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  • Fresher’s Chart : College Life Tips

    • December 17, 2018
    • Posted By : Shivam Uniyal
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    After completing 12th grade, some friends go for coaching classes to crack competitive exams and others get enrolled in colleges and universities. The cut off of best universities start coming, students apply here and there. After finding name in the cut off list, the counselling is done and then the bright sun of college life rises in the horizon. New place, new people, new environ, everything appears to be utterly different. Most students start living in hostels and PGs. Now, the students are independent to live their lives as they want, no restrictions to wake up early or sleep early, no compulsion to attend lectures regularly, so scolding for using mobile excessively and so on. But, as it is rightly said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Similarly, with the freedom of being left on one’s own, comes the responsibility to  take care of one’s daily jobs by oneself. But, besides that comes the responsibility to build one’s life and for that one has to follow certain rules.

    Besides, all perks of a college life there are some tips that can make it worth full.

    10 tips for a worthful college life :-

    1) Explore : Don’t be limited to your department, explore your entire university or college. The first day, I went to college was not an exploring activity although since I was occupied with filling admission forms, going for counselling and making arrangement for my hostel. But, once you are into the campus, take an entire around of the college alone or with someone who can guide you through your walk. It’s amazing to read the boards of different departments providing different trades of studies.  Try to understand how a college functions.

    2) Fresher’s Party : Fresher’s Party is a get together where new comer can mingle with their seniors and build good relationship with them. I would suggest to go for a fresher’s party, it will open you up and boost you with immense energy. It will make you more socialize. But, if the party is not in campus, one attend it at their convince and leave at a suitable time.

    3) Get to know your professor : Oh man! Don’t know the name of your professor or your HOD ? That’s not a good sign. Be curious to know who is teaching you. Although, the professor introduces himself or herself before the lecture. But knowing a professor is not just knowing their name, try to dig into profile of the professor and build good relationship with them. They can help you develop yourself and provide you opportunities. There is always a Prof . Dumbledore in a university, now it is your turn to find one.

    4) Art of conversation : Colleges and universities organize different activities time to time to enhance the skills of students like, poetry slams, debates, discussions, seminars, etc.

    5) Use campus resources to improve yourself :  I work out in library and what about you! Library is like a bank of university with treasure at display. Do you want gym or  you are dance enthusiast ? What about sports and theatre ? There are plethora of resources that a university provides for the overall development of a student.

    6) Learn Political Views : College politics is something that teaches a student how a big canvas of politics must be. It makes one meet with people of different ideologies and objectives. Try to be an independent intellectual, free from prejudice and bias.

    7) Use Your College Employment Office : Go to your college’s employment and try to get information time to time. Particularly, the students of professional courses. Learn how to write resume, research work and so on.

    8) Educational Tours : Don’t miss educational tours or visit to important places of learning. If the college doesn’t facilitate such activities try yourself to visit industrial areas for summer internships and other activities.

    9) Master a second language : In todays world it is very important to be bilingual. It becomes your asset and an opportunity building agent. It makes you more competitive in the world of globalization.

    10) Enjoy : Enjoy every moment of this learning process. The world is spreading it’s arm to explore every dream of yours.

    Welcome to this new phase of your life, where you will make new friends learn new things and fill canvas of life with colours of joy and exploration. Make good friends who can help you in studies and can add qualities in you. Learning is not a burden it is fun, it’s just upto you how you take it. College life teaches that there are many types of people good and bad, helping and selfish. In simple words, college life is engineering of a bigger thing that is life.

    It is in your hand to make the best use of time or waste it. It is you and only you who can make your dream come true. So, get ready for this wonderful journey. Grab the opportunities that come to you, push hour limits, learn that would remain permanent.

    I hope you will have a wonderful time in college.

    Good luck