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  • What is webinar? its Role, How students can find relevant webinars and join?

    • April 26, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Introduction: What is webinar? its Role, How students can find relevant webinars and join?
    Nowadays, The Internet has made all things easy and convenient for students across the globe. For that, you only need a device, proper internet connection and you can easily hold classes, discussions, webinars, and seminars anywhere in the world by connecting people. However, Skype and Google Duo are also a good option but for professional events, you need something bigger which suits your personality and this is where a webinar comes into play.

    What is the webinar?
    A webinar is generally a combination of “web” and “seminar” words. It is an online video workshop, presentation lecture which is hosted online or live using webinar software relatively. Often business-related, these sessions can be mainly used among students and employees to share particular knowledge, ideas, and updating in techniques across the globe. The main advantage of webinars is to build and nurture relationships among both sides, build authority around a specific brand, or demonstrate a product respectively. Your audience also takes advantage of participating without the comfort of their home relatively. They can simply watch your particular webinar by just using their desktop or laptop computer or mobile device from any quiet place. With a webinar, you can also share your views through the presentation with your audience without physically being that place.
    In other words, a powerful marketing process that can position you as an expert in your field accordingly. It will permit you to connect with your specific audience, train new employees at broadcast networks, and increase your profit margin specifically. It also helps you to host a specific virtual meeting without any help to find a suitable physical venue according to you. Webinars can be mainly conducted internally for team meetings, especially if you work with an international, remote team relatively.
    Platforms of Webinar
    Some popular platform of the webinar is as follows:
     Join.me
     Google Hangouts
     GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar
     Zoom
     YouTube Live
     Facebook Live
     ezTalks
     Google Duo

    Features of the webinar
    Some essential features of the webinar are the following:
     Real-time audio communication using VoIP
     Text communication using the chat
     Uncomplicated presentation of slideshows or screen content relatively
     Video streaming
     Sharing and downloading of additional material
     or files according to presentation
     possibility of recording audio complete lectures and sharing them afterward
     Creating and making surveys or quizzes as possible

    Advantages of Webinars
    There are many benefits of attending webinars from which some of the best are the following:
     Webinars are generally held online, so it makes things easy and convenient for both presenters and participants relatively, as no one has to the trouble to get to the meeting.
     In webinars, an unlimited amount of audiences can attend the session online without any limit.
     A webinar can be recorded online so that other people can view it in the future if they are not able to attend the webinar on a particular date and time.
     It doesn’t need special equipment is needed, the presenter just broadcasts their network with a relevant group of the participants.
     Webinar Can be easily set up with very little notice.
     It consists of Less cost because it is mainly based on the number of people who participate and sign up for specific webinars.
     It provides an easy and simple process to fill registration forms according to participants.
     Here, you don’t need to use the mail account because it shows the non-existent of your presence.

    Disadvantages of webinar
    Some Disadvantages of the webinar are the following:
     Internet speed must be essential for a webinar to allow participants online to view the presentation without any difficulties.
     If audio is allowed in the session, participants or presenters may have to pay for audio according to their particular phone charges.
     In webinars, limited Audio to the presenter doing a voiceover and participants can’t able to make interaction directly.
     No communication is possible through body language in webinars if the video is not properly fed into them.
     Some different types of technical problems also occur with the result being the anger and make frustration among paying participants, for example, business firewalls, slow Internet access speeds, system configurations incompatible devices, and many more.
     Generally, it happens that, A webinar may not work with all kinds of Internet browsers and can’t get proper access through it.
     Some webinars, May does not work on Mac computer platforms or mobile devices. This is critical these days because some devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. are very popular and used widely to it is not able to get as much popularity as before.
     Long time webinars also make frustration and angered among audiences if the topic is not related to their particular area of interest.

    Webinar Roles:
    There are multiple roles available for a webinar from which some of important are the following:

    1. Producers
    2. Director
    3. Writer/Stage Director
    4. Technical Director
    5. Audience Supervisor
    6. Main Presenter
    7. Presenters
    8. Monitors

    • Producers
      In movies, the producer is the creator of the movie. But when we talk about, business world, the producers lie in the category of managers, product managers, and main business leaders that mainly host webinars with their marketing budgets, and thereafter generate profitable leads or valuable lead according to webinars.
    • Director
      Webinars are live productions and with any live online event(especially in virtual) things can and do go wrong. At that time you do need one central decision-maker. Means someone who manages the thing easily. For example, if your internet connection died. The slides and audio aren’t working then the audience starts dropping off the webinar.
    • Writer/Stage Director
      A good webinar mainly consists of well-thought that help or guide your audience step by step through a logical thought sequence, just like any movie. Here, You need to not only create content but also prepare your presenters to deliver it exactly.
    • Technical Director
      You can’t host a webinar without any relevant technology. Because technology helps to know how to use it. You’re far less, for example, a Skype chat pop-up that reveals organization secrets live to the audience. you aren’t able to do this then at the time of the event you have known about a person who expert in it.
    • Audience Supervisor
      At the time of the holding webinar could respect your audience and capture and make attraction towards them by including them as much as possible in the webinar. The audience supervisor not only a person who tries to make the attraction of the audience but also monitors the audience’s feedback while the webinar is being conducted.
    • Main Presenter
      The main presenter is also known as a moderator. Someone who can work as an advocate among the audience. In other words, The kind of person that can relate or elaborate what a technical expert is saying to novice listeners.
      Another main skill in this is the ability to tie different parts of the presentation together looks similar to flow with well thought with the help of the audience supervisor. They also are prepared for audience comments and questions.
    • Presenters
      practitioners and subject matter experts mainly concentrate on why people tune in to being with. But in reality, they’re not expert presenters. The main presenter may certainly well be one of your subject matter experts or practitioners, but it takes the relevant skillset and the right personality to make tuning with both of them.
    • Monitors
      The role monitors are to support the audience supervisor based on your resources. They first engage with the audience using any virtual platforms and try to respond to the questions asked by the audience for feedback and make interaction, providing supplementary resources to the audience, and solving problems accordingly.
      How students can find relevant webinars and join?
      As resources rising day by day, Students have become alert more and more diverse in their learning activities. The Internet has become a space for both the young and the old generation for learning new things. It provided a platform to them where they can able to create their all doubts.
      With the help of webinars students known about modern technology and update time to time accordingly. Apart from that many universities and colleges are widely looking for relevant options to make their courses available to more and more students at the same time, which makes all things easy and affordable for them.
      Relevant Webinar provides a great variety of useful and significant resources according to your area of interest. Some times it is difficult for you to choose a relevant topic according to you. Here we would explain some ways to find relevant webinars according to interest.
    • Sign Up for Webinara
    • Set up your Areas of Interest
    • Keep Your Areas of Interest as you want Up-to-Date
    • Use keywords at the time of Searching
    • Sign Up for Webinara
      To search relevant topics for webinars. the first step is to go on Webinara which easy to access and free to use. Remember that, Webinara would allow you to only register for some webinars so, simply click with your area of interest. In this, You can find the detailed instructions on how to create a Webinar profile here from beginning to end step by step.
    • Set up your Areas of Interest
      After completing the sign-up process on Webinara, you can select the topic according to your areas of interest. After selecting the relevant topic you got webinar emails when there are new webinars posted within your interset area accordingly. you can also adjust topics according to your choice for the future. so, you can easily get notification of it.
    • Keep Your Areas of Interest as you want Up-to-Date
      You can always update and change your areas of interest according to time. To edit your specific past areas on interest just go on your Webinara profile and click on ‘Edit topics’. Where you can choose your relevant areas and after then click on the update button. you easily got new topics as per the trend.
    • Use keywords at the time of Searching
      As we know, Keywords are a great way to navigate on specific topics. You can look for relevant webinars according to you by using a search feature on the webinars page normally. Searching relevant topics by using an appropriate keyword will mainly help you to find the most relevant past and coming webinars very efficiently which are liked by the audience so much.
      Steps to join any webinar
      You have lots of options when for joining webinars. You can use the desktop app for it on your Windows or Mac platforms use a Chrome browser to join it live, or even join with IOS or android platform on mobile phones accordingly. Joining the webinar is free of cost and easy to use. Here, we discuss Some steps to join the webinar are the following:
    • Choose the platform of Webinar
    • Register the Site accordingly
    • Join the webinar
    • Watch the webinar
    • Choose the platform of Webinar
      Before attending any webinar the first step is to choose a specified platform for webinars where you want to watch or where the company will be organizing. Some platform is GoToMeeting, skype, zoom, google due, etc. Apart from that, If a company has its platform it uses it relatively.
    • Register the Site accordingly
      Register for the specific webinar by clicking on the mentioned link in the email invite. After that, You’ll receive a confirmation email with a unique link to join the session particularly. So, Click on “Add to calendar” to ensure you don’t miss the webinar when it will hold.
    • Join the webinar
      At the time of joining the webinar, click the specific join link from the email account or your calendar invite. After that, enter the 9-digit code specify into the box. You can join a webinar from any Mac or Windows platform to join with our iOS or Android devices.
    • Watch the webinar
      If you arrive before time on the webinar or before the organizer then you’ll see a window there for confirming that you successfully connected with them. Once the organizer arrives the Webinar will begin and you take advantage of it.
      After analyzing all about What is a webinar? its Role, How students can find relevant webinars and join? we reach on the conclusion that webinars are the best way to know about the business world and their upcoming challenges. Students can easily be connected with it by using some steps given above and find all possibilities according to their area of interest.