Director Speaks – SMS-Varanasi Among Top-50 B-Schools in INDIA
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I feel pleasure in placing this brief introduction for equipping you with some of the ambrosial character and flavour of the School of Management Sciences, Varanasi – a world-class seat of learning and research in management and computer sciences. Since 2001 onward SMS Varanasi is constantly rated amongst the top b-School in India by various B-School surveys. Recently Business India Management Institute Survey elevated its rank amongst Top-50 B-Schools in India. SMS is poised to develop ideally on the national horizons of quality and value-oriented professional education at the earliest. Even the nascent atavistic trend, being visible among the corporate plus consumer sectors, has already been addressed here through a Special wing of SMS. Its untiring zeal to achieve an all-round excellence endowed the SMS with a consolidated growth and a dashing maturity for providing one of the highest levels of professional education to its students to bring in them a remarkable edge. The zenith of its success in terms of examination results as well as campus placements is being widely applauded by both the industrial captains and the world of professional academia.


The Institute has had always been proactive in re-designing and re-defining the course curriculum with value addition modules spanning over the emerging issues, communication & personality development, emotional intelligence, business ethics and etiquettes, and many more in order to make the participants fully compatible to the present and upcoming job environment.


The remarkable blending of a vista of The world-class physical infrastructure of SMS and its strong team of brilliant, seasoned and dedicated faculty happens to passionately nurture the talent of the students with the best possible holistic and professional package in order to make them competent business navigators to excel within the plural needs and ethos of the Corporate World. The educational programmes at SMS are of the highest standards, incorporating a pragmatic application, dedication, initiative, hard work, intellectual maturity and strength of purpose so as to enable students to meet their multiple career objectives. I am sure our students are imbued with qualities and exhibit the requisite aptitude to excel marvelously in all the rigorous programmes of the Institute as well as otherwise.


You will appreciate that with the liberalization process becoming adolescent by now, the business and economic conditions are changing horrendously. However, the recent metamorphosis in the management and technological sectors has effectively chased away the miasma of confusion about promising job prospects. All cul-de-sacs and quandary, once surrounding the job markets, are now a history and all the roads leading to success are wide open without any blockade. It is, therefore, a high time to avail of the turning point for emerging as a managerial and technological crusader which our SMS students will certainly be able to prove.


Moreover, this unwavering quest of SMS to redefine the Quality of Excellence of its various academic programmes is a continuous process and we are sure of achieving it by the stentorian blessings of the Almighty.

Wishing you all the best,


Prof. P.N. Jha
MBA, PGDAM, Ph.D.(Mgmt.) , D.Litt.(Mgmt.)