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  • A sip of inspiration!

    • August 15, 2018
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    Whose actions count as inspirational, a CEO’s, famous actor’s, cricketer’s or football player’s? Well, no profession can be regarded as inspirational unless the professionals themselves be the change in society, against the notions of society and with the belief in themselves. They influence the world in the right direction.

    Everybody faces difficulties and hardships during the course of life and to give up just because of some insecurities is foolishness. Whether it be your student, professional or personal life, believing in the can not-s is definitely a no-no. Yes, there are horrible times but those times are to test your belief in your dreams and relationships and nobody can fail this test because of sensitivity towards situations and bad people. You need to be strong, not to prove but to be. Be the person whom you would love to be so that you are never tired of living with yourself.

    You want to go on an adventurous trip, come on, go! You don’t have the money, it’s okay! just believe that this adventurous journey of yours needs to be worthy of your own salute for yourself. Hope is the best friend you can ever have, it sits with you when you are alone, restores the belief and makes your journey possible toward the starting point of your dream. Believe not to be successful for others or some materialistic wishes. Believe because you are a strong believer.

    Trust your dreams, they will come to you regardless of where you are stuck. Stick not to thinking but to your dreams. They will never be able to get rid of you and with time the dreams will love you for your dedication and passion in the same way you loved them and will give more than you ever thought of. Some situations turn out to be worse than you could ever think of, don’t let the momentary situation ruin your life forever. Everyone is going through the same but in different ways, the problem is we consider other’s way better and less hard than ours. It is better to drink the sour for once and forever rather than drink sweet lies every day.

    Accept that you are going through something and you will get out of it too. Then you are an inspiration for your own self, greater than yourself and a lot better.

    Never resist in seeking help from people you are surrounded with, they are your best source of positive energy. If a person is talking to you negatively, you know that he is being negative and so you know how not to act the same way. Feeling better? Yes! You are worthy of applause for you are so positive now. Always remember that your blood group is “Be Positive”.

    I came across a very beautiful quote on the internet and it is” Broken crayons still color”. It strikes like a shooting star in your mind. Doesn’t it?

    Be with the present moment whether it is depressing or delightful. At least, the moment is with you even when you are alone or surrounded by people. Make the best memories with moments. And moments will definitely come to you for a vacation.

    Thinking itself is a problem so stop thinking, start accompanying the moment with the real you who is hidden in your tears, the strong you! And yes, there are many “Be positive “blood donors who are willing to donate their blood. For example, me!

    Now, that’s enough of creativity! Let us promise ourselves that we will never leave ourselves in shelves and behind the bars of attitude and ego.

    When we will be fulfilled with ourselves, we won’t need any outside source to make us happy.

    You are here to exist, now surviving is living for you!

    Even hundreds of problems together can not beak you and if they break you, they are breaking a mirror which will soon hurt them by its pointed and broken edges.


    Be like that Ferrero Rocher ball which is so much full of different mixtures and still so much wished for by everybody!

    Live like you are the kingdom nobody can never even think of entering. Stay simple, healthy but big. Believe in Unicorns! Believe in the magic that has helped you grow in every dimension. Above all, be a believer.


    Great Day!


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          -Deepali Singhvi