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    • July 21, 2018
    • Posted By : admin

    School is the primary foundation for every student. Children learn new things from school and school plays a major role in their primary development as a whole human being. They make friends in school and learn the importance of friendship and relationships. School helps children to succeed academically and emerge into the better versions of themselves. In this process of transition, TEACHERS play a major role in every student’s life. Some students grow up to love and adore their teachers while some children just don’t like their teacher and want to get out of school as soon as possible. We meet all types of teachers in our school journey some may be charming and intelligent while others can be mean and grumpy. Brad Henry said ‘a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning’ this is true and on the other hand, a bad teacher can make our life’s miserable.

    After school, we start another important journey of our life that is college we meet new people, new teachers with the same habit. In college, we expect to meet teachers who will inspire us to move forward in our chosen field, teachers who will help us to be a better person. We will meet a lot of different types of teachers and mentors throughout some will always be remembered while some will just be a nightmare.

    At some point in every child’s academic career, they will complain about school. Sometimes kids are just echoing a friend’s complaint. Sometimes kids are just exaggerating a fleeting moment of frustration with school. Sometimes there is a serious frustration brewing, and the complaints are an early warning sign of trouble. They could also be the early warning signs of a child who no longer sees the value in school and not feeling motivated to do well—in other words, they are starting to develop a poor attitude.


    Things that students don’t like about their teachers are:

    1. Treating us like robots: we all know how much children hate to get up in the morning and go to school but somehow we manage to do that. Putting excess pressure on students is not healthy some teachers expect every student to score high,it’s good to motivate your students but remembers they are kids and putting too much pressure on a kid can be harmful not only for their mental health but their physical health. Somewhere teachers encourage competition in their class by praising another kid in front of the class that is something a kid can grasp in a negative way.


    1. Excess workload: one of the most famous habits of every teacher is to give excess homework to their students and while it is sometimes okay they forget that we have more subjects and we get work from every subject and sometimes it just keeps on pilling the workload. some teachers do understand and change the date of submission while others neglect the fact and refuse to change. We all have that one teacher who won’t change the date of a test even if the whole class wants it to be changed.


    1. Getting involved in our personal life: yes we love a charming and talkative teacher but there is a limit to things we want to share about our life to a teacher, some teachers live for gossips and drama they want to hear about every student’s personal life and here’s when they make some students their favorite students because they provide them with all the gossip and information of other peoples life. We all have seen teachers who want to know everything like why you were roaming with that guy/girl? Is he your boyfriend/girlfriend? How much time has it been? Do your parents know? Umm okay, but why is my personal life is so important to a teacher, that’s because they love to gossip and tell other teachers about your life.


    1. Being partial: trust me every teacher has their bunch of favorite students who they will always give more importance to them than the rest of the class, I’ve seen a lot of partial teachers in my life making me do all the work for them and still always favoring the other kid. Always giving them important parts in class assignments or extracurricular activities. I am sure we all have must have come across at least one of such teachers who always give extra marks to their favorite students who always favor them in every situation, even when they know it’s their fault. Having long talks with the student and praising the student in front of the class we have all been through it.


    1. Always frustrated: ugh these types of teachers are worse than getting up early and coming to school, they complain about anything and everything from a doorknob to why my notebook is blue when she asked it to be green. They get angry on the smallest mistake that we make and hold grudges against us until we leave school. They try to put a bad impression on every teacher that will teach us. I once had a teacher who used to call us “dead class”, “ bloody zombies” because we never finished our classroom boards on time.


    1. Teachers not being good at what they teach: well this is one of the more serious issues that all students face at least once in their lifetime. When the teacher teaching a particular subject has no relevant information on topics that he/she are teaching. We all like a knowledgeable teacher who can give us relevant examples and make us understand more about the subject. There is also another teacher who we don’t like because we cannot understand what they teach or we don’t like the way they take pictures. For example, if maths teacher requires a calculator to solve every equation they do.


    1. Parent-teacher meetings: you’ll be lying to yourself if you didn’t say you hated this day when you were in school. Over exaggeration of every mistake, we ever make in our school presented with ultimate sarcasm to our parents. My PMSwas always full of complaints and telling my parents how my teacher believes that there is no future for an average student. Always complaining to my parents about my attendance or my marks or my friends and how I should try to make new friends. Somewhere making our parent believe that we are good for nothing. But we all got over those days we all survived with all the drama, scolding and somewhere making us believe that we were losers if we didn’t score 90% or above but don’t worry there’s plenty of room for losers and life will give you a lot of opportunities to make your parents proud, marks can never judge the capability of an individual.


    So, we should thank all the bad, horrible teachers we have met in our life because they have given us some serious life lessons that we will always remember, they have somehow helped us to be the person we are today. Also, cherish all the good teachers you have met because they are a true blessing in very hard to find.