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    • October 10, 2018
    • Posted By : admin

    Time is really precious and important for all of us. Therefore we should never waste time. Time is very important in our lives and plays a significant role. Our whole life revolves around time. We should respect the time and also understand the value of time because the time gone is never going to come back. It’s better to follow and respect time instead of regretting afterward. We should make time our opportunity and grab it as it is really precious and important for our life.Thus we have significant Importance of Time in our life.

    Everything has its pros and cons, so does the internet. It is therefore important to make use of the internet by getting its advantages while avoiding the disadvantages. This would lead one to use the time on internet wisely

    The internet has become a part of our life providing lots of benefits that you can enjoy sitting comfortably at your computer. One of the greatest benefits you gain from the internet is that you can enhance your general awareness, widen your knowledge from various websites offering online educational programs. You can also get updated information of around the world within a short span of time. Just on a click, a lot of information can be accessed on the internet. In this way, you can extract the aforementioned benefits from the internet by spending your important time in a constructive manner.

    Today, the technology in the realm of communication has been developed in such a way that time and distance almost pale into insignificance and you can get connected with your relatives located even at distant places within seconds. Without wasting your time, you can spend it with your family. In this way, you will have saved your time and spent it with them who love you and whom you love. This leads to feeling that you have cared to share your time with dear ones and made the most of it precious.

    If you are willing to establish a good source of online earning, there are various business opportunities and money making opportunities available on the internet. You can find ways about how to setup your own website to make money. If you want to make your vital contributions to writing and the writer within you inspires you, then, you can go for freelance writing and blog writing. There are various websites offering free blogs to the writers. Without wasting anymore time, you can proceed to choose what suits you best.

    It is worthwhile to mention that the internet also carries many disadvantages by making people victim of sex abuse and harming with pornographic websites. The chances of thefts and frauds are greatly possible, as the personal details including credit card numbers are hacked or accessed for deceitful purposes. Hence, what needs to be done in this way is to take necessary measures so as to evade disadvantages of the internet while making the most of it constructively without wasting your valuable time and energy.




    Language learning has many great benefits. It opens your mind. It familiarizes you with a completely new culture. And, is a great cure for narrow-mindedness.

    Also, these days employers prefer the candidates who have a fine knowledge of foreign languages. And, with globalization, the job opportunities for polyglots are flourishing rapidly.

    Duolingo is one of the most famous websites for language learners. It is a perfect way to start learning a language.


    Memrise is among the best websites for enhancing your vocabulary. And not just your English vocabulary, but also it covers plenty of other languages from Spanish and Swedish to Dutch and Korean.

    So, why not learn all those swanky new words and flaunt them while conversing with your friends and peers?


    How can we not mention it?Youtube is the website that’s perceived to be a mere addiction can contribute a lot to your overall growth if used wisely!

    Instead of splurging your valuable time on random music videos, movies, and games subscribe to a youtube channel that teaches something productive and helpful.

    For instance, you can subscribe to any of these great yoga youtube channels, and have a healthy body and soul you can learn how to cook, you can study through youtube. Youtube is inundated with videos on almost any subject that you’d choose to learn.

    Make the best use of your time. Youtube is absolutely free of cost.


    Thenewboston has a collection of computer and technology related tutorials.

    They offer courses in programming, web design, video editing, game development, etc. They have a collection of over 7000 video tutorials. It is a great place to start learning Html, CSS, Java, and a lot more.

    TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

    This brilliant website offers videos containing short (18 minutes or less) and powerful speeches by influencers from around the earth.

    The website has covered almost every issue from politics to business and cinema to the environment.

    You must watch these most popular TED talks, and you’ll get a fair idea about the website.


    While KA is a not for profit organization, Coursera operates for profit. It has collaborated with various universities and colleges so that their courses could be offered online. Remember- the courses available at Coursera are not free, but you’ll find the charges to be pretty rational. Also, the website provides financial aid to the candidates in need. Candidates seeking financial aid must fill up the specified form. And, if the authorities are satisfied with the authenticity of information, they’ll grant the aid.

    Coursera offers MOOCs in varied streams such as Graphic Designing, Creative Writing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Music and a great deal more.


    Edx is another excellent platform to advance your skills. It is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of courses covering topics like English Grammar, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Academic Writing, Nutritional Science, and a lot more.

    Most of the courses at Edx are free if you’re not interested in having a verified certificate. For obtaining a verified certificate, you’ll need to pay a fee, which is not an unreasonable amount. Besides, the lectures are provided by teachers from some of the world’s most eminent universities like Harvard, UC Berkeley, The Smithsonian, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    With this interesting website, you can design your own text posters, without the assistance of a designer. Though with canva anyone from anywhere can design a text poster, if you are somewhat creative and have a sense of designing, your product will look like one that’s been made by a pro.

    You can use these posters to adorn your room, bathroom, kitchen, or for various other purposes.



    ‘The best answer to any question’ is their tagline that the website totally justifies.

    I’ve been a frequent user of this website for over a year. At Quora, you can ask any question.

    Whether it’s sports, environment, academics, dancing, relationship, politics, or anything.

    They have a huge community that is expanding every moment. If anyone of the quorans finds your question interesting, they’ll answer it. You can also read related questions, and if you find people who are writing great answers, you can approach them to answer your question.

    A lot of professionals are also frequently using the website. So, you’ll get an expert advice without spending a penny, isn’t that great?


    Linkedin is certainly one of the most productive ways to spend your internet time. It helps you connect with people from your field. Also, you get the chance to connect with some of the really successful names in your industry.

    Your Linkedin profile works like an online resume. Like in your resume, in your Linkedin profile you can vaunt all of your skills, internships, projects, and experiences. Potential employers can locate and analyze your profile at any time. So, you must, always, keep your profile updated.


    HowStuffWorks has a number of articles, podcasts, and videos on, as the name suggests, how stuff works.

    They have covered almost every topic you could think of, and are adding new videos every day.It is an excellent learning website that you must visit.


    MindTools provides you with various tools to help build essential career skills. They cover areas like leadership, communication, team management, and learning skills.

    Also, they have a Youtube channel for the same purpose.

    And, all of the information that MindTools provides you is absolutely free. So, why not spare your idle time with the website and learn something that leads to your personal and professional growth.

    Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg is a delightful stop for book lovers. The website, now, offers over 52 thousand ebooks. Almost all of the books that are not copyrighted are available on Gutenberg.

    You can read the books on your smartphone, PC, or Kindle.


    Goodreads is the world’s largest community of book lovers. You can review the books that you’ve read. You can learn about the books that others have read and reviewed.

    Insightful reviews from readers from all across the world help you decide whether spending time on a particular book would be worthwhile or not.

    Also, the website suggests the books according to your taste, on the basis of the books that you’ve marked as read and the topics that you’ve marked as interesting.

    At Goodreads, you can start a discussion over any topic regarding your favorite books. You can communicate with famous authors. You can also attempt interesting quizzes to check your knowledge of books.


    As they have described themselves- ‘Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.’

    It is basically a blog that covers topics like A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination & Finding Focus, and Two Ways to Form Habits Effortlessly.


    Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. Feedly was first released by DevHD in 2008.