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  • What are the skills that an MBA aspirant should have? How can I develop them?

    • January 17, 2020
    • Posted By : Muskan Sehgal
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    An MBA aspirant has great skills.

    MBA teaches a student a lot of things that becomes a real deal in his or her career. A 2-year degree course sharpens the skills of students so that they can excel in their career.

    The following are the skills that an MBA aspirant should have:

    1. The art of management: This is the most important point and skill of all time. MBA teaches us management, i.e. how to manage, organize, staff, direct, coordinate, co-operate, motivate, discipline, and control others to get things done for common objectives.

    You see, every organization has set of goals and objectives. And to fulfil the same it is important to have the art of management.

    When we hear the bookish definition of management, we feel like something that is so easy or that can be done in say, seconds! But is that really true? Do you even know what management is? Because maybe you are in some sort of confusion regarding the aspect of management.

    Management is a very important part of an organization. Management also plays an important role in our day to day life. From washing clothes to putting them in the wardrobe orderly, everything requires management.

    Ask yourself, how often do you clean your desk? Ok, forget that, how often have you organized your clothes in your wardrobe? I guess now you are understanding the real definition of management.

    Management is an art of getting things done. So, this is the first and the most important skill that an MBA aspirant should have.

    2. Communication skills: Communication is the key to expressing of yourself. You cannot express your idea if you do not communicate the same.

    Communication can be both verbal as well as non-verbal. Every organization expects from a candidate to have at least intermediary level communication skills because be it verbal or non-verbal, communication is a must as it is an art of expressing your idea.

    3. Leadership qualities: An MBA aspirant should have the leadership qualities, actually everyone out there should have leadership qualities. A leadership quality is mandatory to have because a day might come when you would be chosen to represent your organization in front of the World at that time you cannot hesitate or run from the stage because your action can either lead to major success or to major failure of your organization.

    4. Presentation skills: An MBA aspirant should have presentation skills. In the World of Business, you never know when you will be needing a presentation or the sudden time when your boss tells you to make a presentation, you should always stay prepared.

    Plus presentation skills are the basic expectancy from an MBA aspirant. Students are taught about the same thoroughly.

    5. Report-making skills: Just like presentation, an employee should always know how to make a report. MBA students are taught at least 2 to 3 times about the report writing. Not just that, many colleges or institutes conduct separate workshops to provide knowledge to the students regarding the report writing.

    6. Analytical skills: An MBA aspirant’s brain should be sharp enough to tackle all the weaknesses of an organization and to jot down the said strategies that can be implemented to improve the issues lagging behind!

    Analytical skills include planning, analysis, interpretation, implementation, decision making, thinking, preparing, report-making, etc. An MBA aspirant should know how to analyse a given environment and to imply the type of strategies that would truly fit in the situation.

    7. Decision-making: MBA aspirants become the future managers of corporations. The biggest role of a manager is to indulge himself or herself in the company’s decision making.

    As a manager deal with most of the employees, so he or she get to know about the various mishaps going on in the company. And by that, his or her decision making is considered as very important as the following person has the data regarding production, operations, marketing, human resources, finance, research & development, international business, tech, etc.

    8. Problem-solving: An MBA student is generally taught the skill of problem-solving.

    A manager should always know how to face a sudden problem and solve the same in the best calm situation.

    9. Creative: An MBA aspirant should be creative. You must have seen many eye-catching advertisements that spontaneously clicks to you, why is that? Did some alien make it? No, not at all.

    We humans make them. Creativity is the art to everything.

    10. Motivation skills: These skills are a must. Every human works on the basis of some sort of motivation.

    Motivation can be of many types, be it intrinsic or extrinsic; be it conscious or unconscious; or be it positive or negative.

    Motivation has many variants but this is what shows that every human being works on the basis of some sort of motivation.

    Motivation can be literally anything. It can be money, incentives, holidays/ vacations, scolding by the boss, self-esteem among the colleagues, reputation etc.

    11. Ambitious: An MBA aspirant is generally ambitious. You should always have a desire to do something new, to complete it and not just day-dream about it.

    Ambition is very important as it defines the capabilities of a person to do something.

    12. Ethics: Every person should have moral ethics, something that they always stick too. A guide of themselves. Ethics is how you define yourself or in other words how you actually express yourself.

    Now comes the question of- How can I develop them?

    You see, if you observe the skills carefully, you can get them too. All it requires is focus, attention as well as seriousness.

    So, if you want to develop the same, the answer is simple- Start working on yourself (or get an MBA!)