio, etc… All these are the clear cut examples of Mass Communication. The things that help provide knowledge on a wide scale of mass is mass communication.
    Have you ever imagined life without mass communication, i.e. without internet, tv, newspaper, radio, etc. even at the earlier stages, newspaper used to play a major role for mass communication. It proves that mass communication was still there even when the word mass communication wasn’t invented. India surely is a developing country, these days all kinds of courses have come into lives to make every field perfect.
    Mass Communication includes variety of fields to indulge in:
    1. Journalist: Journalism is something quite a piece of difficulty, because in journalism you have to find the news before it becomes a news item in the market. You have to be accurate about the news you have collected, you have to travel to gain that knowledge, and sometimes journalism feels like a detective’s job. They have to provide each and every information to everyone around the World.
    2. News Anchor: One can definitely go for news anchoring. But as we all know, everything is not so easy, you have to invest your time, and hard work in it to achieve something bigger and better in life. News anchoring plays a major role in mass communication. In this, you are the main lead and here you are conveying the latest news to a huge number of people.
    3. Copy Writer: If you are good in writing, you can go for copy writing, copy writers basically target on the slogans and highlights, and work under advertising companies. As we all know a small four words quote can also contain the meaning of a whole damn novel so copy writers play a huge role, as there slogans and workings are tip top on the point kinda thing.
    4. Camera man: Now you would be thinking that how come a cameraman come under the qualification of mass communication. Well the answer to is, that it is the cameraman which shows you the news, it’s all about his or her skills. Well of course if someone is clicking you picture and he or she is a bad camera person you start blaming so don’t you think that while you are watching a video in news channel the main provider credits should go to the cameraperson as here his or her skills are taking part. So this is the reason which is why camera person is also considered as a field under mass communication.
    5. Radio: Becoming an outstanding speaker is surely difficult, but if you do so, your aims are pretty high and the achievements too. One can easily find a career in Radio, the students who love to “Bak-Bak” chit chat, they are way to go for radio. Radio plays a good role of mass communication, it provides laughter, news, jokes, games, challenges, songs, chit chat, shows, etc. so it is a nice career to indulge in as it entertains a huge number of masses.
    There are many other fields out there in mass communication which helps you provide information to a wider amount of masses. Mass Communication is for sure an amazing line to have a career in. it is good to be someone who is thinking of others and providing others the right information so that others could be on the safer side.
    As the time is coming, mass communication is becoming a wider term. Because without it, it is difficult to survive in the present era. So if you are confused regarding your career, and if you think you can easily fit into mass communication go for it. Last but not the least, difficulties, challenges, are in every job, its all about you for what type of challenge you can accept and achieve.