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  • Looking for MBA in entrepreneurship towards? Reasons for why aspiring entrepreneurs should enrol in an MBA programme after BBA

    • April 1, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Introduction: Looking for MBA in entrepreneurship towards? Reasons for why aspiring entrepreneurs should enrol in an MBA program after BBA

    When anyone starts thinking about entrepreneurship, many things strike against it. One of the most crucial questions that occurred is whether one should go to a business management school and get an MBA in an entrepreneurship degree program. While some self-made entrepreneurs suggest that experience makes them successful rather than a relevant degree, others support the idea of having a formal degree program typically. The article generally intends to explore the importance of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program through a thorough understanding of MBA specifically as a stream and its significance in shaping the skills of an individual for further.

    What is an MBA Degree?

    Commonly known as MBA, Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree program that is designed to train and equip business professionals students with relevant skills and knowledge to lead organizations altogether in public as well as private sectors. An MBA program mainly deals with specific fields of the business and commerce industry area. With umpteen branches such as human resource, finance, marketing, and the newest one being entrepreneurship field, one can enrol in an MBA program directly via an application process which is mainly based on an extensive skill and personality test.

    An MBA degree is one of the most desirable degrees after completing BBA degree program. There are various career options for MBA graduate students after BBA. The graduates are offered good salary packages and relevant positions which not only garner financial security but also give them job satisfaction with good opportunities. The up and coming development in the corporate sector world has given rise to a newer format of the MBA program, which is an MBA International Business Area. The course work equips the students with good adaptability with specific knowledge towards the changing trends of the global market place area, thus making it a globally acceptable and desirable course among students.

    The MBA program is designed in such a way that it assists graduates to handle a wide range of responsibilities and situations related to the business area. In one way, the MBA used to develops one’s in-depth knowledge by supplementing their management skills. It increases their career prospects field by making them suitable for all sectors respectively.

    How Does MBA Program In Entrepreneurship Help In Developing Business?

    In a developing country like India, the economy is rapidly evolving nowadays. This opens frontiers of commerce and lots of opportunities to become strong businessmen for an organization that is ready to be team players as well as leaders. An MBA in entrepreneurship program is gradually becoming the most popular professional, relevant degree program across the country and worldwide also. The central desirability of the program is attributed to the fact that its skill-based curriculum is highly focussed on acquiring business and management acumen with skills. The graduates are also prepared or trained to be professionals who can grow their own business or startup as well as contribute to the development of the sectors they are currently working in.

    Besides concepts, theory, and fundamentals, an MBA in entrepreneurship program focuses on applications of the subjects in a much more practical manner. Even if the graduate students end up working in a professional setting, then the public as well as private sectors, employers prefer MBA graduates to use in their organization respectively. This is because the program effectively respects their professional skills, exposes them to field experience and the industry area that provides them with inside knowledge of the relevant business, and provides networking opportunities by facilitating interaction with right business experts and economists accordingly.

    How Is An MBA In Entrepreneurship Different From Other Degrees programs Or Courses?

    For business students and entrepreneurs, earning an MBA degree will be extremely beneficial at all stages of their starting careers. An MBA degree program helps them to develop invaluable entrepreneurial and networking skills for future business ventures. Other streams do not focus so extensively on the soft skills needed for any organization. The CourseworkCoursework of the MBA program is such that one gain work experience through internships area and job assistance programs, thereby exposing them to the industry area as well.

    An MBA in entrepreneurship is different for an MBA course because while a simple postgraduate degree student imparts rich theoretical knowledge. At that time, an MBA provides an advantage of a better professional understanding of the system and a hands-on understanding of the corporate sector world. MBA is a more versatile postgraduate-level business degree program in which the curriculums offer a variety of concentrations and specialized CourseworkCoursework to students, respectively according to their skills and knowledge. Consequently, they can pursue their studies according to their interests and career goals also if they want to best career prospects.

    The curriculum is designed in such a way that the business trends and commercial viability of the different industries one wishes to make a career in. MBA is an attractive degree program in terms of the overall market value of business and job prospects as a particular industry thrives on good leaders and craft according to it.

    Whether anyone is looking to advance in their current job and find new job opportunities with good management, or start their enterprise, an MBA is regarded as a top pick for them. Its CourseworkCoursework is designed to provide soft as well as hard skills that employers desire the most. These include:

    • Problem-solving ability
    • Time management
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Work experience

    MBA has a vast scope with lots of possibilities for the graduates to explore in career. There are many opportunities to make a career in a particular industry through fields like finance, accounting, or marketing, or run a business in emerging areas such as hospital management, IT, energy, or international business.

    So if you want to get an MBA in Entrepreneurship, here’s exactly what you need to do:

    Start a business

    Right now. I don’t care what it is, what it does, what it sells, who the customer is, etc. Just start a business. Give it a name. Get someone to build you a simple website. Get a logo made. Spend as little money as possible doing those things and do them yourself by figuring out how.

    Sell a product or service.

    Once you have your business and your website, put a product or service up for sale. Stand behind that thing you’re selling and say it’s effin’ great. The more excited you are about the thing you sell, the better chance you have of succeeding. You should do some marketing too (and I don’t mean starting a Twitter account or Facebook page). Actually put in effort and get creative. Think about ways to put your product in front of people.

    Hire someone for a month and then fire them.

    You want an entire semester’s worth of education? Go through this process. Hiring people is difficult, but there is almost nothing harder to do as an entrepreneur than letting someone go. It sucks. It will keep you up at night. It will leave a pit in your stomach. It will cause great stress in your life. But you’ll learn from that process and you’ll make tremendous growth as a person and as a business owner.

    Put your money where your mouth is.

    Whether this means paying for marketing or advertising, invest a good chunk of money into your business. You’ll probably lose that money and not see any direct ROI. This is called life experience. Some guy standing in front of a chalkboard telling you how to write a business plan or balance a budget isn’t going to help you understand what it feels like to make a financial decision that doesn’t pay off. Put real money on the line and learn from the experience that follows.

    Pivot (as they say in the biz).

    Completely change the direction of your company. You were selling a product, now it’s a subscription service. You probably need to throw away all your previous collateral around your product. That’s going to suck, but it wasn’t working, so why the hell are you holding on to it? You can look at a graph about pivoting on a projection screen in an auditorium, or you can see it happen in real life and understand all the emotions and time that go into it.

    Congratulations, you now have an MBA in Entrepreneurship!

    Something tells me that entire process will take less than a semester in school, might actually cost less, and will give you a wealth of knowledge and experience you would never learn in a classroom.

    And before people get all uppity that entrepreneurship classes teach you the basics of business and the fundamentals of starting your own company, that’s existed for years and it’s called a “Business Class.” An entrepreneurship class, or major, is nothing more than a marketing tactic to recycle a pre-existing syllabus.

    If you think I’m trying to sway people from becoming entrepreneurs, I want the exact opposite. I want more people to do exactly what I’ve listed here, save the time and money they’ll give to a large institution, and learn from real life experience. When you get in the actual trenches and do the actual work, you reap incredible benefits.

    Now go do these things and then write “MBA in Entrepreneurship” on a piece of paper you can frame and put up on your wall. You deserve it and I’m proud of you.


    After analyzing all about Is an MBA in entrepreneurship, we reach on the decision that always chooses those career options which are in your specific area of interest and take your future in a new direction relatively.