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  • Tips to prepare notes

    • July 19, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    Note making does not just mean highlighting lines in your book, because if it would be just that, there are many students who have colored there books with highlighter. I mean if every line is important for you, why are you even using a highlighter, just consider the book as your notes, and that the following book has only the important things jotted down which you are in need of.
    Anyways, note making is an activity, which is very useful. There are many people out there who don’t understand the concept behind making notes and find that utter waste of time, which is why let me explain you a little detail about note making first:
    Note making is basically very helpful to remind the important things, note making is not just used in studies but everywhere. For example, when you stick a small note on the fridge to give a message to someone while you are not at home, or to write sticky notes on your mobile phone, or to ask cortona to put a reminder on the things that you want to do later.
    So note making is everywhere and is a very useful and helpful thing.
    So when it comes to education, studies, note making plays a vital role, it helps the students jot down the important points and facts in the particular subjects they are studying so that later on, they can revise thoroughly with the help of notes instead of going through the book again and again.
    Plus I believe in this concept because if you don’t have notes, then you have to go through the whole book, which later on strikes you that you should have made the notes so that it did be easier to revise.
    Because notes basically plays the role of answers, they catch the main points which you can learn and exaggerate later in the exam.
    Cause in the end everyone sitting in exam is like, “starting ka bta de” or “ek point btade, baki khud likhlunga/ likhlungi”.
    So here are the 10 ways to make notes:
    1. Writing : When you start making notes, you feel so cool about it. You go on and on and keep writing, you use different colors of pens, you try to write in an amazing handwriting but what really happens is, after a day or two which for me was after an hour- you start getting bored, your hand gets lazy, you feel like the need to scroll Instagram feed or play PUBG and later on the result comes to a bad handwriting which you are also unable to understand, you are just writing and writing but not understanding a single thing.
    When it comes to writing, a time comes when students tend to think, that why do we have to write so much and think of making notes of notes. So instead of wasting your time, first you should read the chapter and make sure that the concept is clear, then out of that you should prepare questions that could come in exam, after that you should jot down the important points of each answer, so that by grabbing that point you could remember the whole answer. By this, you won’t make your notes like the last page of your exam sheet, it will stay neat and clean, and you will be able to revise it properly.
    2. Flowcharts and Diagrams: Flowcharts and Diagrams are another best way to revise things. When it comes to semester exams, one may know that the long questions consist of 15 marks, so the answers to those questions have a lot of points, so with the help of flowcharts and diagrams one can write the heading and sub headings, so that they don’t forget the points and could build the rest of the content based on those points. In exams, if your content is right then your answer is right and here right content means related to the question and not the lyrics of an old Bollywood song, so if you need your content to be right, you must remember the headings, the points, so by constructing a flow chart or a diagram, it can be helpful to you.
    3. Last year question papers: I am not saying you to sit for three hours and give an old question paper exam to prepare yourself for exam, no! Cause even if you try, your laziness level comes in between (exceptional students aside). And plus you don’t have that time, if you are studying the night before the exam.
    All I am saying is to go through the questions, find out there answers and make notes of them, cause sometimes questions does comes from the last year paper, and plus by going through a question paper you get to know about the type of questions that might come by which you can prepare yourself.
    Giving an exam by your own-self is difficult but at least you can just read the questions and prepare for them. No one is saying you to give a test, just read learn, understand, gain knowledge, make notes.
    In the end, I won’t say that you should have group studies or discuss answers with your friends, because from one word you hop to somewhere Hollywood series, or anime, or Instagram. Just study well, make notes of the important points, if you have plenty of time, then take the reference of another books, ask for the guidance of teachers, they are always there to help you. And focus.