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  • 8 small online business opportunities to survive lockdown

    • April 6, 2020
    • Posted By : admin
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    Introduction: 8 small online business opportunities to survive lockdown

    In recent times many countries is fighting with coronavirus. Due to that, we all have to take some precaution and stay at home and maintain social distancing with each other. At that time we all have to complete our all work online without going anywhere. If anyone starts their online business during COVID-19 then they can easily start it without any investment. It is also helpful for delivering work-life balance to the employee by reducing stress.

    8 small online business opportunities to survive lockdown

    There many online business opportunities to survive in lockdown from which some of the best are as follows:

    1. Become a Youtube Content Creator
    2. Become a Freelancer
    3. Become an Online Photographer
    4. Become a Social Media Influencer
    5. Become a Facebook Ad Manager
    6. Become a Call Center Rep
    7. Website Evaluation
    8. Become an Etsy Seller


    1. Become a Youtube Content Creator

    If you like to make videos on youtube then it is the best online business opportunity to survive in lockdown. It pays $10-$10,000 per month. It takes minimum time to post advertisements on the channel. The best platform for creating content is Famebit.

    Some Ideas on videos that will make more income:

    • Cooking videos
    • Create a video that will give solutions to any problems in Smart Phones (Like themes installation, code unlocking, making smartphone work smarter )
    • Educational videos, training videos, tutorials on web designing, Photoshop, etc.
    • Jokes, humor and funny moments


    1. Become a Freelancer

    If you like to write, Freelance writing is the best online business opportunity for you. Some Websites such as Text Broker and Income Diary hire writers to write for them daily. Apart from that, some other websites look for experts in all areas such as personal finance, growing website traffic, social media, making money online, parenting, pregnancy, and more to help them write articles.

    Some Places to get an idea about Freelancing

    • Text Broker
    • Listverse
    • MoneyPantry
    • Income Diary
    • Rockwell
    • Slick WP
    • Doctor of Credits

    If you are good at blog writing then it is also the freelancing work. There are many ways from which you can make money from blogging such as affiliate marketing, ad revenue, sponsor posts, your products, Ebooks, and courses. It pays 10,000+ per month.

    To start Blogging you need,

    • A domain name
    • A web hosting
    • WordPress themes and plugins.
    • Some Places to Find Blogging Jobs
    • Bluehost
    • ShareASale
    • Amazon Associate program


    1. Become an Online Photographer

    Foap is an app used for Online photographers who love taking photos. Using Foap you can use your phone to take pictures and upload them on a given site and get paid. You can make $1000 fast by purchasing it.


    1. Become a Social Media Influencer

    If you love to use social media then you can get paid from working with different companies to promote their products and services on your profiles. Its Pays you $50 -$500+ per sponsor post and in minimum time you make $1000 fast.

    Some Places to get an idea about Social Media Influencer

    • Tribe
    • Local Influence
    • ambassador
    • Massive Sway


    1. Become a Facebook Ad Manager

    Facebook Ad Manager is a unique platform to promote your business and services online. If you know how to navigate throughout the Facebook section and platform and able to listen to the clients’ goals or objectives for a specific campaign and build up the strategy for a specific project then it is the best option for you to make money.


    1. Become a Call Center Rep

    Call Center Rep is the best online business opportunities to make money during COVID-19. If you are good at communication skills then it is a good option for you to enhance your career. In that, you simply handle the calls of the client to set up the company’s business.

    Some Places to collect information about Call Center Rep

    • NexReps
    • LiveOps
    • Worldwide101
    • Timetric


    1. Website Evaluation

    Some Companies such as UserTesting, Enroll hire people to test out different websites of projects to eliminate bad user experiences for numerous companies. User testing makes it easy for their businesses and future upcoming tasks to get on-demand feedback from their target demographic of people. After all, It is the best online business opportunities on the technical side.

    Some sites to find Paid Legit Survey Jobs

    • Enroll
    • UserTesting
    • YouEye
    • WhatUsersDo


    1. Become an Etsy Seller

    Etsy is an online business opportunity where shop owners sell their own handmade and handicraft products in the public market.  If you are looking to start your shop check out some Facebook-related groups. At that time, there is a lot of Etsy Facebook group are super resourceful and let you ask some questions and receive answers from other shop owners to make money.

    Advantages of online business opportunities to survive in lockdown

    1. Time-saving and Convenient

    One of the biggest benefits of online; marketing is the convenience it provides us. The internet is a resource accessible from all over the world. Here, You can easily set up and manage your ad campaigns whenever you needed. Apart from that, it also gives a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for your customers according to their choice.


    1. Establish Better Customer Relationship

    This platform will help your business to build a strong customer relationship. By collecting email addresses from your customers and use to target them for further process. Apart from that, you can also use social media platforms to keep your customers connected with your business in the future.


    1. Provides Low-cost marketing opportunities

    Many organizations find it difficult to successfully market their business brand because of the affecting costs that are involved.  After all, running an effective print, television, or radio marketing campaign is not cheap for us.


    1. Increase your SEO rankings

    Search engines rely on social media signals to rank websites. Social signals consist of the activity on your social media content platform easily. This activity includes shares, likes, and comments, reviews on your posts on Facebook. An online business can help you increase your social signals easily, which will indirectly enhance your SEO rankings.


    After analyzing all about  business opportunities to survive in lockdown, we reach on the conclusion that always prefers those sites which make your payment according to skills. Also, your research on the site before working for any company and decide according to it.