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  • Lateral Entry In Various Courses And Its Pros And Cons.

    • February 10, 2019
    • Posted By : Sachin Tomar
    • Comments Off on Lateral Entry In Various Courses And Its Pros And Cons.

    Sometimes, circumstances do not favour us, and we have to choose a path which was never our choice. Though many decisions can not be undone in life, this is not the case of some degrees. If due to any situation, you could not get admission into a degree of your choice, no need to worry, lateral entry programs are there for you.

    Many reputed universities and institutes such as SMS Varanasi, Manipal University, Punjab technical university, etc. offer lateral entry programs to students.

    Let’s find out what is the process of getting a lateral entry in various programs and what are the pros and cons of joining a lateral program.

    There are some lateral entry engineering entrance exams, conducted by the state governments. For example, if you want to take admission as a lateral in a college of Uttar Pradesh, you have to clear UPSEE(Uttar Pradesh Entrance Exam).

    Lateral entry in B.tech:

    let’s take a look, what’s necessary to get admissions in B.tech as a lateral.


    Lateral entry in B.tech is possible. Suppose you want to join as a lateral in various branches of B.tech program. In that case, you must have completed a three years engineering diploma, or an equivalent degree from a government recognized college.

    You’ll get direct admission in the second year of the course, i.e. the third semester of the study. Colleges offer lateral programs in some of its terms, choose one of them and lead towards your goal.

    Lateral entry in M.C.A.

    Master of computer applications might be your dream course, but for any reason, you could not get admissions in M.CA. don’t lose heart, lateral entry program in M.C.A. is there for your rescue. Let’s find out what is the criteria to get admissions into M.C.A. as a lateral.


    M.C.A. is a 3-year degree program, but as a lateral, you can complete it in two years. When it comes to eligibility criteria, you should have completed M.Sc.(Computer Science or Information technology) or B.C.A. from government recognized university. You can directly get admission to the second year of the course using lateral entry engineering exams or by internal entrance exams of private institutes and universities.

    As a lateral, you should have the fundamental knowledge of computer science concepts, so that you won’t face any problem during the third semester.

    Lateral entry in M.B.A.

    Master in business administration programs can give you jobs in the Marketing sector, Finance, Human resource management, international business and many more. What is essential to get admission into lateral programs of M.B.A., let’s take a look:


    As a lateral entry candidate, you must have completed graduation with one year, or Postgraduate Diploma in Management from U.G.C. recognized university. Some colleges give admission to

    candidates who have completed M.Com. From the recognized university.

    Admission process for lateral entry differs from institute to institute. Some institute prefers state level entrance exams while some opt for internal exams. Some institutes give admission in the lateral M.B.A. program based on their previous marks.

    Lateral entry in B.pharm

    Bachelor of Pharmacy courses will always be in trend because the use of pharmacy will never be stopped. If you want to join the B.Pharm course as a lateral, you should fulfil the following eligibility criteria.


    A diploma in pharmacy recognized by PCI is compulsory to get admission in a B.Pharm course

    as a lateral.

    Some colleges give admissions to only those candidates who have secured at least 60 per cent marks in the diploma, apart from that you may find some internal exams conducted individually by various colleges. Manipal University conducts internal exams for lateral entry in their multiple courses, including B.pharm.

    Lateral entry in B.B.A.

    Some colleges even offer lateral entry in their bachelor program of business administration. For lateral entry in B.B.A., you should have a 3-year diploma after your 10th in either management,

    commerce or economics. If you fulfil the criteria, apply for the B.B.A. as a lateral. Though most students prefer lateral entry in Postgraduate courses, there are few colleges and universities that offer lateral access in their bachelor degree programs such as B.C.A., B.A. but these programs are less popular.

    Pros of getting admission as a lateral:

    The most crucial part of lateral courses is that it allows you to study in a period of your choice which you left due to any circumstances. In the mostly lateral program, a student gets admission in the second year of the study, hence saving one precious year of their student’s life. With hard work and determination, you can match with regular students of the system.

    Cons of getting admission as a lateral:

    ● I.I.T.s and N.I.T.s do not have lateral degree programs, so you cannot get access in those premium institutes as a lateral.

    ● In most of the cases, your admission as a lateral depends on the number of vacant seats available in the college. Sometimes all seats get full, and colleges do not admit lateral students.

    ● Some companies have criteria about lateral, and they do not consider lateral students in the placement process.

    ● For technical courses, you may feel left out and find it challenging to match with regular students.

    ● It may take some time to make new friends as you are entering late in the course but sooner you’ll be among them and gaining happy experience for the lifetime.

    Your journey might be a bit difficult as a lateral student as compared to the regular students but rest assured no dream is big enough to achieve. Initially, you may face some hardships in your course, but with eagerness to learn and hard work, you can secure not only good marks and knowledge but also reasonable job offers.