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  • 5 Keys To Develop Your Skills

    • April 15, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Professional success is a goal shared by anyone and everyone who likes what they do and wants to be better every day. However, achieving this goal requires a lot of determination, study and especially time. Professional skills and abilities need to be developed. After all, success does not come overnight.

    Whoever wants to be recognized and respected for the work they do needs to look for ways to make that happen. Investing in qualification, new learning, and personal growth, for example, must be an ongoing effort.

    The job market can be quite uncompromising and competitive, which is why the differentials of professionals are increasingly sought after and valued. If you are looking for success in this market, you need to be aware of the essential professional skills and abilities. Continue reading this post and check out 5 ways to masterfully develop them!


    Professional Skills And Abilities: What Are The Differences?

    Before moving on to the practical part of our post, it is a good idea to differentiate the two terms in question. After all, it is quite common for them to be used interchangeably – which is a mistake. Let us see:


    What Is Skill?

    In a simplified way, the ability is the ability that an individual must accomplish something. It is easy, the gift of performing a specific task with quality.

    The skill, in this way, is linked to an aptitude developed by training, which can be cognitive – which involves reasoning – or technique – related to bodily actions.


    What Is Competence?

    The notion of competence is broader. It is related to the set of skills that a person has and that allows him to perform a certain job or activity.

    Competence has a lot to do with the ability to think in the face of complex situations, seeking intelligent alternatives and better resources to solve a problem efficiently.


    Which One Is More Important?

    In reality, in this relationship, there is no concept more important than the other. Both are complementary and indispensable for the professional who wants to be truly efficient in what he does.

    Today, more than ever, companies are looking for professionals who have both the skills needed to fill a role and the skills to do so. Thus, it is certain that this individual not only has skill but knows how to use it most efficiently and advantageously.


    5 Keys To Develop Skills And Competencies?

    Now that you know what each of the terms stands for, we can move on to the practical part, showing you some of the most efficient ways to develop good skills and professional competencies. Let us go to the tips!


    1. Be Motivated To Improve

    The initial step for those who want to stand out as a professional is to be motivated to develop. Creating and perfecting skills and competences is a gradual process that requires time and a lot of patience. Therefore, being motivated is the key for you to be able to remain firm in this purpose, improving a daily goal.

    Courses, specializations, MBAs, and many other postgraduate courses, for example, can be the path to technical and professional development. Alongside these options, continued operations in different companies and functions are also part of a growth trajectory, mainly improving their attributes, such as team spirit, humility, proactivity, among others.

    However, all this will only be possible if you are motivated and with a personal and professional evolution mindset. Otherwise, you will certainly seek immediate answers that may not come and, worse, hinder you.


    2. Have A Clear Goal

    You indeed want to improve your professional performance and achieve success, but have you ever stopped to reflect on the skills and competencies that are decisive to get you to your goal?

    Professional development requires strategy, so wanting to be good at everything is practically impossible. So, you must identify what your priorities are right now and what skills you intend to develop. Thus, the whole effort is directed and the chances of achieving good results increase significantly.


    3. Always Be Willing To Listen And Learn

    More and more companies are looking to create unity in their teams. Leaders are focused on making collaboration a culture, in which competencies and skills add up and results appear.

    In this context, learning from others is one of the most valuable competencies within companies. The ability to observe, reflect and learn based on the mistakes, successes and feedback of others is, by far, one of the most efficient ways to develop professionally.

    Therefore, always be open to hearing constructive criticism and opinions, regardless of whether they come from someone who is in a position of superiority or not. When working as a team, everyone should be valued, and every learning opportunity should be used to the fullest. Think about it!


    4. Invest In Self-Knowledge

    One of the most strategic ways of developing professional skills and abilities is self-knowledge. Knowing yourself helps you understand what the attributes are – or the lack of them – that hinder your development as a professional or personal.

    People who know each other and know that they have a great limitation in communication due to shyness and lack of security, for example, can begin the process of improvement due to this deficiency.

    The logic is that one thing ends up affecting another. Therefore, getting to know yourself can make your actions more punctual and strategic, generating the results you need to get back into the job market.


    5. Seek Expert Support

    A highly effective way to develop personally and professionally is through professionals specialized in this task. Currently, the concept of coaching is in extreme evidence, and more and more people are looking for ways to enhance their skills.

    Seeking development through a coach can shorten the growth process. After all, good professionals in this field have the knowledge and the ideal tools to create the mentality necessary for your personal and professional growth.

    In the same way that we look for courses, degrees and specializations for the development of technical skills, the coach can be equally efficient for the improvement of competences, such as communication,  posture and mindset of evolution, among other attributes of the individual – which today are extremely valued by companies when hiring.

    Finally, improving your professional skills and abilities should be a daily goal, in which you will invest time and dedication to show the market your value and your differentials. All the tips listed are valid paths that will shorten your trajectory until you return to the job market. Now it is up to you!