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  • How one can develop leadership skills?

    • September 24, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    Leadership is one of the traits which is required in every profession either it is business, defense, teaching or as an employee. Without having this trait, probably one is going to ruin his life. But there is good news for those people who think that they do not possess leadership quality is that this trait can be developed with practice and consistency. Yes, this trait can be developed in an average time period of four to six months. But there are few terms and conditions that need to be followed religiously.

    Let’s start by understanding that what is leadership?

    It is a quality of an individual to influence and guide people in the right direction. He also acts as a motivator for his team members and becomes a wall for them at their bad times.

    Why one should become a leader?

    In this era, a person without leadership is similar to a person without mind. He is capable of everything but does not have the quality to think in his own way and implement it. This will definitely hinder his growth and this how he would never grow in his life.

    Some people are natural leaders but remember EXCEPTION NEVER MAKES THE RULE.

    Let’s discuss various top ways to develop leadership skills:

    1. Be Disciplined

    This is one of the most important qualities of a true leader. Until you are disciplined you will not be able to influence and motivate your players. When you become disciplined, your colleagues starts following you and gets inspired. At home, you can demonstrate discipline by waking up early, planning your day, adhere daily routine, going early to bed, etc. At work, you can demonstrate by completing projects before deadlines, motivating your colleagues to perform efficiently. Discipline should be an integral part of your life if you want to become a true leader.

    2. Embrace Challenges

    Until you face the challenges you would not be unleashing your potential. A leader is someone who continuously performs task’s which is out of his comfort zone. He is not the person who works within the boundaries. He always does something unique and that how he leads by the example. He always volunteers for any task regardless of its toughness and complexity. His self-confidence, patience, and positivity enable him to perform the desired work in a professional manner. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to learn something new and to get noticed by your boss.

    3. Learn to follow

    If a person questions your ideas and planning, then it’s appropriate to listen to him carefully and accept his idea if it is more efficient. A leader is nothing without his teammates. So, it becomes vital to listen to each and every member of the team attentively and praise them for their participation. Teamwork is the only way to ensure your success. Be a good leader by showing the right direction to your team. This will inspire your colleagues as it will give them an opportunity to use their mind.

    4. Be aware of surroundings

    It is one of the core quality of a leader that is always aware of his surrounding irrespective of any circumstances. Until you do not know what is going around you how you are expected to show the direction to your teammate. Keep yourself updated so as to meet any contingencies. This will led to you noticed by your colleagues.

    5. Motivate other

    Can a leader alone win the match? The answer is very clear. It’s NO. Similarly in any profession involvement of team member is important. It may be possible that a member can feel down due to work pressure or some other reasons. It becomes the responsibility of a leader to motivate his men and bring him back to the work. Keeping the team united is the main responsibility of a leader. As the United team is sure to succeed.

    6. Improve Yourself

    Improve yourself every day and strive toward perfection. Till the time you are not better among others how you are supposed to become a leader. So, keep improving yourself. The leader is someone who always keeps learning irrespective of the position. He can be a player, management staff, etc. He is never satisfied with his performance rather he expects much more than his capability. This how a person improves and will constantly motivate the team.

    7. Resolve the conflicts

    Whenever the team members indulge in any type of conflict, it becomes your duty to sort out the matter. The conflict may be related to the mismatch of the opinion, misunderstanding, etc. Resolving the differences between the disputed members is the essential part of your responsibility. This tests your maturity and rational thinking. Also, it checks your ability to influence your teammates.

    8.Read plethora of books

    It is rightly said, “READERS ARE LEADERS”. As much as you read, you widen your boundary of imagination and thinking. Reading fiction based novels will not certainly help you in building leadership but self-improvement books will do. It’s a sort of advice to read this genre books and some of the best books that I have come across are listed below.

    To become a true leader it requires perseverance and hard work. Adhere all the ways mentioned above to unearth a true leader from yourself.