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  • 32 Ways to Study Effectively!

    • September 19, 2018
    • Posted By : admin
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    Studies are the most important part of a student’s life. Studies mold a student’s career in many ways, so it is essential that a student should not spend hours reading the same topic without understanding a bit of it. One cannot simply ignore studies, they are a part of student life and the fact should be accepted early without denials or ignorance. But is also important that students should study without any pressure of completing the course and getting through the exams. It is important that a student should study in a fun and an interesting manner. So, here are 32 ways a student can improve the way he studies:

    1. Don’t go for eBooks.
    Text in print is always a better option for studying.
    2. Exercise daily in the morning.
    Always exercise before studying.
    3. Listen to good music.
    Always listen to music that soothes you and inspires you to focus more.
    4. Relax and meditate.
    Meditation is a must for students because it calms down the frustration often faced by students while studying.Tension Free Studies-smsvaranasi.com
    5. Get a nap.
    Taking naps help students be more attentive afterward while studying at home.
    6. Keep changing the place of study.
    Never fix your place of study. Keep shifting in different places of your house to maintain your interest in the topic you are studying.
    7. Keep in mind the Curve of Forgetting
    Reread the topic you studied in college because if you revise it in the next 24 hours of the held lecture, you might retain 100% information the following week.
    8. Recall
    Always try to recall what you studied and note the recalled information in points.
    9. Revise
    Try and revise your course 2-3 times before the exams.
    10. The Leitner System
    Use flashcards to memorize in a more efficient way.
    11. Solve sample question papers
    Solving sample question papers will help you adapt to the question paper pattern.
    12. Keep yourself hydrated.
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or else you will feel sleepy and lazy.
    13. Solve previous years’ question papers.
    Always solve previous years’ question papers in order to get an idea of the kind of questions you might get in your exams.
    14. Make associations.
    Try to connect your study topics with something relevant.
    15. Fenyman Notebook Method
    Always start a new topic with a new notebook to gain confidence and expertise in that chapter/topic.
    16. Teach your topic.
    Try to explain your topic as if you are the teacher.
    17. Observe your thinking patterns.
    The way you think affects your studies a lot. So, always observe your way of thinking in order to plan your studies in a better manner.
    18. Do not overfill your brain.
    Never learn too much in a single day. You will probably forget the beginning of the topic too.
    19. Multitasking
    You should never study while having a task in hand. It reduces your level of concentration in both the tasks.
    20. Don’t focus on learning styles.
    Don’t focus on the way you are learning. Only focus on whether you are getting to learn or not adopting a method or style.
    21. Walk
    When you are bored of any topic or chapter, stop at that moment and start walking without any thinking.
    22. Read the chapter aloud.
    Instead of reading the topic silently in your study room, read the topic aloud. It helps up to a great degree.
    23. Reward yourself with gifts.
    After finishing a task, whether it is completing a project or learning a new topic, gift yourself something you like, for example, a small candy.

    24. Try drawing diagrams
    Try to draw diagrams as you study a particular topic.
    25. Change the font.
    While reading on the laptop, mobile phone or tablet, always change the font of text which you find easier to read.
    26. Use various apps for blocking distracting websites.
    Always block distracting pop-ups while reading the topic online.
    27. Watch topic -related videos.
    Always watch topic related videos in order to understand and memorize clearly.
    28. Take breaks
    Never study for too long, take a break always.
    29. Practice more.
    Write and practice more while learning.
    30. Stop staying up till late at night.
    Staying till late night might disturb your attention capacity and sleeping pattern.
    31. Spray an unfamiliar scent around you.
    Yeah, it is surprising but it works! Spraying an unfamiliar scent around you while studying a new topic helps you remember the topic.
    32. Prefer group studies.
    Try to study in a group, it helps a lot. It helps you remember the topic while discussing, talking and solving.

    These 32 ways are really awesome to help you in your studies. They help you in ways you never have had thought of!
    Happy studying!