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  • Top 10 Things I Wanna Do Before Turning 30

    • March 17, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    During the first 30 years of your life, there are no definitive goals. There is a long list of things you want to do, but you may reach this age before you complete them all. Enjoying the people around you and doing crazy ideas are the best plans to think. It is the right time to make mistakes, get to know yourself, and start training yourself in every way. It is time to start living.

    Regretting something you did not do at the time, is a feeling that nobody likes, but do not worry, in this list, there are ten things you should do before blowing out the 30 candles on the cake.

    Experiences to do before turning 30

    1.    Climb a viewpoint, enjoy the views and your friends

    When you are young, you dream of traveling to many places in the world, but the economy is the main problem. You don’t have to go very far; you need to take the car and drive to the nearest viewpoint to feel that you have traveled to another dimension. Making this plan can only help you think, but it is always better with good company.

    2.              Save a little money to allow yourself a ‘luxury’

    A ‘luxury’ at this age is allowing yourself dinner at a non-fast food restaurant or taking your partner to their favorite place. Traveling could also be part of your most expensive plans if you find a cheap flight to the other end of the world. Do not think about it and discover it.

    3.              Define what is important to you

    Sit one day on the sofa at home with paper and a pen and start defining your priorities. Family, friends, studies, work, think that this stage is the ideal one to start building your personal and professional life.

    4.              Know what is expendable in your life

    There are goals, people, and attitudes during your youth that will be expendable for you. Learn that there are certain things they can do without, and you should know that sometimes you will have to choose one thing and leave others aside.

    5.              Face your fears

    Regardless of how old you are, the recommendation is to do something that causes you to fear, because as we age, we are accumulating more fears and fears. For example, if you get goosebumps just by thinking about jumping from a parachute, you have to face yourself and do it.

    If you do it now, it will be easier for you to liberate. However, with this, we do not mean that if you make it more significant, it is not equally valuable, because it will be a challenge that will make you healthier and you will have the memory of your great feat.

    6.              Love your body

    You’re not going to see yourself that young again. Appreciate your body, dare to wear that bikini that you dream so much because, over the years, you will regret it. We live in a society with unrealistic standards of beauty, but the mind is powerful; And if you want to see yourself with different eyes, you only need to practice to make it possible.

    7.              Learn a new language

    Learning the right language will always be a good thing and could open up more job opportunities for you. Knowing another language will also help you become familiar with another culture and customs; It opens doors for you to explore and converse with other people, and eventually, it will open your mind.

    8.              Travel alone

    Traveling alone can scare you, but it is one of the most liberating experiences you will have in life. You can do whatever you want, at any time, on your terms. You will be able to challenge yourself with each decision, and you will allow yourself to meet different people during your journey. If in the 20s you do not have so many ties and responsibilities, it is time to do it now! As the years go by, the less you want to do it.

    9.              Do not miss any opportunity

    If you can, sign up for everything: concerts, festivals, evening film sessions. Get a group of friends together and come up with a plan that you can make together. Take a risk, what can go wrong?

    10.         Fall in love

    Hundreds of people will go through your life, and through your social networks, surely a special one will appear. Give yourself up, fall in love, and make mistakes until the person who compliments you seems. This process may or may not belong, but it is worth living in each relationship with enthusiasm and lots of love.

    We experience some of these things in childhood and determine our behavior when we grow up. Values ​​like affection and friendship get cultivated since childhood. Friends and family will be the great pillars at all stages of your life. Enjoy, and do not let anything escape you!