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Knowledge Management Centre is the backbone of any research, training and educational institution. This centre is responsible for providing information and knowledge services to various stakeholders. Providing Online Management and IT Knowledge Bank is the main objective of the centre. This centre helps the students and faculties in the following manners

    • To explore the industry requirements with quality contents and proper dissemination of information related to Management and Computer Applications
    • To provide latest information about SMS Varanasi Faculty contributions in different National and International Journals and Magazines
    • To provide PPTs, Course Notes, Case Studies relating to different areas of management to budding managers.
    • Providing latest and relevant information of Managerial Happenings in Global Corporate Arena.
    • To enrich the students with new Tools and technologies used in the business, industries and Computer Applications.
    • To enrich the career prospects of the students of PGDM, MCA and Undergraduate Courses.

Services under SMS- Knowledge Management Centre :

Management Knowledge Bank

Core Papers:

Management Principles and Practices
[Course Notes/PPTs]Business Environment
[Course Notes/PPTs]Managerial Economics
[Course Notes/PPTs]Business Research Methods
[Course Notes/PPTs]Accounting For Managers
[Course Notes/PPTs]Statistical Methods
[Course Notes/PPTs]International Business Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Communication – I
[Course Notes/PPTs]Organizational Behaviour
[Course Notes/PPTs]Marketing Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Business & Insurance Laws
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Operations Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Operations Research
[Course Notes/PPTs]Management Information Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]Communication – II
[Course Notes/PPTs]Strategic Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Supply Chain Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Leadership by Indian Ethos
[Course Notes/PPTs]Business & Corporate Laws
[Course Notes/PPTs]Entrepreneurship
[Course Notes/PPTs]Intertnational Marketing Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Micro Insurance
[Course Notes/PPTs]Life & Non-life Insurance
[Course Notes/PPTs]Fundamentals Of Retail Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Retail Buying & Merchandising
[Course Notes/PPTs]Mall Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Retail Floor & Display Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Retail Operations Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Human Resource Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Financial Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Underwriting of Risks & Claims Management
[Class Notes/PPTs]


Marketing Management

Marketing Research
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Integrated Marketing Communication
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Consumer Behaviour
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Sales & Distribution Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Industrial & Services Marketing
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Retail Branding & Product Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Labour Legislations
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Labour Management Relations
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Labour Economics
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Organisational Dynamics
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Compensation & Reward Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Financial Management

Risk Management and Derivatives
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Management of Financial Services
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Tax Planning and Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Banking and Investment Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

International Financial Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Computer Applications & IT Knowledge Bank

Core Papers:
Professional communication
[Course Notes/PPTs]Accounting and Financial Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Computer Concept and Programming in C
[Class Notes/PPTs]Discrete Mathematics
[Course Notes/PPTs]Organizational Behaviour
[Course Notes/PPTs]Human Values and Professional Ethics
[Course Notes/PPTs]Environmental Science and Ethics
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Operating Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]Design & Analysis of Algorithm
[Course Notes/PPTs]Data Base Management System
[Course Notes/PPTs]Internet & Java Programming
[Course Notes/PPTs]Computer Based Optimization Tech.
[Course Notes/PPTs]Management Information System
[Course Notes/PPTs]Object Oriented Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Principal of Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Computer Organization
[Course Notes/PPTs]Web Technology
[Course Notes/PPTs]Colloquim
[Course Notes/PPTs]Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
[Course Notes/PPTs]Data Structure Using C
[Course Notes/PPTs]


Computer Graphics & Animation
[Course Notes/PPTs]Simulation & Modelling
[Course Notes/PPTs]Advance Database Management Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]Artificial Intelligence
[Course Notes/PPTs]Information Security & Cyber Laws
[Class Notes/PPTs]Information Storage & Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]ERP Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]General Proficiency
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Real Time Systems
[Course Notes/PPTs]Mobile Computing
[Course Notes/PPTs]Neural Network
[Course Notes/PPTs]Pattern Recognition
[Course Notes/PPTs]Compiler Design
[Course Notes/PPTs]Client Server Computing
[Course Notes/PPTs]Software Project Management
[Course Notes/PPTs]Dot NET Lab
[Course Notes/PPTs]
Data Warehouing and Mining
[Course Notes/PPTs]Cryiptography and Network Security
[Course Notes/PPTs]Theory and Automata & Formal Languages
[Course Notes/PPTs]Distributed System
[Course Notes/PPTs]Dot NET Framework & C#
[Course Notes/PPTs]Software Engineering
[Course Notes/PPTs]Web Technology Lab
[Course Notes/PPTs]

Alert Services

Based on Newspaper Magazines & Journals (National & International) Available at SMS Varanasi Central Library, Monthly updated visit:

Career Guidance Service

Based on Personality Development and Career Guidence Activities executed at SMS Varanasi, visit:

Coordinator : Mr. Ashish Tiwari

Members @ KMC

Resource PersonsMrs. Pallavi Pathak
Mrs. Anchal Pathak
NewspapersMr. P.K. Gupta
Mr. Viresh Tripathi

Mr. A.S.Prakash
Mr. Ravi Kant Yadav