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  • Types of lecturers

    • January 14, 2018
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    When you enter the college life, the college gates, for the first time, you are all nervous and freaked out for how your first impression will be to the teachers, and to your classmates. But let me tell you when you get into college all this is a piece of crap, because as you get used to it, you realise that though few lectures are attached to you but the rest just come, give there lecture and don’t care for you are interested in listening or not and as the times up she leaves.

    Let me tell you the type of lecturers you will meet in your college life:

    1. The emotional: When you are new to college, each and every teacher is totally new to you, but some does predict the teacher’s behaviour for the rest of the semester in that first class. The emotional, let me give you an example with it, he or she is the one gets very emotional if somebody opens up with him or her. He or She wants to share stories with you, gossip around with you, and moreover wants to get connected with you online. Let me tell you what happened once, I guess it was one or two months after I had joined college when one of our lecturers was about to leave her job to study further, but what happened was that she said that it’s her last day and got all emotional and said that don’t cry ok, we guys will be in touch. We all can follow each other online, my other classes cried out loud but please you guys, please don’t cry, its ok, we will be connected. And there I was staring at my friend and thinking, “dude cry? Who is she? It’s only a month or two and too she doesn’t take our lecture every day” and later on I find out that my friend was thinking the same, since then, she is my amazing friend, thanks to the emotional miss. So see this does happens.
    2. The boring: well I don’t like to say someone boring but if he or she makes us bore then what can I say? I don’t know why it’s boring, but maybe cause the lecturer sounds like a tape recorder which goes on and on, like dude press the stop button for God’s sake. Yes the boring lecturer, each and every organisation have at least one or two boring type of lectures, who’s methods are nice but we students get at the laziness level:99999. He or she is the type, who don’t care about what’s going on. He or she will come to the class, take the attendance and start teaching like a tape recorder has begun and as the times up he or she just gets out of the class. But sometimes this type of lecturer turns out to be the coolest, let me give you an example, I had such a lecturer, and she used to come give her lecture and go like a tape recorder and to be honest most of us were actually sleeping but she never cared, cause she understood one thing, and that is complete your duty, and she came out to be coolest as to if we all used to sit all attentive, she used to leave before 15 minutes, and we all go dancing, Mahn her lectures were the best to scroll Instagram feed.
    3. The smarty: this kind of a lecturer is the one, who comes into the class, asks everybody for if they want to leave and continues to teach, she is smart because she takes the attendance in the end of the lecturer, mahn I hated her. She teaches you with great zeal, though her lectures are actually very interesting, that you really enjoy them but later on you realise that her paper checking level is difficult.
    4. The innocent: Ok, so this category is about the lecturer who is actually very very innocent and gets trapped by the students but knows how to make her way out of it, and it’s scary. I had one of the innocent lecturer, she was like damn innocent and sweet, I liked her a lot as everyone in our class used to make fun of her, and take advantage of her innocence. One day, my own classmates made her cry (I was absent that day, I wish wasn’t, lucky those saved from me) anyways, as I said she was the sweetest and kindest of all. But when she knew its time, she became he devil like a pro. She knew how to handle the class, she had this amazing totka, totka as in strategy ( every teacher has one of her totkas which he or she applies like a pro), her totka was that whenever the class used to become the annoying peeps, she used to make everyone stand and start a surprise viva round roll no. wise. And man I was really lucky as I used to listen her during the lecturers and knew about that subject so I was always seated. This viva round happened thrice and none from which I kept standing as I knew the answers to her questions like a pro. So you see every teacher has her way out, even the innocent one.
    5. the coolest: This type of a lecturer is the coolest. He or she is the one who knows how to teach yo, when to teach you. He or she is the one lets you have free lecture, but he or she is also the one who makes sure, that you guys are clear with the concepts and that everyone could nail in the exams. And to be honest, each and every student did scored well in hose subjects who had those coolest teachers, as to they are the type of lecturers who’s method of teaching so amazing and mesmerizing that it makes you want to study even at home.
    6. The mean: Be careful from the mean lecturers, they are very dangerous, when they teach you, they teach you in a way that you don’t understand a single word. They teach in such a speed and act like, “I am teaching you guys so slow”. And they are the ones who do such a bad paper checking and then simply demotivates the less scorers at the time of paper distribution. He or she is also the one, who keeps on saying, “I don’t care, if you guys score more or less, I do a job here, I will just come, give my lecture, and leave” but he or she is also the one who keeps on saying,” I am just saying for your benefit” that is, he or she acts like they don’t care, but they do, which at the end you realise they actually and really don’t.
    7. The motivator: I once met this amazing lecturer, he was a real motivator, let me tell you what happened, I met him at the time when me and one of my class mate was finding an empty room so that we could shift our class cause the lighting wire was cut out from our class due to some construction thing, and as I being the CR had to do something about it, so I went to the reception and talked about it and all they responded is to find a room where I could shift my whole class in and later on inform my every lecturer regarding it. So during my search, I met the motivator lecture. He was kind of old but dude as we all know old people are excellent in yelling. Anyways, he saw both of us and so I asked him regarding the empty room and started laughing, he said, “Are you kidding me? Do you really think there would be such room who had no class for like the whole day and every day” and then I told him about the whole electricity cut off, etc. thing (in the whole college it  was only our class whose wire was cut as thee was a construction going on near it) . After telling him, he totally yelled and motivated us by saying stuff like, “are you idiots? It’s the organisations duty, not yours. Go talk to them again. You give them fees, you give them money, without you they are nothing, so you go and talk to them and don t let me down”. He really motivated both of us and my classmate even said, “ aag laga di sir apne toh”. To be honest his speech worked out, because after talking to him I wnt to the reception and insisted for no excuse and a meeting with the principal, and the very next day, the electricity issue was fixed in our class, and I was really happy as first I was the hero and second it was the punch in the face to my rival. So thanks to that motivating lecturer. Even now whenever we both see each other we pass a smile.

    I guess there would be more types of lecturer out there, but no matter what they all are of their own kind and they know how to get into business, i.e. how to handle kids like me and the ones who are reading this shit out.